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  1. Training montage: Duchess Roll: Training: 3eP 4 successes, 1 advantage Ker'see's Roll: Training: 1eP+1eA+3eF 1 success, 3 advantage, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side
  2. Considering how she performed in the fight against the bounty hunter, Ker'see takes The Duchess to the gym to train. "We need to improve your strength and speed my friend," begins the Jedi. They move to one end of the Gym. "You should be able to outpace me across this area to the other side. I'll use the force to assist me." They start when the Jedi says go and while the force gave the Devaronian some assistance it wasn't enough to propel her long enough to keep up with her companion. The Nexu finishes a few seconds ahead leaving Ker'see slightly winded. The Duchess turns to her master and preens innocently. "You got me this time but next time you won't be so lucky," grins the Jedi. Before she can say anything else her comm blinks and she receives the message about the crashed ship. "Looks like we've got work to do. Best go weapon up, just in case."
  3. Hard boiled is a great talent. It really is a shame it doesn't appear more. Although a nice GM might allow it for a "scar" 😄
  4. Happy for you to write up the IC, you really shine in that area. I run advantages can be used for strain recovery on post combat checks. Strain Recovery: 2eP+1eA 2 successes, 2 advantage Between this and rapid recovery she is completely restored. Other than the bind Ker'see was barely touched. Hopefully it'll mean good things for going against Jango.
  5. For some reason I thought we were at short range... One more purple: 1eD 0 successes It came out to naught... But it makes an interesting point as it is not a ranged light or heavy which are increased. How does chucking a saber in engaged range work?
  6. From her position of being bound Ker'see can still take actions and so will lob her blade (just realised that due to being short ranged means its one purple die). saber throw: 4eP+2eA+3eF+1eD+4eS 6 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Light Side, 2 Dark Side With bonus success it will be 17 damage. Don't have enough pips to have blade return to me. Advantage to recover strain.
  7. Linked costs 2 advantages or a triumph to activate each value. I only had one triumph so could only activate it once despite having 3 ranks of it. Regarding the two handed thing I figure throwing a weapon with two hands rather than one is stronger (thinking of things like hammer throw or caber toss).
  8. @Bellona Well it worked on the target so let's try it on a living target. Saber swarm for one strain, True Aim and then saber throw. Saber swarm Throw!: 6eP+1eB+2eD+4eS+3eF 3 successes, 1 Triumph, 2 Light Side, 3 Dark Side Adding in the bonus success from the saber that becomes 4 successes. So 15 damage as I will use the deadly accuracy on first hit and will then trigger linked 1 on the triumph making a second hit for a total of 11. Also generated enough pips to bring the saber back to Ker'see.
  9. Vigilance Initiative: 1eP+1eA+1eB+3eF 3 advantage, 4 Dark Side I guess you get to go first...
  10. We have a destiny token each for this that doesn't impact on the overall total. Weapons already out I take it.
  11. Happy with Stun damage, then there is no accidental crits. Use whatever techniques you feel Mireska would use. Happy to start from whatever range there is. Assuming we are in a training room we'd have a large open area to fight in.
  12. "Happy to Mireska, I'll set The Duchess down for the evening so she isn't tempted to join in!"
  13. Would Mireska be up for a practice duel to kill some time?
  14. Just to confirm are the Jedi back at base waiting for the clones to return?
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