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  1. Pardon my unfamiliarity with the site, but is anyone currently updating it? There's a new restricted list, for instance, and new roles. The website has a link to someone's Twitter account, but I don't want to nag someone, especially if they're working for free. Is there a Patreon or anything to help keep the site running?
  2. Since "In Search of Inspiration" mentions 'Gaijin' characters, I assume the Unicorn pack will have a few of those. I think Inspiration is interesting, but yeah, Gifts is a really cool ability. Though we might end up with a 'Battle Maiden' whose stats are MIL 1, POL 1, GLR 3 or something, just to balance out the utility of card filtering.
  3. Shiro Nishiyama Keeper of Earth Fertile Fields Air Ancestral Lands Earth Meditations on the Tao Fire Shameful Display Void Flooded Waste Water Influence: 13/13 Dynasty Deck (40) Character (31) 3x Hida Guardian 2x Hida Kisada 3x Kaiu Envoy 2x Kaiu Shuichi 3x Keeper Initiate 3x Miya Satoshi 3x Shrewd Yasuki 3x Steadfast Witch Hunter 3x Tainted Hero 3x Vanguard Warrior 3x Yasuki Broker Holding (9) 3x Funeral Pyre 2x Imperial Storehouse 1x Karada District 3x Kuni Laboratory Conflict Deck (40) Event (30) 1x Assassination 3x Banzai! 1x Censure 3x Charge! 3x Court Games 3x For Shame! 3x Hurricane Punch /// 3x Let Go ///// / 1x Mono no Aware 3x Raise the Alarm 3x Rebuild 3x Way of the Crab Character (10) 3x Hiruma Skirmisher 2x Nezumi Infiltrator 3x Stoic Gunsō 2x Tattooed Wanderer //// The main idea of the deck is to have a Satoshi out early, get a lot of keepers and holdings in the discard, and revive and sacrifice the keepers as much times as you can. If you also have the Yasuki Broker, the deck is almost unstoppable, and laboratories are the muscle of the deck. Skirmishers are great for getting those keepers out or taking key provinces, or those big, final pushes onto the enemy SH. But with this deck you will have to adapt to what you get, a lone Envoy charging a witch hunter can also be a great first round!
  4. In our L5R RPG game, my Scorpion shugenja just married into a family of Dragons. At the wedding, one of my exes - a drunk Lion bushi - interrupted right after the ceremony completed. When chastised by my new father-in-law, the Lion challenged the man to a duel. My father-in-law had a champion - a distant Scorpion relative of mine who saw it as an affront to both clan's honor. It was a duel to first blood, but alas the drunken Lion struck too hard and did not pull his blow. He killed the champion, and honor demands that my father-in-law has the same fate. Before the end of the evening, he was to commit seppuku. This put a damper on the evening's festivities. A few hours later, my new husband and I -- neither of us had said a single word to the other -- were called to meet with his father-in-law, who was meditating in a cliffside dojo overlooking a fog-filled ravine. He wanted to give us his wisdom, and shortly thereafter would take his own life. But when we arrived, we heard sounds of a struggle. My husband burst in, finding four thugs with clubs trying to knock the old man out and abscond with him. They were aided by a shugenja, calling upon the air spirits so the kidnappers could simply fly away. I realized that if fate had not brought us here at exactly this moment, they would have made it look as if my father-in-law had fled as a coward, which would bring dishonor to the family. My husband dove into the room, fighting the thugs, but I realized what needed to be done. I hid myself in a cloak of night, turning invisible, then sprinted forward. While two thugs tried to waylay my husband, the others were getting out a bag to put over the old man's head. Unseen, I conjured a *bo of water*, transmuted it into a katana, and with a single strike I beheaded my father in law. I became visible, and the man's body and head thumped to the ground beside me, and his blood pooled at my feet. The hostile shugenja cursed and ordered her men to take my husband instead. He moved beside me, then behind me, and for a moment I thought he intended for us to fight back to back. It was only at the last second that I realized I'd miscalculated, had assumed my husband valued Bushido more than he loved his father. I managed to twist away from his sword blow so it simply knocked me to the ground, my kimono gashed, rather than slaying me. He tried to reach down to behead me, screaming, "YOU DID THIS!" My life was saved by the enemy shugenja slamming my husband into the wall with a blast of wind, after which the thugs rendered him unconscious. The sounds of battle drew some nearby allies (the other PCs), but by the time they arrived the enemies had flown away with my husband and the two pieces of my father-in-law. And imagine how suspicious it looks for, in the span of a few hours, a former Scorpion to wed into a family, and then rise to the head of the household, the elder dead and her husband conveniently alive but out of the way. This will be a complicated game. It also is an important lesson in the value of communication in a marriage. Update: It has been brought to my attention that perhaps the person whose champion died in a duel only has to commit seppuku if the duel was intended to be to the death. If so, eh, the GM could have just rejiggered the narrative so it was a duel to the death.
