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  1. My CR-90 took 6 ions in a single turn off non-ion attacks yesterday. Precision hit crits come up a lot and are brutal. The same turn, the Gozanti took 4 ions, also off non-ion attacks.
  2. Still thinking about this, now I have the Epic Battles set in hand. So many of the scenarios use shuttles of some kind and it seems really illusion-breaking to just use generic tokens. Ideally need small-based ships that can work as shuttles and cargo ships, preferably multi-faction. I did try making Loadlifters, but those are really hard, it turns out. Too many compound curves. I'm sure I must be overlooking an easier solution.
  3. The 'Cover the Evacuation' scenario looks fun, but I'm not sure about using simple cardboard tokens for the escape shuttles. It'd be nice to swap them out for actual ships. Problem is, the Corellian Star Shuttle on the pilot card is meant to be bigger than the Gozanti, so it's not going to work as a small-base like the cardboard token if you want to keep it even vaguely in scale. It wouldn't be too difficult to scratch-build at full-scale, I don't think, but it would have to be a Huge Ship or, at the very least, a large base. Which has effects for movement and how easy it is to hit. So what do we think the best strategy is for replacing cardboard tokens with actual miniature shuttles? Ignore scale? Bung a few extra hull and shields on a large- or huge ship? Forget the CSS and go for small-based shuttles? The U-55 loadlifter from the Last Jedi looks like a good candidate for the hero factions (and is meant to be old, so could work for multiple eras) but looks harder to make than the CSS. Getting 3 3D-printed wouldn't be cheap. For the Separatists, the Sheathipede ought to be OK. TIE Shuttles for the Empire and FO?
  4. I guess you probably just remove your wingmates, barrel-roll decloak the leader and then use the wing tool to form up again on your new position.
  5. So, comparing my Raider to the Upsilon, the FFG black is noticeable less dark than the blacks I've used. At least in person. Not sure it shows up in the photo. More of a very very dark grey. But the various blacks look fine alongside it. I don't like the white panels so didn't use them (citing the Silencer as precedent), but my feeling is that the FFG white is brighter than the one used in the movies, which is more of a grey and shows distinct weathering in corners. It looks almost sandy on Jakku. If you paint the panels grey, they will look whiter in contrast with the dark hull. I've also noticed a real difference between 1.0 and 2.0 FO panels.
  6. I'm in the process of painting an FO Raider. Just using various different blacks. I think that variation is key - if you paint a big ship all one black it's going to look really flat, since a panel line wash won't show up well. I mostly use Tamiya model paints, and have done mine with Flat Black as the main colour, with individual panels picked out in Dark Iron and Rubber Black. Those are good because they have different finishes as well as shades - iron is slightly metallic and rubber is very matt. But really, I don't think it matters what blacks you pick - if you use about 3 different blacks you'll get something similar to the FFG paint jobs. For the cockpit I used silver with clear red over the top, which gives it some brightness, shine and depth, but a gloss or metallic red ought to work similarly.
  7. Well, with the caveat that we don't actually have the scenarios yet, it sounds like huge ships are just like any other ship, except they're not tournament legal. So you can play them in regular casual games, so long as you have the points. Or in epic scenarios. But you don't have to. Huge ships and epic are decoupled - you don't need one to play the other. No proxies mentioned so far, but equally no indication that any scenarios force you to use particular ships. Use what you want. Yes, this seems to be it exactly.
  8. I don't know if it will be genuinely good, but GA-97/It's the Resistance! might be fun for dropping a full health huge ship (potentially with docked fighters if/when the Resistance gets a ship that can do that) in your opponent's lap after a few turns. Better than in standard play, anyway, with more ships to hold the fort until it triggers.
  9. Will we ever see story-based scenario campaigns? Like beefed-up versions of the ones that came with Huge Ships in 1.0? I love the way X-Wing plays but would love a way of playing with a bit more thematic coherence and narrative. Epic Battles sounds interesting but it doesn't seem like that's what it's trying to do.
  10. I did a write-up of the build and a bit of a how-to here, in case anyone's interested. https://ancworlds.wordpress.com/2019/09/29/building-a-star-wars-medical-frigate/#more-2660
  11. Thank you! Yes, there are lots of lifeboats. Almost all the greebles (at least the ones I didn't make myself) are taken off the Revell Bismarck. There are a few bits of old 1999 Phantom Menace action figure accessories on there too, though. Darth Maul's light sabre is probably the easiest to recognise.
  12. The UK & Ireland sell and swap group on Facebook. Not sure if I can link to it, but it's easy to find. I recently picked up a second Raider for £40 posted and a CR-90 for £34 including postage and foam. Not seen a Gozanti on there lately but there was a new one in Norwich for £40 the other week so it seems like a second-hand Raider and Gozanti for £65-75 ought to be possible.
  13. It has removable panels with flickering flame LEDs behind to register crits. And it has multiple docking options. For an in-scale look, it can accommodate a Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon: But it can also take the FFG one (admittedly upside down) alongside a small-based ship. Or you can have a second small ship instead of the Falcon. Options! Just need them to release the Epic expansion and the Huge Ship conversion kit now so it can join the Rebel Fleet.
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