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  1. I'm just excited for Sealed. Some of the variants look interesting, but straight up sealed would be my preference.
  2. One of the things I love about this game (especially during this new phase) is the unexpected combinations that can happen. But sometimes I look at a new deck and I ask, "which of these combinations can CONSISTENTLY work well?" I know that the Four Horsemen is a pretty amazing combination of cards, but what are some other consistent combos in your decks? Right now I'm liking this one: Hunting Witch on the board, House Shadow: Bad Penny, Seeking Needle (sacrifice Bad Penny), play Bad Penny again.
  3. MWhelehan

    The app?

    Crossing fingers that it will be developed for Apple soon...
  4. Just spitballing here... if you're going to play this way, it just needs to be called Keyforge: Unlocked and a deck put together this way should be called either a Keyforgery Deck or a Lockpicked Deck. Personally, I like the balance offered with the decks. I like the Sealed environment especially - $10 gets me a fully functioning deck? That means the events can go quicker! I can play more times and meet more people! I wouldn't want to play with a Lockpicked Deck, but I can understand the appeal.
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