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  1. GeneralVryth

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    Your just a combined bearer of bad news aren't you? 😛 I believe you on both accounts. I just also hope you're wrong or they're wrong on both accounts. Though even working as option 1 the Battle Meditation option is decent. The Evade not so much as has been discussed in many threads. It does open the door for actions to link to purple actions which could be really interesting and something I expect on the Actis if it really is option 1.
  2. GeneralVryth

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    I agree there is no text saying that it's an extra action in that article. It combined with the rumor I mentioned above is why most people (myself included) think the outcome will be option 1. However, the most recent article seems to suggest something else (or states the original idea very unclearly), which is why I started this thread and include other options that would be consistent with both articles. I look forward to seeing what the final answer is, and am hopeful it isn't option 1 because I think it will be more interesting in the long run. But I fully admit the ideas I came up with consistent with the article are quite powerful.
  3. GeneralVryth

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    Depends on the ship. If the ship has lots of blue movement (and especially if I want to do one next movement anyways), then the red coordinate is better. If the ship has almost no blue and isn't going to be attacking/be attacked then obviously the purple coordinate is better. Overall? Probably the red coordinate on the ships where we are seeing the option so far.
  4. GeneralVryth

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    It doesn't say that. If it does can you please provide a quote? I would be happy to update my post and remove the options question.
  5. GeneralVryth

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    Yes I know this is yet another purple action topic, but since we got some new trickles of information in the latest article and lots of other tidbits I wanted to try and consolidate all of the information in one place. First off we have the following pieces of text from FFG articles showing off Republic ships: *Do note the ability to coordinate two ships in the description above comes from the Battle Meditation upgrade, rather than being an aspect of purple actions itself. The one thing we can be sure about from the above is that you need to spend a Force token in some way to use a purple action. Finally, we have a rumor from the someone related to the Polish distributor (or who works for it, my memory is a little fuzzy there) stating that purple actions are just like normal actions but cost a Force charge to use as well (in the same vein that using a red action gives the pilot a stress). What do they actually do? It's hard to say from the above. Option 1, and probably the most likely outcome is the rumor. The way Battle Meditation works makes this a little more likely since two actions on generic pilots in exchange for a single action and a Force charge doesn't sound too bad. However, the second quote above seems to suggest that the actions trigger different than the rumor implies. So here is two guesses on other possibilities: Option 2: "After you complete an action you may spend a Force charge to preform a purple action." (This makes purple actions, actions that can be linked off anything at the cost of a Force charge. This would be quite powerful, though still within reason since it's a move restricted version of Vader's ability) Option 3: "During your activation phase, after you spend a Force charge you may preform a purple action." (This would be something else entirely. It creates an interesting limit on purple actions since you would need to find a different way to spend a Force charge to trigger the action so they would be hard to chain. On the other there wouldn't be an action or Force cost with this which would make them very powerful. For a purple Evade action that becomes better than Full Throttle for the Delta-7. And Battle Meditation could be crazy land). Personally at this point I am setting my expectations at option 1, so I am not dissapointed. But both options 2 and 3 are interesting and very powerful in their own ways, it would certainly make the Delta-7 more expensive than some (including me) are expecting as well as making Battle Meditation quite expensive. But then you just end up with expensive and powerful Jedi which feels right, so it may not be that bad anyways. Until FFG gives an official answer, the most likely source of additional clues will be when the Palpatine/Sidious card is spoiled since it also has the purple Coordinate. Thoughts? Other ideas from the evidence we have so far?
  6. GeneralVryth

    Strategy: Pulling Damage Cards

    As long as any crits are revealed as appropriate drawing extra cards makes no difference statistically as long as the deck is properly randomized. The only way I could see this mattering is if your deck actually ran out of cards (which I think triggers a reshuffle of the cards from destroyed ships), or if you are cheating and loaded the damage deck.
  7. There is a lot of room in the campaign pack space though when you think about it. I mean you have 3 different eras so that kind of multiplies your options by 3 right out of the gate if you want to differentiate. Then you have options between Competitive options (similar to Armada's Correlian Campaign), or Co-operative (similar to X-wings fan made HotAC). Not only that you could have have multiple season pack options for the co-op options adding new missions and options. It wouldn't be a lot different than board games like Pandemic Legacy with multiple seasons with new content. It's not only an elegant way to release newer options a certain era's faction is missing (along with new pilots), but it also makes sense for it to include the new terrain types as well (since it's likely to have to campaign specific terrain anyways).
  8. GeneralVryth

    Republic N-1 discussion and clarifications

    34-38 points sounds right for the init 2 generic. The most expensive single arc small ship with 2 atk and 2 agility looks like the generic tugboat at 32 points. It also, has 5 total hp (though all hull) and a great ability. Tack on a couple points for the shields instead of hull and 1 or 2 for the better (though more standard) dial and it looks right. Assuming the generic doesn't have a talent slot, you don't have to worry about a swarm of them with Juke, which removes some of their teeth in a joust. They will take awhile to die though.
  9. Which while good business sense in the short term, destroys good will in the long term.
  10. GeneralVryth

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    This is pretty much it from what I remember lurking here. Conversion kits so far have clearly filled this need. My suspicion so far is that FFG isn't quite sure how they intend to do this going forward so they are sticking with pure re-releases of pilots from conversion kits. That just leaves new generic upgrades as a sticking point. My hope is once they decide on a method, we will start seeing new pilots for ships like the A-wing, TIE Interceptor, and B-wing, as well as generic cards the various factions need. I could see instead something similar to Correllian Campaign instead of card packs. Basically products that support scenarios/campaigns (maybe even single player) that include the cards as a side bonus. It would still force people to buy things they may not want for upgrades, but they would keep their promise in not forcing people to buy ships they already have. As a bonus they would get the scenario and campaign stuff to those itching for it (I know I would probably buy it).
  11. There is a very simple way for FFG to win here. Put new cards in the re-released ships where appropriate and produce some kind of ship-less upgrade pack. In the end, if FFG wants to keep their promise and keep everyone happy, while also releasing new pilots for ships that are or should be core to the original factions that need them (The A-wing, TIE Interceptor, and B-wing all come to mind here), they are going to need to release some kind of conversion-kit like thing that has this content. In other words card-packs or upgrade-packs. People are upset because this is the first time a ship is being re-released where you would expect new pilots or upgrades (Most of the new ships have at least 4 limited pilots and at least 1 generic. The B-wing has only 2 limited pilots and had 4 in 1e). This suggests it may happen with other ships like the A-wing or TIE Interceptor that are in even more need of additional pilots.
  12. GeneralVryth

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I agree with this as well. I would be curious to know what the reasoning was behind this because I am sure it isn't random.
  13. GeneralVryth

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I just saw that. That's actually even worse, if there is a new cannon the B-wing is going to want to take being released in the same wave as the B-wing reprint and it doesn't include it you are going to have a lot of pissed off Rebel players. It's one thing if there isn't a place for a logical reprint, but this clearly isn't that.
  14. GeneralVryth

    Wave 4 Announcement

    There is going to be some sad B-wing pilots, and people hoping for new cannon upgrades. This B-wing expansion contains nothing new at all. The other pure reprints are much less surprising and not nearly as big of a deal since they felt fairly complete (either because they had a full stock of pilots for the Silencer and SF or because they were larger base ships that never had very many pilots known for them anyways). It does seem FFG hasn't yet figured out (or want to show) how they plan to honor their promise about making new pilots available for existing ships without having to buy the ship again.
  15. GeneralVryth

    Ffg release wave 3 question

    At least it hasn't gotten so bad that FFG has to license out Blizzard's definition of 'soon'.