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  1. **** I tought about this yesterday because I have only bought the decks and have no chain marker. I did not considered using sleeves like you mentioned. Might not even need to glue the magnet, just sleeve together with the card. Yours looks very well done and now I'll have to try making one haha!
  2. I think it's really useful for that, especially for ABC. E and consistency not so much. ABC will tell if your deck is above average in those things. Having a positive A just means you produce a little bit more than average, for exemple. And that's very good to know. E and consistency bugs me a little. E definition is "This is a looser metric that applies to card effects that will allow you to play or use more cards in a turn. Archiving your cards, drawing cards, and activating cards from other factions all play in. It also covers effects that limit your opponents ability to play cards." and I got a deck with a good E and my friend decks's E was actually low, but his deck had multiple ways to archive and draw.
  3. Yep, felt the same way. That's why I posted this here to test if the "best" decks were actually performing much better. My highest rating decks has a very solid brobnar and dis, but the sanctum in it makes for a looot of clunky turns. With 2x Shield of Justice, Sigil of Brotherhood, the artifact that heal combined with just 3 creatures make all those cards almost useless.
  4. Brobnar - generally deals damage to all creatures or to a target. The only cards that you'll need to pay attention to is Lava Ball (Rare, 4 damage to a target and 2 splash damage) and Tremor (stun a target and its neighbors) Dis - There's Hand of Dis (Destroy a creature not on a flank) and Snudge (play: return an artifact or flank creature to its owner's hand) Logos - Positron Bolt (3 damage to a flank creature, 2 to its neighbor and 1 to the other creature's neighbor) and Harland Mindlock (Rare, play: take control of a creature on a flank until he leaves play) Mars - Basically none. The only effect in Mars that cares for position is Zorg's before fight (stun a creature and its neighbors) Sanctum - Mighty Lance (Rare, 3 damage and 3 to one neighbor), Radiant Truth (Stun each enemy creature not on a flank) and Lord Golgotha (Rare, before fight: deals 3 to each neighbor of the creature he's attacking) Shadows - Booby Trap (deals 4 on a creature not on a flank + 2 splash damage), Longfused Mines (Rare, 3 damage to each enemy not on a flank), Special Delivery (artifact with omni: sacrifice to deal 3 to a flank creature), Bulleteye (Rare, reap: destroy a flank creature), Smiling Ruth (Rare, reap: if you forged a key on your turn, gain control of a flank creature) and Silent Dagger (upgrade, reap: deals 4 to a flank creature) Untamed - none. Shadows have 5 cards that target the flank creature and one to non flank. Not a lot to worry against Untamed and Mars. Sanctum just have those 2 that target one creature and neighbors and Radiant Truth that stuns all enemy creatures not on flanks. Against logos you might wanna never leave your battleline like this in terms off power: lets say 5,2,1, as Positron Bolt will deal 2 and 1. Might want to leave the 1 in the middle. Dis has basically one removal and cares for non flank
  5. You mean you test your decks against Larkin of Glodga? Don't worry, I do solo tests too.
  6. Interesting idea. Have you actually tested this idea? If so, it looked balanced for you? I played 2 games with the new deck (Banin) and lost 2 against a friend of mine. By this chain system based on ADHD, I would be the one handicapped. Pretty bad. The sum of my averages gives me 10,4 and he has 1,39. Basically 9 chains! Both games were very close and going into reshuffles, both forging 2 keys. But in the end my deck has a below average aember control and not a lot of ways of denying/stopping keys. He just denied me multiple times while stealing into forging his own key It's hard because A, B, C and E are not equal. What set my deck apart is the board control. Even my consistency is better. Don't know how the formula calculates that, and my deck seemed good, but also have some odd combinations in Sanctum. 2x Shield of Justice and Sigil of Brotherhood having only 3 Sanctum creatures... Even Protect the weak is almost always odd with few creatures. For efficiency he's got Logos with some archive and card drawing (also hidden stash in Shadows) and his stat in this category is negative. It's positive efficiency for me even if I have less card that do what E is described. I don't know, very odd.
