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  1. Hi, preparing for an epic game, as I was reading the cards I had this doubt. As docked ships deploy at their INI during system phase, and devices follow the same rule... Can a ship which is docked deploy and then drop a bomb or mine (I know that if it drops a bomb it will suffer the hit...but might still be useful)? The opposite option , drop and then dock seems allright.
  2. And finally, as we're talking about RZ-2 A wings, snap shot works with these other talents: Juke Trick shot Outmaneuver Intimidation(from a different ship, ofc)
  3. The problem isnt knowing where The ship will be, or having many options of movements after asigning dials. The problem is having 4 different positions for The bombs... Now add informant or sense... And you have The perfect combination To nail The mines or bombs.
  4. Tractor Deadman Torani bullseye Dengar gunner Array G4R-g0m Seismic Proton + enemy effects that will enable it: Saw guerrera Selfless Porkins... Scum R5P8 The list goes on...
  5. Very helpful and comprehensive guide. Really loved it. Thanks for making it.
  6. Completetely agree with you... Just a sismic/proton bomb could be The best 3/5 points invested in a list... A whole swarm staying away all game just To avoid a couple hits... Or when they urgently try To kill your bomber.. Allowing you easy positioning for your aces...😍
  7. Modify attack dice step. You're defending since The moment you've been chosen as The target of The attack step 1.c.
  8. Also , if some day, they get a crew slot, a novice technician can repair crits and in case you get a 💥hit and have to expose, it would be able to pick
  9. It seems clear for me. R1-J5 says "when YOU expose 1 of your damage cards..." From RR Use of “You” Many pilot and ship abilities use the word “you” to refer to the ship card’s corresponding ship. Upgrade, damage, and condition cards that use the word “you” refer to the ship to which the card has been dealt or equipped. Card effects that use “you” always refer to the ship or remote, not the player. Checking The other pilots they are The ones exposing a damage card on The fireball, not r1j5: Thane is The one exposing a card . ✖ Rexler and Zertik also are The ones exposing one of The cards ✖ Concussion , each ship exposes , ✔ Just RAW, it doesnt say "when one of your cards is exposed", but "when you expose"
  10. Can you bump it your 2nd turn, then lose The third charge in system phase 3 and dock with 0 charges? This way, it shouldnt be destroyed as it is in reserve and you'd have a ready to go proton bomb...
  11. Yeah. After reading both threads, I'm quite sure The timing of FB's abbility works with both misiles. On The other hand, Ion misiles won't work, as The card states "all remaining hit/crit results inflict ion tokens instead of damage. Neither does concussion. Nice catch 👍 Think I will play this amazing ship
  12. After reading all your opiniones and statements, and also carefully reading The sections of The RR Abilities (P2) Ability queue (P3) Devices (P9) Devices are player abilities (if I move through 2 mines effects are added To The queue in player order, when my bomb detonates as muy upgrade card says, I decide The order of detonation and ships getting affected) So, when I'm resolving The effects added To The queue by my seismic charge: Each ship 0-1 suffers 1* Remove The obstacle. As they are un The queue they can trigger other abilities. Which will go To The front of The queue. Imho: Sabine could work. And by The same reasoning, a quickdraw with a stone in her arc ,would suffer The damage, lose a shield and attack obstructed
  13. It's not a matter of being "súper picky", you cannot measure unless you're attacking. If you decide To attack and you only have QD, Dengar, Seevor, Kylo, Luke.... inside your arc there's no way back.
  14. This goes well with Finn being quite a coward, he is good at running away, if he focuses on attack, he gets strained 😅
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