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  1. Quick update as to what happened when I made this more difficult. The players got lost in the jungle after setting their ship down. They were attacked by local creatures (used the Nexu stats). The players chose to use blasters and explosives so a patrol of scout troopers (upgraded to rivals and using the stormtrooper sergeant stats) passed a vigilance check and noticed one of the group, who failed a stealth check. (two got stuck in the mud after rolling despairs, one of them a melee expert) While the troopers questioned one of the group another attempted to throw a grenade at some of the troopers and fluffed alerting them to the group... Combat ensued again where the group lost a droid when it was ran over by a speeder bike, a good use of a triumph interfered with comms so a scout tried to flee on a bike, to which a player pursued and ended up getting captured by a pair of scout troopers. The group accidentally shot down a tree where a number got pinned by branches, one character lost his vibro-axe to the mud. When they got the base they failed (badly) stealth checks and were noticed by the dark troopers (which I didn't realize are very tough!) guarding the entrance. Two characters fell in this combat within the first round due to rolling well with auto-fire and through a lucky roll using a speeder bike managed to defeat them as one of the main damage dealers was one of the ones captured. Now the base has thrown it shields up and the players are stuck outside. Love this game!
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    Countering Sense

    Thanks guys. A lot of good things to work from. One use of the power is that when the player is suspecting a fight he turns on the upgrade difficulty ability. Should I be allowing this before combat? Also should this part of the ability work on droids?
  3. I have one player with the sense ability. I have no issues with it but it's beginning to reveal too much. Has anyone thought of ways to counter it?
  4. Hello, I am planning to run my experienced players through the Takeover At Whisper Base module from the starter box. What extra threats, difficulties and enemies could I throw at them. They are currently about knight level and have good gear so anything that can scare them is good but I don't want to deviate to highly from the core adventure. I do plan to follow up with the operation shadowpoint, which I will equally update.