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  1. Ive done: Onyx squad ace -tractor beam with Echo and a Double edge with an Ion turret. it was better in 1.0 when the TieD could use tractor then primary attack, but it still works idea is that the Def only focuses on tractoring ships which are then in place for an alpha attack from the other ships, which are shooting at a ship with one less evade. ideally the ion turret will then kick in, and the def can tractor that ship next round easier. repeat until ship is dead. if nothing else, its really fun to play, and has a strong endgame
  2. so this is old new now. but has it been decided what happens if a ship overlaps droids that are already attached to a ship? do they move to the new ship? and say two ships are front to back. being in the front guides of one ship wohld overlap the other ship. so it would reposition to the other ship, if placed on the rear guides of that ship, does it stay overlapping both, can it do damage to both ships? or is it forced to pick a side of the ship that isnt overlapping another ship. it says it cant overlap obstacles in this way, but it doesnt mention ships.
  3. So in other news, Young Anakin exists 100% soley as a meme.... and i think im okay with that.
  4. Rickwilljames

    Speed round

    I was thinking on how to make a speed mode. i have some friends that would play xwing, but dont have patience to sit and play for 1+ Hours. I was thinking of playing it so all ships have like 1 less Agility, maybe ships with 0 alread lose a hull or two. what do you think would keep this balanced? no evade actions? no reinforce? what are your thoughts? im thinking it can be set up with quick build, and played in 40 minutes tops.
  5. yea not sure why they have the scaled cost on everything in the aethersprite. i get the whole initiative scaling on upgrades that use initiative, but neither of the configurations have to do with initiative, yet they are still scaled. pretty sure FFG is just trying to kill all aces in the game and make swarms the only option anymore.
  6. yea, is it just me or are the republic ships shamefully underwhelming. like seperatists havea new kinda of missile, new devices, cool crew cards, a whole new "solitary" upgrade. and countless was to beef up their ships. and the clones get.... sharing target locks. yea the aethersprite has some cool tricks, but it doesn't make up for the lack of creativity ypu can put into the rest of your squad. (not going to lie, beautiful miniatures though!)
  7. I think the 4 mainly comes from Veteran tail gunner which is 4. 7Th FG seems to be about the same effectiveness roughly. instead of a free attack, you get a stronger attack. in the right situation the extra attack die could be more powerful than a free 2 die attack, but thatsballanced out by the reload. good card, but shouldnt be a whole lot more than veteran tail gunner.
  8. Ever since wave 3 was announced i couldnt wait to fly for the republic..... now that i see buzz droids, i cant get a vulture fast enough! im not even super excited about the damage over time, im just excited to see the shenanigans that happen from people trying to shake them off, having to possion your ships to be able to shoot at your own ships, purposely flying as close to bombs and astroids trying to blow them off. im even thinking we could use them as utility! got a proximity mine you dont want? just use the droids as a battering ram with you a safe distance from the mine. get it on a head hunterwith dead man switch, and just watch the ships try and run from your ticking time bomb! whatever happens, im excited!
  9. Additional question, can you make multiple effects in a single systems phase? For example. A Tie bomber can have two different kinds if bombs. Could it use one if each in one phase? Placing both tokens on top of eachother?
  10. Is there any reason some ships are not allowed to have modifications? Ive seen this problem occur for the TIE Defender, the A-wing, and the Fang Fighter, and it may be on more ships but i dont know. Is there any rule indicating why modifications would be illegal?
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