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  1. I must have meant to say "After giving up on the *binder* route..." since I use dividers now, similart to OP and you (except w coin boxes) Dials falling over in the coin boxes can be an issue. I throw in some medium bins from the HF organizer to prevent it, but your 3d printed solution is obviously much nicer. Just so you know there is a font that has each of the ships, good for 2d printing dividers and also can be used for 3d printing, though of course needs to be printed sufficiently large in relation to your nozzle diameter and/or layer height.
  2. prauxim

    DIY Non-slip bases

    I just bought some square flat bumper from amazon. They are the perfect height, stick out like 0.1mm. For small base I cut them in half and put them in the corners, leaves room to glue a big washer in the middle. Also tried round bumpers, but flat works better, more rigid. Edit: I had posted a link from my order history but apparently the seller has now changed to round. Well anyway if you can find 10x10x2.5mm square flat bumpers they work great
  3. Idk if they specifically mentioned stabilized foils in hyperspace, but they are listed hyperspace legal. Hopefully the missing slot falls into the "so obvious we are going to let it slide" category and they are legal for opens. I would not hold my breath waiting for FFG to fix the sheet soon.
  4. prauxim


    B-wings are missing config, surely that's a mistake? And didn't they say on the stream Blue Sq was going down to 50?
  5. Bruh, my hands aren't clean but like it was like 5v1 people were escalating in Bio's favor. This thread in isolation isn't even the real issue though. There is an disturbing trend on this forum where people outside the clique tend to get steamrolled if they disagree with someone in it. I mean ffs Wurm's literally said "If Bio says XYZ, then you can to talk about Luminara". Not "you shouldn't make that comparison", not talking about my attitude, just straight up telling me I'm not allowed to state that opinion. No objective person would look at this thread title (regardless of dual or single title interpretation), the similarity of the two ships, and then say that. That's indicative of some hivemind inner-circle BS
  6. @Biophysical is trying to summon more force users into the meta. Shoot him... or something
  7. Yeah, conc is nice but 2 force over 1 is huge. Does 2 force and or her ability devalue conc? Idk Semi-related, I do really wonder what the game would be like if we had 2 force generics, but then @Boom Owl would probably implode
  8. Im happy to continue the regular discussion. I humbly apologize to all I've wronged with my heretic opinions and my contribution to grammar devolution. Have you tried Instinctive/Conc/Inq for comparison in your winning list? 1 point cheaper, hits harder/dies faster.
  9. Sorry bruh, but using a comma before a coordinating conjunction is %100 valid. Maybe he will still let you hit the pinkie toe for a sec
  10. Admittedly I did misread that. Still, I think the Lum is a relevant comparison. On that note you highness, one of your acolytes presumed to understand your divine will regarding weather or not I was allowed to make said comparison, it'd be dope if you could give him a few extra lashes in the ceremony tonite for his hubris
  11. Didn't misrepresent anything, just making a contextually accurate shortening. Claiming something is good for its cost (which the OP definitely does) is equivalent to claiming its undercosted. Regardless, discussion of Luminara would still be warranted to address the force statement Try harder to impress your senpai bruh
  12. I dropped smn on somebody for telling me I wasnt allowed to post my opinion about force ship costing in a thread about force ship costing. You did it because I paraphrased. Nice job dude.
  13. That does look interesting. I wonder why not bump vader to passive to allow max TL flexibility. The fragility conern is legit though, i4 v1 wanting to TL and not repo/focus on the initial engagement (probably?)
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