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  1. Look at Cassian Andor's blaster from the Allies and Adversaries book for a weapon that changes between configurations.
  2. Does anyone find the mat of use?
  3. Reading through the posts I can see a theme that all the problems with XP come with making combat easier. Characters get too powerful and Darth Vader suddenly seems less scary (but remember that three red fear check!). In the group I GM for we have two combat heavy players (Sniper and Tank) and three non combat specialists (Mechanic, Doctor, Pilot). Yes combat can feature a lot but if we have to remember the other challenges that should occur through play. So if you holding back players with 2-4 XP (such a weird number for this system) then how will it ever be interesting because it seems like they will be rolling the same dice pool for sessions at a time. My mechanic rolls 4 yellow on a regular basis on his rolls so I ensure he is doing difficult work. Throw in some red die for fun! If characters aren't getting to these skill levels then how can you ever justify a red die?
  4. I'd like a better droid species rules. Rather than a basic profile you pick a sub species and each has its own stat block.
  5. I think Teemo would notice his forces getting smaller and either bunker down or get a lot more help, like you say he is related to Jabba. Maybe have it so that you have their ship found and stolen and they lose their base. What happened with Trex the trandoshan?
  6. I can't remember the source but something else I once read about the Jedi's power diminishing was because of their great numbers. You have 10,000+ people calling upon the Force and there can only be so much to go around. Palpatine had more power because he called upon the dark side and there was more of that to go around.
  7. I would set difficulty at the skulduggery/survival of the character(s) who set it.
  8. My first SWRPG from the D6 days started with the players escaping a rebel base that was getting attacked by the imperials. It was great as we didn't need to know the other characters as we met along the way. We knew the "world" as it was star wars so not back story needed there and the situation was familiar enough. The characters already had shared goals: being in the rebellion. It worked really well and forced the characters together. Think I will use that in a future campaign start.
  9. As we have these new Jedi and Clone careers it wouldn't be unreasonable to see signature abilities for both. What kind of things would people like to see for these? As both are products of strict training regimes it would be good to see this reflected. Would you allow the padawan to get the signature ability or only allow the Knight? I'd like to see an "Order 66" signature ability for the clones to give them bonuses against force users...
  10. Star Wars Etsy. I may have to add that to my games.
  11. RAW yes. I forgot to include this rule and so didn't in my current (and first) campaign. Next time I will.
  12. Inquisitor models only, this is mentioned in DOR. But on templates for lightsabers, wouldn't the younglings all have mass produced (training) lightsabers rather than trusting a 5 year old to built a weapon.
  13. I had no issues, thankfully. Mine came in just a bit lower but I ordered 4 books at once. If I remember though that one is a good book, lots of being in nature and having animal companions.
  14. I had to order mine from amazon.com in america with the other books I was missing. Came in a week though...
  15. They are immune to the sunder quality but triumphs can be used to damage equipment...
  16. Ogg, Love the software. The stat blocks that are generated for NPCs. Is there a method to change the presentation. Currently is prints one long strip but I would like to change up the layout if possible. Minor thing but could this be done?
  17. But if he wasn't scary he wouldn't be the general.
  18. Speaking from a lore perspective Boba was meant to been a better Bounty Hunter.
  19. I like the whole mods/attachments aspect and realise that yes some can become very bloated. It's not become such as issue in the group I GM for as the mechanic of the group has failed to mod attachments on a number of occasions that this helps.
  20. Oh here it is: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/10/gadgets-and-gear/ Looks cool!
  21. Something like that. As Obi-wan says the force flows through all living things.
  22. I would treat it like a purifying force so the anger, the rage is being burned from the darkside user.
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