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  1. I think that ffg is the final bastion of resistance to the campaign for clear English, or American, for that matter. Thanks guys.
  2. When you drop the rigged, does the ship that it overlaps, gain a stress at that point, that could even affect the ability to make a move -red sloop for instance, making it invalid, and therefore a white 2 straight. Can you point me to the specific rules. Cheers
  3. You're given a Fuel leak crit, do you then take a damage and repair. Got ruled on me that I then take a damage as having got the crit that triggers the damage, then repair bonkers ruling. certainly v poor English if it is.
  4. Cheers guys. I was using unkar at the weekend, and was ruled that after an tractor array action , dealing 1 token to a medium based ship, unkar ended in contact with the medium ship at the start of engagement phase. I handed out a token to unkar and the medium base ship, and then attempted to barrel roll the medium ship, which was ruled that I couldn't, as that was only possible at the time when the first token was dealt out. I thought that was the case. Anyway...bridge, water, under.
  5. For example, a quadjumper , at range 1 , with a large base ship in its bullseye, gives the large base ship 2 tractor beam tokens. Another quadjumper, with the large base ship in its arc, gives it a further token. It now has 3 tokens. As I understand it, it can now be boosted forward, or barrel rolled, if those moves are legal, to any appropriate position the player who hands out the tokens desires. If however, the large base ship receives 2 tractor beam tokens in the activation phase, and another quadjumper, Unkar Plutt, ends the activation phase in contact with that large base ship, at the start of the engagement phase, Unkar will give a tractor beam token to the large base ship, and receive one himself. Does the large base ship get 'moved' by the last token, which now makes the third token in total, allowing a move. Or, is it only the initial tokens that can effect the barrel roll or boost, which in this instance, are insufficient to move the large base ship. Asking for a friend ?
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