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  1. I think there are other cards in the set that would make the wording on this easier. AutoCannon - "Deals one damage to each creature that enters play" If you have two autocannons you would obviously deal two damage Pile of skulls - Each time an enemy creature is destroyed during your turn a friendly creature may capture 1 amber. If you have two of these it would obviously let you capture 2 Jehu the Beaurocrat - Each time you declare sanctum as your active house, gain 2 amber If you had two of those, you would obviously gain 4 amber. Customs Office - Your opponent must pay you one amber to play an artifact. Having two of these again would make your opponent pay 2 to play an artifact I am curious why witch of the wild would be an exception to this logic... I wouldn't be surprised if it was ruled differently, but if it was, I think we would certainly need a reason why.
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