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  1. I dont have 5 Aggressors, but you better believe im going to start flying 4x Ion missle Tie bomber, 1x Ion Aggressor, 2x Academy pilot for the same price! Id rather have the 5 ags. But this ion swarm will be a blast!
  2. Hi Hmm..... Thought i had tried that, But i will TRY AGAIN! thanks!
  3. Im playing my first campaign. I am currently playing Legolas as payhfinder. I have some questions about the Ambush ability. When an enemy moves i to a space you may discard to perform an attack. Am i right to assume that this takes place after the enemy group moves, but before they attack? In which case they may be killed before they get to attack? If not when would it happen, and if so, how to do go about doing this in the app without waiting until the next action phase? for example, when this came up, a group of goblins was 2 spaces spaces away. They move to and attack me. However when the move i to a space i may attack them. Does that trigger on the first space they move? Then i attack with legolas range attack? Or do you wait until they finish their move and attack? Also baited trap works similar, but i dont have that one. Is it the same rules?
  4. I mean not every round, but usually around 2 or 3 just pin the two on the same target have fel behind them and turr in front. Its definitely not flawless youre right. Just fun
  5. Personally i love flying Fel with swarm tactics, and turr. Allowing turr to go head on against higher int ships. Makes him slightly less of a risk
  6. Well running vader and fell you should have no problem with actions as they can both perform 2 or 3 a turn, however as far as everyone else in the faction, arc dodging will be your best friend.
  7. "He's around here somewhere....." Im dead!
  8. I do ciena and tactical officer on a decimator (shuttle would work better but I don't have one) and a defender with adv sensors. The defender can pretty much end up anywhere it wants!
  9. well that wraps up this conversation! all the answer i needed! lol
  10. Does anyone else find it odd that we only have 1 blue token so far? we have (unless im missing any) 5 Red Tokens, stress. strain, deplete, ion, and target Lock. 4 Greens, focus, evade, calculate, and reinforce. 3 Orange, Jam, tractor, and disarm. yet only one blue. The lonely Cloak token. Not that the game is in need of more tokens, and thus more complexity, but I find it kind of a let down that there is this whole section in the rules reference for blue tokens, when thats just a cloak token. So do you think FFG will put some out? or what do you think would be some fun blue tokens?
  11. ive always thought it was one or the other, but youre right, RAW it should be both. id imagine they would specify 2 or 3 FO OR 2 or 3 SF if not. they may have been intending one or the other, i dont know. but thats not whats written.
  12. Think id have the most fun with Tucker in a Silencer, we'd get a budget Kylo. but if you want people to hate you. Kavil and would love a nantex! since it has no front arc so all attacks woukd get an extra die
  13. need? nah, but maxed out Bombardment Drones would be a blast
  14. Use the Force, Luke. I Figgin Love this! Real talk though, this leading a squad of Y wing would be a blast (literally) Just for kicks and giggles have him add a crew slot... y'know, so you can have Chewbacca sitting through him.
  15. You and i must have very different standards pof f what is a cheap ship if you think Vader and pretty much any other High In jedi are Cheap...
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