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  1. Facebook groups (and really any site that blocks read access to people with accounts only) are never a good replacement for things like forums. Though Facebook in particular is extra bad in that regard.
  2. I just though the turn around from this was too funny to ignore. For what it's worth this whole conversation has seemed to odd me, when I think about my favorite Star Wars characters most of them are phenotypically different especially, considering the number of white male characters to choose from (the fact that so many come off as whiny doesn't help. Seriously what is with the collection of whiny/child-like white male jedi protagonists? First Luke, then Anakin, then Ezra...). As for the Mandolorian himself he is a kind of bland distilled version of the Mandolorian idea that Boba Fett inspired. As he distinguishes himself more and interacts with more characters (especially other Mandolorians) he will become more interesting. That is part of why Grogu is so interesting beyond being cute, there is a mystery there (about Yoda's species, among lots of other things), that people are anxious to learn more about. There doesn't seem to be much in terms of mystery or new things we could learn about Din, all of the blanks are too easy to fill in. That's why interest in him really can only grow by seeing how interacts and changes to his interactions with these more mysterious things that are foreign to him.
  3. It's literally called "Star Wars: Ahsoka" https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/10/22168619/disney-plus-star-wars-rangers-of-the-new-republic-ahsoka-mandalorian-spinoffs
  4. This looks awesome, I now regret not trying to get comfortable with Armada in Vassal (and really against other people in a competitive setting) and trying this out. Good luck to all of the participants. GK any interesting highlights or notes from the games you have watched so far?
  5. As a new player, that is still a little unsure if I want to get into this game, I think this discussion is fascinating. My first time using the clones I didn't end up using Fire Support at all. I didn't think it was good. I approached it from the perspective of action efficiency. You are sacrificing an action, an activation, and the need to issue an order to a corps (limiting activation control), in exchange for a single more powerful attack. That didn't strike me a great trade-off, more like something that is very niche that may be occasionally useful (I also didn't understand the clone token sharing so I thought they were weak in comparison to other factions corps units and wondering how Fire Support facilitated the sharing I had heard about). Having read this thread (and plenty of the rules reference) and watched the video in the OP I understand now I was very wrong in my assessment. Both describe what I hadn't grasped initially how forcing the niche nature of Fire Support being useful to come up more often could in turn make it very powerful despite the costs. So with that said here is the 2 cents of a new relative outsider on the issue. I think the logical first step to toning it down would be the checking for panic as described a few times in this thread (probably in the form having to perform the rally step when being declared for fire support but before rolling). That just makes thematic sense (rules that thematic that also help achieve balance are the best kind). If that isn't enough I am not sure what you do next though. Fire Support (or the general cross support nature for clones) feels like a good mechanical theme for their story theme, and it seems like it would be easy to nerf Fire Support into uselessness given all of the drawbacks listed above already connected to it. I think any kind of dice cap is just going to change the specific upgrades and squads used in tandem with it, instead of addressing the real issue. The next best idea I can come up with (if the panic change isn't enough), is what if you tied Fire Support to a using a standby token? Instead of it consuming an active issued order, instead it required spending a standby token for the unit to provide Fire Support? That way you remove some of the inherent weaknesses of Fire Support in exchange for building a fix to the issue of being immune to panic and at the same time providing more counter play to the opponent since you would have to get the standby token in the first place (and it's easier to remove for the opponent).
  6. This idea sounds much more interesting that what we got in the ST. The groundwork was clearly set in both Clone Wars and Solo. Even without Maul, it sounds much more interesting and would have made for a better stories. It essentially sets up a variation of the PT (a government trying to fight corruption and a lurking threat) that isn't doomed from the beginning, and opens the door for something approaching a new Jedi that doesn't have the same flaws or downfall as the previous one.
