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  1. It could also "explain" why no inquisition members went after Luke despite waving a glowing stick around.
  2. MrTInce

    Travelling on water

    Star Wars tech levels so no need for sail. Although sail would be fun. As suggested I will re-skin a speeder, just wasn't sure if something already existed.
  3. Hello all, I know this seems like a weird idea because in star wars flight is mundane but in the campaign I GM for the players will be on a planet where personal flying craft is banned and everyone has to travel around on boats between locations. I've a quick look round but does anyone know of any "boat" stats?
  4. Depends if it is confirmed. Telling the imperials someone is a force user is different than them seeing it. They might send bounty hunters until it is confirmed.
  5. MrTInce

    (Not) Fully Operational

    So I have just read the book and it states for the Baradium charge: "Anything engaged with the charge when it detonates should add +50 to any subsequent critical injury or critical rolls." It doesn't state it inflicts a critical but any that occur get +50. Considering that it would likely knock down a player outright it would then indeed inflict a critical adding +50 to the roll. The shaped charged would likely act the same.
  6. In my games that aspect of datapads have been removed they are more like tablets that you have to plug in.
  7. What functions are you thinking?
  8. MrTInce

    Working on an NPC: Force Mentor

    That's fair. Can't wait
  9. Breach 2 would be very nasty maybe Breach .5 or is that too messy?
  10. MrTInce

    Can the clones breed?

    From a logical stand point this would be right. Problem comes with how intrinsic development is linked to hormones. I know the kaminoans were good, but that good?
  11. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Purrgil Would love to see FFG stats for those lovely beasts...
  12. You mention other skills the character uses, think which characteristic this is and chose the path that best suits. Like you said you can always go across careers for specializations. You mentioned not having much use of lightsaber skills early on but remember the ancient sword in the FAD book uses the lightsaber ability. Flavour it that this is your character dulling weapon from the ancient tradition and that might work.
  13. Luckily none of my players have picked up a sig ability yet but balance between careers seems off... I also don't like how you are locked into your careers' sig ability only as a character concept can change completely during play of extended campaigns.
  14. MrTInce

    Working on an NPC: Force Mentor

    And what are you working on now? Any sneak peeks?
  15. Hello all, How much do you allow players to look upon the decks? Do you allow them to do so during play or not at all?