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  1. Have been flying essentially the same 3-ship list since March. I can tell you its hard, without reward, without remorse, without regret. This is what has been working for me: no emotion, only peace no ignorance, only knowledge no passion, only serenity no chaos, only harmony no death, only the force
  2. But wait! Bullseye effects can still force your opponent to preposition instead of taking a focus/TL High-Ini Repo into bulleye is moderately overrated as a strategy. Yes it's good on pilot's tailor-made to do it (Soontir as you mentioned), but in most other circumstances the advantages are sufficiently offset by points and opportunity cost. In general, player's broadly tend to fail to account for opportunity cost when considering how powerful some strat is. I have seen people repo into || when the attack was strictly worse statistically than the same shot had they take a token, and sometimes a worse position to boot. Just look up HCL and Predator on MetaWing. HLC is non-existent and Predator is only good as pts fill or when || synergy is already stacked. HLC Poe was the monster that never happened and never will (barring 2 pts HLC) because of said opportunity cost. Another consideration is that low-Ini also have tools for guaranteeing || via blocking (lead ship blocks, other ships dial in a natual ||). It's not at critical mass in current state, but if say HLC and other || tools were heavily Ini scaled it could be.
  3. Yeah, no disagreement R2 is the straw that makes the camels play experience negative, and I6 be like it be, but even ignoring that the chassis is still easily A-tier with the context of chassis comparisons (at least for 2-force Jedi anyway, if you are ok calling 2-force a chassis property, but I digress...) The most competitive all-Jedi list for Jan-July was trip I4s, Obi and even Plo are regularly top tabling now, and R2 is still optimal if he fits but empirically isn't a hard requirement. TBF, sense is a key component if you're not running the upper echelon of Ini, but that probably says more about the state of mid-Ini repo tools than the sprite's chassis specifically.
  4. Its funny to look back at how people were ******* and moaning about how underpowered/overcosted Jedi were when they dropped. Lots of disbelief that FTC timing was a major benefit. Lots of hangups on the action econ because no focus+TL. Lots unwillingness to accept they were envelope pushing in-terms of manoeuvrability (e.g. dial-to-dial comparisons to RZ2 without taking into account no-stress/more flexible repo options)
  5. prauxim

    Rename X-Wing

    3pt bump: For god's sake, get down from there Wedge Wedge: I see no god up here Wedge [eyes ablazoned]: But me
  6. prauxim

    Rename X-Wing

    Math-wing 2: Electric Boogaloo Take control of the powerful decision to joust or fortress-not-fortress
  7. If they had two talent slots, seems like they would have hinted at in the article. Instead, I get a distinct either/or impression: For example, if a Nantex-class starfighter can't avoid an incoming attack, its tractor tokens can always become part of a Gravitic Deflection to the fire it takes aside. A tool as powerful as a pinpoint tractor array can be used in many different ways, and the Geonosians who pilot the Nantex-class Starfighter often use it to suit their personal style. An ace like Sun Fac , for example, prefers to Ensnare their targets for an offensive advantage. Not conclusive though, of course.
  8. from the locked thread... So far most (all?) strong Ini scaling (+100% or more, over range) has been on abilities that directly benefit from late activation. I see your logic, but by that same logic I'd see ProTorps getting scaled way before Ensnare would, not to mention PT more directly benefits from a later activation. But who knows, stranger things have happened. Maybe it gets scaled 7B style (only +50% over Ini range)
  9. Ensnare's a weird one since it fires at start of engagement not during activation. If its get heavily discounted on low Ini, spam could be an issue. If you have it on several ships (and esp if you believe that range conditions don't need to be met for an ability to enter the que) then 3x low-Ini ensnares will be likely be stronger than 2x high-Ini ensnares
  10. Probably not, but I bet a lot of people who were claiming the laxer interpretation (that you can check after) flip flop hard after they a catch the tail end of tractor token relay from across the map a few times
  11. Ensnare brings about unanswered questions I've had regarding ability que timings and entry requirements. Can we que abilities with unmet positional requirements? RR says abilities must "trigger" to enter the que but no precise definition about what that means. Or alternatively does the window que remain open somehow (I think this route the lesser likely of the two). The previous cases was Anakin + Afterburners/P17 combo. The case here is, Can you do multiple ensnares without the arc requirement being met when the timing window begins? E.g. Can Ensnare Nantex A pass a tractor to Ensnare Nantex B whose repo puts Opponent ship C, no previously in arc, in its arc, and then Ensnare Nantex B passes the tractor token to Opponent ship A using ensnare? If yes please state if you believe so because both abilities 'trigger'/enter the que instantly (and positional checks are delayed) or if you think the window is still open after the Nantex A repo. (I swear to yoda if you invent some rule involving the word "simultaneous" not supported by the RR I will bombard your village with plasma cannons)
  12. Me: I heard you like badboys Her: Yeahh Me: I play Jedi in a star wars game
  13. Have you tried trip 7B with Sense? Ani is prob a no-go, but trip I4, Lum/Mac/Obi or Plo/Obi/Mace work. As you saw, Sense is amazing, and really devalues higher-Ini, with SN being priced out of reach, you can shut down a lot of expensive ships. And you still act like aces vs swarms. And a 3rd 7B chassis just destroys any of the other +1 options IMO.
  14. I've been running all-Jedi list since they dropped, and not a fan of regen. Its not fun to play and not fun to get beat by R2 MoV recovery. With the new points, R2 doesn't feel that undercosted, its really just a matter of other options being so bad. R4 is solid for 2 but there's nothing good to put in the force power slot after the 1`st copy of Sense, so if the pilots you want don't fill out your list you are left needing to run R2 to achieve critical mass. If foresight/preflexes are good, that could help the issue go away.
  15. Been running trip Jedi since April with fair success. IMO, trip I4 + Sense >> any version which requires a drop to CLT. Sense devalues initiative, and being able to move/shoot in any order heavily is underestimated. It's great for blocking, maneuvering and optimal firing order/target selection (moreso with Sync Console) The abilities are good maybe a few times per game, not a core strength but nice icing. Probably regen is still the optimal tourney build, unfortunately you have to drop to Bariss to fit 2x now: Mace/Sense/7B/R2/Sync Console Lum/7B/R2 Bariss/7B I got 4-1 at a tourney this past Saturday with this, I just threw Bariss out front and hoped they eat him up first, which they often did. But since I don't have any more major tourneys on the docket, and don't enjoy regen play that much, I'm now running: Mace/Sense/7B/R4/Sync Console Lum/7B/R4 Saesee/7B/R4/Sync Console Better in every way except MoV recovery and much more fun to fly
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