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  1. Thanks for sharing! I like some of those ideas a lot! like diplomacy tokens cancelling diplomacy tokens. Also, after winning your objective you must switch it out, and publicly announcing attackers and then revealing defenders. Side board is interesting, and risky! For squadrons, can you never get more than 150?
  2. Hi! Thanks for the response, and I was able to get onto google docs. I started commenting. When you say transfer mechanic, you're referring to removing a ship from a fleet and adding it to a lesser fleet? I like that change from the original CC. Also on the "looser uses his double bonus to lick his wounds," your saying that they would probably put their fleet on a location that give them the bonus right? Even if you win an assault and keep your fleet in a system to build a base you would still get double points from other systems where fleets are stationed correct?
  3. Hey @Templar_General I really like the transfer cost mechanism that you introduced. I am wanting to incorporate this into my first campaign with friends. How is it working so far? Does it seem like the transfer costs/fleet positioning bonuses are weighted correctly? I am wanting to alter rules from CC to make it so that players are involved in every battle. There are 4 of us and we are wanting to play together every round instead of just during the all out offensive. I think if I find a good way of doing that in addition to using your customized rules I think it will be a lot of fun! On the google docs you created, would you be willing to enable comments? I have more questions for you.
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