  7. Yeah I hear you on being beaten by the program rather than the game inside it. I guess I am just more amenable to it at times since my job involves getting used to and overcoming that opponent. Also the automation is much better than everything else, so I am willing to tolerate the bugs that come with it (though I am open to be schooled on the automation in Vassal or TTS being better than I think). As for the points, an update just came out this week from FFG, you usually need the next new build after a points update to get the new slots and points. I would guess a new build is coming in the next week or 2. I am anxiously awaiting it as a matter of fact since I am excited to try out the Eta's against the AI and with their having Cannon, Mod, and Talent slots to go with the Force and Astro they are going to be fun to fly. I kind of want to build an Anakin and Obi list and just fly it through a faction generic lists like we are talking about for the gyms. If you are going to use 200 point fleets to begin with, I think your right with the idea that you would need leaders at the 225 level, and elite 4 lists probably at 250 if you want to make them a serious challenge. Though I do think the biggest challenge is going to be coming up with lists the AI is good with rather than may be good in general. My suggestion in that regard is to use more upgrades and pilot abilities that give passive bonuses and don't rely a lot on timing. Luke is a good example of this, talents like predator and crack are also good. If you have to think about when to use an upgrade to get the most out of it, you probably don't want it on the AI.
  8. That's unfortunate. In general I don't run into many bugs, and it's even more rare for them to truly lock the game (the one or two times I have seen a weird situation where ships were allowed to be overlapped, while problematic from a balance perspective you could keep going quite easily). I hope you next attempt is better and you don't give up on it since I do think it is close to what you are looking for, for your challenge. Speaking of, have you solidified any of your ideas? I have been pondering this in my head, and I would probably take a factional theme approach instead of a mechanical theme one. Which is nice since you could have each faction be one "gym" (or if you really want 8, split Scum into Bounty Hunters/Hutts/Black Sun, and Scoundrels/Mandolorians). Expanding on that here is a slightly more concrete set of rules I would try: The player gets a 150 point fleet. They can change upgrades between non-elite four matches, but not pilots. Each gym has a generic fight at 150 points and a leader match at 175 points.. The generic fleet can't use any single dot pilots/upgrades and no more than 2 types of pilots. The generic fleet should follow the factional theme in lore (Imperials and Separatists would be swarms. First Order, higher tech swarm. Republic support+heavy or light fighters. Rebels average beef. Resistance, talented beef. Scum, screw with terrain/tricks?). The leader match would have a single dot pilot (that can also take single dot upgrades) and then other ships to complement them (The leader should be obvious for the faction, Luke for Rebels, Soontir Imperials, Kylo First Order, Rey Resistance, Boba Scum, Republic would be one of the Jedi, and Seps I am unsure on). For the elite 4, I would think 3 or 4 (one from each era, and maybe 1 scum) squads of 200 points each, each led by an I6 (ideally) pilot with a squad supporting them. So far the obvious choices would be Poe, Han/Wedge, and Soontir. The Clone Wars era pilot is a puzzle to me, since I would want someone iconic but I don't want to repeat a character, and since I don't think there is an obvious one... let me end on my idea for the champ's squad. Fly Casual has some cool mods for some pilots in alternate ships, and an option for turning off point limits. So I think the champion should be Darth Vader in a TIE Defender, supported by the Emperor in a Generic shuttle supported by 2 Saber Squadron Pilots. Each ship should be loaded to the gills with upgrades with no thought given to cost, just what makes them the most dangerous (the AI is a little dumb so something that may be more powerful in the hands of a good player that knows how to time it right may not work for the AI). Thoughts, or is that straying too far from what you had in mind?
  9. The AI in FlyCasual will still sometimes fly itself off the board, so there is that. Really that program in general is responsible for keeping me as interested (And buying product) in X-Wing as anything due to a lack of other opportunities to play normally. The big downside of it, is it's multiplayer support is comparatively weak next to Vassal and TTS (which shouldn't matter for this), however once you get used to the automation in FlyCasual, Vassal and TTS feel painful by comparison (FlyCasual is much closer to a board game made into a video game like Talisman or Catan on Steam, than a virtual tabletop).
  10. I do things like this all the time in FlyCasual, and that seems like it would be a lot better than Vassal or TTS. My variation though is usually trying to use like a single 100 point ship (or 2 ships that add up to 150 points) against a more expensive fleet (either 130 or 200 respectively). FlyCasual also handles the iteration part much better since so much more is automated than either Vassal or TTS. The main downside of course it may be missing a few cards that you could use in those systems. It also I believe has a better AI than the rule-set FFG presented.
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