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  1. This goes well with Finn being quite a coward, he is good at running away, if he focuses on attack, he gets strained 😅
  2. After reading everything, i believe that: Both ric's and gunner are abilities, and go un The queue after The R1 bonus, so +1(R1) Then you chose which one goes in The queue first: +1(Ric) or [+1 max4 dice in The attack](gunner) And I also think you cannot separate the dice cap from gunner's bonus. 2+1+1max4+1 = 5max4 => 4 This skill makes sense un case some other ability reduces your attack dice, e.g. weapon failure crit. I also agree that this needs clarification, or should have been worded" +1 die. That ship Cannot roll more than 4 dice..."
  3. Padme limits the number of eyes "That" ship can modify While an enemy ship in your defends or performs an attack, that ship can modify only 1 result (other results can still be modified). Palpatine, on the other hand, allows a 2nd ship To spend force to modify : While another friendly ship defends or performs an attack, you may spend 1 to modify 1 of its dice as though that ship had spent 1 . In my opinion, the second ship is the one modifying the second die. for the second part, I have doubts if palpa also allows you to do The force modifications available To that ship: Whisper+bro , change To a crit? I think yes. vader+brilliant evasión, change 2 dice To evade? Nope, (palpa stated change 1 die)
  4. It refers To The painted arc of The weapon, for example, kavil's skill works with a turret aiming front, but outmaneuver doesn't
  5. Opsmason, imho, You're not right. It does not change the limitation, as tie-sf does. It allows you To perform front arc special attacks from your rear arc. It doesn'change anything in the weapon card. If it had been worded "you may consider The front arc requirement as crear arc while performing especial attacks" ir wouldn't work. And this is RAW. You are performing an attack which has the front arc icon... There are faq's referring To this subject in The RR
  6. Additional question. Let's say I have Sai+Title I try To coordinate a focus action con ship 1(so i get focus+lock con someone) Ship 1 is R3, checking ranges i have something else R1-2 (wampa e.g.) which already did focus action. Can I coordinate it a focus even if it is not able To perform it? (Doesn't feel quite correct) Sai: After you a perform a coordinate action, if the ship you chose performed an action on your action bar, you may perform that action.
  7. I agree:W Workswith Kassix, not with SF. To leave It as simple as possible: As the Game and rules consider as different... "Perform a V attack" And "Perform an attack from your V / against a ship in your V" ... Kassix special V weapons( from behind, ) trigger OM Just RAW (In the same way that turrets aiming front won't trigger It,Or kavil triggers with turrets aiming front, as both skills check the attack(weapon) icon, not the place they're aimed towards)
  8. RAW revealed, is The one flipped up. Selected: The maneuver you finally pick after revealing.(E.g Seasoned navigator) Executed: The maneuver you do in The end... (E.g. ved foslo)... Both of you are right... You could only track The original speed by using 1-5 ID tokens And if The wording was "The maneuver you executed" there would be no doubt At all. Let's hope we get this clear soon. Until then, I'll follow The interpretation of my TO's (Still I'm amazed that every single pack we get comes with several confuse wording/rulings)
  9. After reading the card, and RR for activation and overlap, my opinion on this is: ACTIVATION 1- Reveal dial. (Not 2 straight) Struts activate Skip (2- Execute maneuver), and then, remove 1 stress token. Try to turn 90º. Nubs bump because your side was touching, you cannot rotate and are back to your R0 position.(you didn't really move from the original) 3- Perform Actions. You haven't overlapped executing a maneuver which is the condition to Skip this step. (Same that happens with Advanced ailerons) Imho this is simpler than the U-wing scenario: 1) Yes, still R0 2) Yes, perform action.
  10. That would be a problem... (System phase) Drop bomb with deathfire during system phase. Emon drops proxy mine on deathfire and it dies. Deathfire attacks emon and drops a second device. It can be solved by adding a magenta line "normally, each ship can only drop (or launch) one device per round" and with that i believe card texts match the rule
  11. You must select any other standard arc. If your turret is aiming to.tour front arc and you decide to rotate, you only can choose your back arc.
  12. If you equip torpedos, and have the turret aiming to the sides, can you use Vader in a ship in your front arc?
  13. Also, the "launch or drop" phrase will finally make sense when droids arrive: (Drone still subject to change) In a future, I suppose we'll be seeing more devices, including ones that can be launched. So, "drop or launch" is there preemptively.
  14. @Cassan The Last part of Heavy Weapon turret forces you (MUST) to treat the front arc requirement in the missile card as turret. This means that for this ship, missiles attacks are turret attacks Now, you have a card with Turret arc 3dice Range 1-2 Ordnance icon (no range bonuses) Additionaly , as It is now a turret attack, related skills will trigger, and on the other hand, front arc skill wont trigger e.g.
  15. Your missile changes its frontal arc to turret icon . Now it is considered to be a turret attack. (All effects related to turrets will trigger) Additionally it has the ordnance icon, which means that this turret attack won't apply range bonuses .
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