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  1. I really like the look of this list. I would prefer Wolfe over Sinker, but I see the synergy by them both being I3. I think I might have to try this list tomorrow.
  2. Looking for suggestions on a tray that holds all the maneuver and range ruler templates with a lid. Thanks
  3. Any idea on the best place to buy loose ships since I already have the conversion kit? I still need Defender, Phantom, and reaper.
  4. This is very helpful because I tried to fly tie swarm with Vader last night. It was only my 3rd game it was more challenging trying to keep up and remember everything. I like the idea of 3 ships then ramp up to tie swarm or something like that. Now I just need to find me some lose ships (Phantom and Defender).
  5. So I went ahead and bought the Empire conversion kit. Then I picked up 4 - Tie fighters and 1 - Tie Advance from a local player for $20. So I think I have a great start to building anything I want for Empire. I am still looking to but Reaper ship.
  6. Hi all, I am a new player and just purchased the 2.0 core set. I am struggling to find a competitive list that is 2.0 only. I am trying to avoid buying a conversion kit. I am open to any faction but I am leaning towards Galactic Empire. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. The name of the deck is also printed on the front of the card.
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