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  1. I also found many settings in the subfolder of the main Genesys Forum. They are not referenced or listed here. I guess this is intentionally, as they are now living in their own subfolder? If so, then it might help new GM's and Players to have the subfolder referenced in this Thread, as some might only find this thread via search engine (and will be unaware of the subfolder that resides a level higher).
  2. You, Sir, are insane! This setting is great, the layout is fantastic and I like the idea of Tier 1 Supernatural Talents for Werewulfs, Vampires, etc. It enables to actually advance a character during the story progression and let him become or even discover his sinister secret … does the character know, he is actually the werewolf the party is looking for? What about his nightmares … are they really just that? I can already image the players' faces when they discover that the monster is right in their middle - a friend. How will they deal with that? Find a cure? Kill him? Ohhhh. Your setting gets some nice ideas going in my head … thanks for sharing it! P.S.: the character sheet! Fantastic! Yay! ?
  3. I read through the pdf - and love it! It adds beautifully to my own setting I am running with my group (by adding flavour and background). Would love to see some Adversaries and NPCs, so it gives a better idea of what the world looks like. Saying that, the setting is very usable and provides an excellent starting point for a sandbox like game. Thanks!
  4. I am soooo impressed! Thanks a lot for this! ?
  5. I think this is missing, although extremely useful: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/278096-adversaries-anthology-a-boldy-bound-creature-collection-updated/
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