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  1. That is the answer most everyone gives. However, I still wonder if the cant do so don't rule applies. Because the opposite could be said for this that because Pitlord tells you that you must then it overrules Restringuntus. It really comes down to which holds more weight in the game. Must or Cant. And if you say cant then the rule of you can't do it so don't would ably here. If not would you still be able to Omni Cards?
  2. This may be the most asked question but does the rule of you do what you can, not come in to play with this combo? When it is the player with Pitlords turn they are unable to choose Dis because Retringtus has chosen Dis as the house you can not play. So at this point doesn't this not mean that Pitlord falls under the do what you can and ignore the rest rule? Would you not ignore Pitlords game text because you can not choose Dis?
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