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  1. prauxim

    Is Tavson (Upsilon) with GNK dumb?

    Yeah I think its a bad move. You have all the actions, the combined point and opportunity cost of GNK is just gonna be too high for the return. If you want more durability grab a SU for 4pts, that will actually move your half points threshold. Spend the savings on better wingmates/wingmate upgrades.
  2. prauxim

    Lt. Tavson breaks the game

    Tavson was tough the first 2 times played him, but if you fly aces hes manageable once you learn how to play around him. Fly around him Plan in advanced to minimize arc exposures on the approach He has no repo, and sucks at turning around, and is trivial to beat as a closer Be prepared to not shoot him (even if hes your only shot) if the overall dmg trade isn't advantageous Remember that each mod on 4 dies is ~1 dmg, 5die is ~1.25 dmg per mod You land 2 damage, hes has 2 charges and no mods, he gains 2-2.5 extra damage With 4-5 dice, extra hits rolled are basically extra hits landed Damage on a 12hp ship is a only worth about 1/2 as much as dmg on your T70 or 1/3 as much on your glass ace So shooting him with your ace in arc is pretty situational, esp if he's reinforced
  3. prauxim

    Alt-Art printing

    Bleeding out an image, while not requiring a Graphical Design degree, can still be about 20x more work than the 2secs it takes to just grab an image. Even still, inside the bleed area, MakePlayingCards needs a "buffer area" to allow for image misalignment. Not a big deal if you have a bland background, but for some art its a bummer.
  4. prauxim

    Hyperspace Trials

    I believe any store that pre-ordered a certain amount product, meet certain requirements (e.g. capacity), and filed the application in time got one.
  5. prauxim

    League/Ranking Statistics Webpage

    This is driving me nuts. At some point, someone dropped a link to their league ranking website during a discussion about some lists/ship. Its was dedicated to a a specific town/region league and looked really good. I'm about to try something similar and want some good examples to draw from. I posted on reddit awhile back and got some good examples but not the one I'm looking for. To save some time, the on I'm talking about is not: rebelLeagues this is the most similar I think, but the one I'm looking for is U.S. based North Nevada Xwing, this site is pretty clean, but simpler than the one I'm talking about A general use website like tabletop.to A blog style website Regardless of if you think I may be thinking about yours, link your league sties if you got 'em!
  6. prauxim

    GREAT lower initiative pilots- Resistance edition

    Pretty sure Bastion and Jess are the only 2 that will see meta play. The extended standard for "sub i5 meta" is basically 2 free actions worth of economy (Sabine/Palob/4Lom/Juke Sigma) or just severe undercosting (barrage bomber/quad). Nothing here comes close to that, but Basitan/Jess getting free rerolls without needing to TL during their activation, offsetting part of the low PS disadvantage, puts them at the top for Hyperspace. The rest are significantly behind. Vennie with PerCo would be playable at 60 (nien+PA money) but 77 (poe+prtorps money) is a joke.
  7. prauxim

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Meh. Arguing on the internet and being mediocre at xwing. What else am I supposed to do until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out?
  8. prauxim

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Yeah that's what I was responding to, you don't need to clear it by a quarter base, you just need to clear it (usually). My favorite thing is to watch Heimfire like a hawk and point out any nuanced error in anything he posts!!!! Victory!!!
  9. prauxim

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Huh? You only need 2.5. I just tested it. If your dimple (mores specifically, the point where the dimple meets the base) is clear (or even 1-2mm inside the edge) you can almost always clear R1 wit a BR forward. If the dimple clears by ~2mm and the rock "face" is angled by 45deg, you can do a mid BR away from the angle.
  10. prauxim

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    A 2 moves you 3 and a 1 (or a BR) moves you 2. I assume the first 1 of the 2 forward is mostly negated getting clear of the rock, but if the rock is small or angled, and you BR the correction direction, then the first 1 of the BR is not negated.
  11. prauxim

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    BR also moves you sideways 2, increasing the total distance. Depending on the rocks size/orientation, you may be able to do (2^2 + 2^2)^0.5 = 2.8 , and that's before pushing it forward.
  12. prauxim


    Yeah, the results are still correct I just typed the wrong die count in the post
  13. prauxim

    Are triple T70's viable?

    I mean yeah if that's already what you run. You could run the mirror with a higher bid as well. But I don't the list isn't enough of a monster to specifically tech against. I played 4x such lists wince wave 2 and only 1 one ran target sync, it is bad for the reasons you've mentioned.
  14. prauxim


    If they are focused they should not take the auto-damage, the average damage of 4-die single mod against 3-die focus is only 1.2 and attacker almost certainly has to spend the TL to achieve that.
  15. prauxim

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Agreed in general, but Null lists like Null/Swarm Tactics + multiple SF/Swarm/Cluster/Hotshot lists shoot at i7 before you could possibly knock a cog out. And if they range control (keep Null at R4) then you are screwed on second engagement as well. Taking a single swarmer out doesn't break the chain.