  7. Our 2 displays got here yesterday. I told them about this "issue" and we oppened the displays and randomized them before dividing 8 decks for each. I got 7 brobnar out of 8 decks... Just one Logos 4 Sanctum decks, one with 1x Protect the weak, another with 2x Protect the weak and yet another one with THREE Protect the weak. 2 of my decks have the same house combination. They both have Hecatomb, Eater of the Dead. Those are the decks with 1x and 2x Protect the Weak. The Brobnar part is very different, though. In my 7 Brobnar decks I have 3x King of the Crag, 2x Kelifi Dragon Did I mentioned that I got only one Logos? That makes me sad...
  8. Anyone here is using ADHD and comparing to the actual deck performances? My first deck ("J. Logan, Lavapit's Blind Queen", Brobnar, Dis, Sanctum - https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/6453c9ff-0228-41a6-b14c-09b635a1dc5a) seemed very inconsistent and weak. There's also onde little thing: the online excel gives different number than the discord tool. What's the most recently updated? For exemple, this "J. Logan, Lavapit's Blind Queen" deck is -0.116 in consistency via online excel and -0.053 in consistency via discord. And yeah, I know those numbers are mostly to show what the deck is good at and doesn't necessarily mean much else. The differences from avg are: (excel - A: 3.76; B: 3.08; C: -4.10; E: -1.79), (discord A: 3.61; B: 3.45; C: -4.07; E: -0.80) Only 12 total creatures. 3 of them in brobnar with tons of"ready and fight", things that care for fight/destroying, 2x Smith. My board control in Brobnar has the lowest number and actually feels really bad as most of the actions care about fighting, destroying etc. 4 Creatures in Sanctum and 2x Protect the Weak (upgrade). One of those is Havvel, which is a rare that cares for artifacts and I got none. Aember generation looked ok in theory and by the numbers, but most of the times I was just using the cards to look for answers in the deck. I'll obviously try more with it (before moving in to the other decks) because it might be just me being bad at my first tries. What to you think of this deck? And are your "good adhd decks" actually your better ones? Additional: my third deck oppened has the same house combination (https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/faf6b060-ef0c-42dc-975a-bee5b16bce8a) and has better stats, like 2.93 consistency. If my first one proves to be just bad/below average I'll try this one next just to experiment.
  9. Smells like Settle the Wreckage. Someone was playing standard recently... I'm in a standby with Magic because the prices here in Brazil are absurd. For now I'll just play prerelease events and those rare drafts in my LGS (very expensive to draft here...). That leaves me with commander. There's no clear meta for non-competitive commander and that gives you more freedom in deckbuilding. I like to have my pool of singletons and be like "I want to try this as a cmdr" and then search for cards and new strategies. KeyForge got my attention for the idea of learning how to use your unique deck, be creative in different situations (much like commander games almost always presents different situations). I think if the game is good it will probably last. Don't know about other card games, but return to Magic is not a simple task here. Those are two different creativities that I like: a) The deckbuilding from MTG commander (because it's not restritive as other MTG formats), and sealed; b) The in game situations in KF that you've never faced before, like a puzzle you have to solve. Both? Both? Both. Both is good.
  10. The idea is interesting, but there are people that only got some specific houses after opening 5+ decks, so it is hard for a local store to promote something restrictive like this.
  11. They'll need to do a better job with the rules if they realy want to build a competitive scenario for this game. For the most part the game is simple, but that doesn't mean the game should not have more sophisticated rules to cover some aspects of it
  12. Technically the only phase you can play card is the 3rd one, so I don't think that's really a problem. I see what you questioned, but looking at the phases in the rulebook, the only one that permits you to play card is the 3rd. But you can still argue that the card just say in this turn. It's so complicated to word effects and rules so tere is minimum to no doubts haha
  13. Yes you can combo into using the same card name 6x times, for all Logos cards. Really curious about this, though
  14. That was not exactly the question. I was wondering if you draw a card from library access before you resolve the card you just played or after it's fully resolved. About playing more spells, yeah, there is the rule of 6. But with his whole deck in hand he can basically play every different title/name card 6 times in 1 turn
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