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  1. It replaces an entire branch of skills that applies to card games (metagame analysis, deck evaluation/selection) and replaces it with 1 single event, which is bidding chains. Having played both variations a lot I can assure you bidding chains is not nearly as skill testing and rewarding as choosing the right deck for an event. Sealed is great for adaptive, and should be adaptive 100% of the time, but in sealed adaptive you aren't losing the deck selection process when you switch it to adaptive.
  2. How was the decision to make the championships Adaptive? I feel like it is a bit confusing that the highest level of competitive play is a format which completely removes the skill involved with the deck selection and metagame analysis that is associated with formats where you bring your own deck. Adaptive is wonderful for sealed, but really makes no sense for Archon beyond the casual level. I would assume you all would want the 100k payout event to be the pinnacle of skill testing, something more like Triad or just straight Bo3 Archon.
  3. I randomly opened the 2nd deck in the article and traded for the first one. Having jammed quite a bit with them I feel like it is accurate to call them degenerate combos. The decks might not be, but any time you can win the game on the spot as early as turn one or two, it's certainly not a fair combo imo. Do I enjoy playing them? yeah for sure if my opponent knows that they are getting into, but it's really not healthy for casual or fun games. I wouldn't just play them without asking my opponent first
  4. I actually just published an article about these sorts of decks so people can know what sorts of cards to look for when evaluating a combo deck. There are several other ways to effectively OTK without keycharge shenanigans, and as mentioned earlier sometimes you don't combo so you need a backup plan. https://callofthearchons.com/2018/12/06/degenerate-combos/
  5. Ah sorry about that, I'm kind of new to wordpress, didn't know I needed to approve comments, it should be there now. I really like Phylyx, but I think that it falls into a different category of card and requires more set up than these other ones. Very solid aember denial plan, especially in conjunction with Grabber Jammers and such.
  6. Bait and switch is good for sure, but is limited to one copy per deck, which is why I think Effervescent gives chains (you can have many of them). That being said I'm fairly confident that Shatter Storm is the most powerful aember swing in the game from the perspective of someone who just forged a key.
  7. I asked a few people to see if I missed any, and honestly I definitely missed gatekeeper when I was making the list. I would agree with Rhakog, gatekeeper is mostly all the bad parts of drumble plus some of the bad parts of Doorstep. Flame fist is close, but I think it is too similar to Ritual of Balance, which I also skipped because they don't help you in a catch up scenario most of the time.
  8. Hey everyone, I made a write up on the different Bait and switch effects in the game. https://callofthearchons.com/2018/11/29/clickbait-and-switch/ I had a lot of fun getting some of my ideas down on "paper" and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback or constructive criticism on how I could make an article like this better? Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much for your hard work you are putting into developing a community around KeyForge! I'm excited to get involved with writing content
  10. Does Anger have to choose exhausted creatures? Same rules apply here
  11. If you have a battle line where one flank creature is exhausted, and the other flank creature is ready, are you forced to play Sergeant Zakiel on the side with the Exhausted creature? No, you can put him on either flank and then from there resolve as much as you can. You can target any artifact, and then it will destroy it, used or not.
  12. Hey everyone, I now that most people in my play groups are starting to get a number of decks I was thinking of deciding which 3 of my decks I would have as my gauntlet if we got an event going. When making a Guantlet would you prioritize decks based on 1)Diversifying the strategies present 2)Making all 3 strategies similar 3)Ignoring individual deck strategy and just choosing the decks that you think are the best Pros for option 1: More options for choosing a deck that you think will be better vs your opponent's spread. More diversity, much harder to have a subset of cards knock you out consistently Con for option 1/Pro for option 2: If your opponent has elected for option 2 they can ban whichever deck counters them the hardest, then you are only allowed 1 win with the deck that is the 2nd best against that strategy, and are left with your deck that is weakest to what they are doing to finish the last games. Con for option 2: Your opponent can just identify which one of your decks is the best at what all 3 are aiming to do and ban that one. Pro for Option 3: You are playing with your 3 best/favorite decks! I think I like option 2 the best, but I definitely can see an argument for any of the 3.
  13. Can Confirm, I had more fun than my horseman opponent in our game. Apes reigned supreme
  14. Save the pack and ritual of balance. I'm cool with the ritual too since this deck also has double carlo https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/33b829ad-70f3-4c6b-b933-a7fa87068630
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