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  1. My best deck is both undefeated and doesn't look very very broken just by looking at the deck list. It doesn't even score supre highly on the ADHD numbers.... Go figure.
  2. yeah, deck testing is all fine. But that deck.... dear lord, that looks awful to play against.
  3. Dishonest one-off employee seems the most likely. Vendor owned products tend to be not watched as well when not on the floor.
  4. The worst I see as Sacrificial Alter, if only because of how often it shows up in decks with no humans in it.
  5. Fun fact: Barnes and Nobles's Card games section is run by another company that leases the floor space from Barnes and Noble. They likely won't know about wahts different here. Its common among bigboxes. Tell them to contact their vendors.
  6. For local tracking, you and your friends can use https://keyforge-compendium.com. We are using them in our local meta, and its working out okay so far.
  7. Be aware some big-box retailers do not allow for returns on "collectable" products like Magic in particular. I hope its not the case for you. Though FFG should be able to narrow down the account of who snagged the deck on their end.
  8. Once there is a working online tool to track wins and losses for decks, You could use that to determine which deck to bid for.
  9. I have found that the people in my group who play the longest games tend to play more creature combat and less reaping. Since combat does not directly help you win (like magic), you can fall into the trap of both players clearing the board every couple of turns through combat, and very little amber generation happening. Its an easy trap for people who play more combat driven games to fall into if they are not careful.
  10. I feel like most of the maveric cards I have seen have been in a deck that have had both the old and the new house in them. seems kinda silly to me.
  11. FAq has the card draw after gaining amber, but before doing anything on the card When exactly do I draw cards from Library Access' effect? For each played card, you draw a card from Library Access' effect after gaining the Æmber bonus for that card, but before triggering any "Play:" abilities on that card. Edit: I am super envious of that deck!
  12. I would go with those two scenarios 1. You are still using the inspiration, so cannot target it. 2. The library access is resolved, so you can grab that one. So go nuts!
  13. Hey, they put this ruling on the stickied thread. first one!
  14. Oddly enough my best performing deck is Shadows, Dis, and Untamed. Its the first deck in my local meta to start getting chains to play it. I think once the App updates to include chains and power, Metas will become much more fluid.
  15. That is the most summed up statement of this whole 6 pages as to the disconnect. is it a problem when every time I look into buying a game from FFG I first go and download the errata/rulings of it to see how badly they wrote the rules interactions? And a large "collectable" card game like this tends to have more than normal. Still, Feyforge has done quite well in this regard for my personal standards for FFG.
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