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  1. Any idea what price the Vault Warrior Qualifiers will be if you don't have a local invite?
  2. Richard Garfield mentioned it early on when Keyforge was first released.
  3. He still hasn't finished the previous one yet!
  4. My guess is that he wants it because of its the 3 x Miasa, 2 x Too much to Protect, the Chota Hazri, Key Charge and the 4 x Witch of the Eye. Stop your opponent forging keys every turn, if they build up Aember then steal the excess and make your own inside your turn using Chota and Key Charge. The Witch's of the Eye can then reap and bring back key components.
  5. Hope I'm allowed a second entry 🙂 This is my deck with 2 different Mavericks in!
  6. Cheat Heriolfr Sharkdrinker Heriolfr headed to the high stakes table at Dr Escotera’s Emporium with the Bloody money he’d extorted earlier in the day. The Archon game of choice was called Kalempa and Heriolfr wasn’t normally terribly good at it. He had however learned how to cheat extremely well at the game and he had spare cards up his sleeves, in pockets and any other number of places to aid him in the game. Additionally he had a Witch of the Eye that he’d enslaved from the Untamed faction chained up and feeding him information on his opponent’s hand. The other players at the table were a rather rough looking Archon who seemed down on his luck, an Archon dressed to the nines in Sanctum armour and another fellow who had ties with the Brobnar that Heriolfr knew as Mugwump. Heriolfr used his familiar tactic of playing softly at first with his cheating ways, not taking too much advantage at the start to encourage the others to bet with more abandon, believing that they could take him. It was not long before the rough looking Archon was out of money and he retired to the bar to try and cadge a drink off anyone who would hear his sob story. Gradual attrition of his funds saw Mugwump also leave the game in a huff. He’d be spitting fire for while Heriolfr knew, but he’d be back here tomorrow night stronger than ever in funds and wanting to play again. Heriolfr’s nose twitched in anticipation as the size of the pot grew in the last hand and having just palmed two Aces in exchange for some do nothing cards he was confident that he had the win. He decided to go all in to clear out his opponent. The man didn’t have enough to cover the bet in front of him Heriolfr knew, but he was taken aback when the man produced a vial from his pocket. “This is a vial of Inspiration. Extremely rare and potent. I would like to use this to cover the rest of your bet.” The Sanctum aligned archon said to him. Heriolfr didn’t mind. He knew he was going to win anyway and that only sweetened the pot. “Fine.” He told his opponent. “Show me what you have.” The man revealed his cards. “Full Archon.” He told Heriolfr. It was an impressive hand, but Heriolfr had cheated himself better. “Unlucky. I have quad Aces. I think you’ll find that I win.” Heriolfr said ungraciously. “You’re a cheat!” The Archon accused him. “Prove it!” Heriolfr hit back. He knew that the do gooder Knight couldn’t and he picked up his winnings smugly and left to go home to Mother. ******** On his way back home Heriolfr was attacked by a rather viscious looking Neutron Shark. It was not something that he was used to fighting, but Heriolfr liked fighting and calling on the Blood of the Titans he gave the shark an almighty punch, knocking its lights out and then sending out a Seeker Needle to finish the thing off. He was sure that it must have been sent by his angry opponent at the card table and to teach him a lesson he looted the body and then he left the thing in the street for the other Archon to find. The Archon that he cheated cursed as he rounded the corner to see if his assassin was still alive, but to his dismay the creature was well and truly dead. “I’ll have my revenge on you Heriolfr one way or another!” The Archon promised aloud and an idea formed in his mind and he headed off to find the other losers from the card game. ********* The next day Heriolfr headed back to Dr Escotera’s Emporium to play cards again. Mugwump had calmed down and was once again flush with money that he could fleece from him. The female Archon was sat in the corner talking to the unkempt man. “Playing again today?” Heriolfr asked. Mugwump nodded and offered to buy him a drink. Pleased at the offer, Heriolfr accepted and asked for a Hearty Ale. Mugwump nodded to the barman, requesting a special Ale for his friend. Stiffly the barman moved to oblige. Something was odd, but Heriolfr couldn’t put his finger on what it was. He shrugged and took the beer and gulped it down in one go. It had a strange meaty fishy taste to it; not at all what he was used to. From under the bar the Sanctum aligned Archon stood up, crossbow still in hand. “I said I’d get my revenge one way or another. Not only are you are cheat Heriolfr, but you’re also a Sharkdrinker. That’s what I’ll call you from now on. Cheat Heriolfr Sharkdrinker. Next time I see you in here it won’t be a shark you’ll be drinking, it’ll be something far worse and potentially fatal. You might want to drink some of that inspiration now, cos it might give you the idea that there’s quite a few people here pissed with you.” Cheat Heriolfr Sharkdrinker didn’t need inspiration to know that getting out of the place quick was perhaps the wisest course. There were after all plenty of other bars he could go to and plenty more mugs around he could cheat out of their assets. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/b9de558c-ffb1-4096-a253-4a5c64782e2c
  7. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but it looks like it could be a fun one!
  8. I have a deck with two Mavericks in it .... Cheat Heriolfr Sharkdrinker has an Inspiration in Shadows and a Witch of the Eye in Shadows ... neither or which are from houses of the main deck! https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/b9de558c-ffb1-4096-a253-4a5c64782e2c
  9. Gavken

    Deck Thinning

    I have a deck that (admittedly I haven't played yet) that uses archive stuff ... Nova Archeologist, Martians make Bad Allies, Sample Collection, Mass Aduction, 3x Yxilo Bolter, Ganymede Archivist, Sloppy Labwork and Knowledge is Power that looks fun but might suffer from getting the Artifact just killed off. Archiving as much as you can through various means and getting 10+ Aember a turn seems like fun. https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/86d03a52-7ffc-424f-863d-843530594095
  10. I just played one of my decks at random against a friend who played a different one at random.
  11. I would like .... * To be able to play with friends rather than being randomly paired. * In app chat would be cool * Automatically working out chains in casual games if the decks have played before
  12. Bad Penny is also great with Pawn Sacrifice ... not so much of a sacrifice when you get the card back and can replay it the same turn.
  13. I'd like to get a deck with 3 x Mimicry ... because then if you fool me once with Bait and Switch then I'll get my revenge thrice over!
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