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  1. The base colour is mig rust weathering powder which is then sealed.
  2. Hi JxDevlin41, glad you like them and this is rough paint scheme as I remember it. I paint with a mixture of Vallejo and Citadel colours. The Super Mutant is Karak stone base for skin followed by an Agrax wash and another wash of Biel Tan Green. The leather and rope are all gradual shades of brown getting lighter. The Vault dweller blue is a mixture of Aldorf Blue and Dawmstone. The yellow is averland sunset. The Brotherhood of Steel guy was painted Vallejo gunmetal followed by Drakenhof nightshade wash. Dry brushed with silver and added Mig rust. The female wastelander is various colours,screamer pink, Castellan green and Squig orange. The ghoul clothing is all various shades of grey including the shirt. There is no white colour in the shirt. The skin is basic Vallejo skin tone with layers of Seraphim Sepia on it. Hope that helps.
  3. Mine is being delivered today, fingers crossed.?
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