  5. My house rule for this would be that you have to accomplish these steps in order: 1. Make sure it makes sense narratively. To learn a new school, you need either permission from the school or access to a teacher who is willing to betray his school's secrets, and you need time: probably a month at least if the school is the same type as yours (artisan, bushi, courtier, monk, shinobi, shugenja), or a year if it's a different type. 2. To even begin, you must have a minimum ring rank, honor rating, and skill ranks of what someone starting in the appropriate Clan and School would have. (You can ignore family.) So a Mirumoto Two-Heavens Adept would have at least Earth 2 and Fire 3 (+1 Fire from Dragon Clan, and +1 Earth +1 Fire from the school), at least one rank in Meditation (Dragon clan) and one rank of five of the skills from the Starting Skills list of the Two-Heavens school (Command, Composition, Fitness, Martial Arts [Melee], Meditation [2nd rank], Tactics, Theology), and at least honor 50. 3. Spend XP. Spend 10 XP to gain the School Ability. You are now permitted to spend XP to purchase any Starting Techniques at their normal XP cost. Even if they have a diamond next to them. For example, to be a Two-Heaven Adept you'd need to spend 10 XP to get the Way of the Dragon ability, and then 3 XP for Dazzling Performance and 3 XP for one of Striking as Earth, Fire, or Water. 4. Take a Test to Show Your Proficiency. This should happen in narrative. If you succeed a task a starting member of that school could succeed, congratulations. You are now a member of that school. It would not be easy. Imagine a Soshi Illusionist with rings Air 3, Earth 1, Fire 1, Water 2, and Void 3 was ordered by her lord to learn to the Way of the Dragon and bring it back to her original clan. She is chosen because she already knows Meditation due to being disciplined for being a willful child, and the Dragon won't suspect a shugenja to care about swordplay. Importantly, she is ambidextrous because her elder brother was a left-handed swordsman, and she was jealous and wanted to do anything he could do. She marries into the Dragon clan (handily repairing some debt owed for a different Scorpion scheme) and spends a year watching her husband practice his techniques, and acting honorably enough for him to trust her. When she and her husband respond to threats against her new family, she has to decide whether to user her XP to improve her illusionist abilities, or to improve her Earth and Fire rings (21 XP to get those up high enough - this also is sufficient to bump her to rank 2 as an Illusionist). She already has a rank in Fitness, Melee, Tactics, and Theology, so she studies Composition too (3 XP). When her honor reaches 50, she is able to get her husband to entrust her with some of the basic teachings. She spends 10 XP to learn Way of the Dragon, and then 6 XP for Striking as Fire and Dazzling Performance. Finally she asks to spar with her husband, and in the mock duel she manages to ward against his blows and trap his weapon so she can land a strike on him. He is impressed but nervous about her revealing his school's secrets to her clan. She tells him that she would sooner die than betray him. A year later, she is playing with their newborn when a letter arrives from her lord subtly stating that if she cannot fulfill her duty, her life will be forfeit. It seems her own clan fears her revealing secrets of the Soshi school. She must then make a choice: tell her husband and prepare to defend themselves, or abandon her new family and fake her death to fulfill her lord's commands.
  6. It's weird to me that this game has no clear rules for sneaking, hiding, and ambushing. Sure, Samurai shouldn't do that against honorable foes, but if a monster is going to ambush you, or if you decide to forsake your honor for the sake of your duty to your lord, how do you resolve some of this stuff? Let's take the simplest option possible. Some nasty goblin is hiding in a tree and shoots an arrow at a samurai. Does he get any benefit for being hidden? More complex questions: assume a dishonorable Soshi Illusionist uses the Cloak of Night invocation to turn invisible and gets enough successes to be invisible for 3 rounds. (I assume that's "her current turn" and then two further turns while invisible.) She wants to sneak past guards and get into a rival's house. Does she just auto succeed, or does she need to make a Skulduggery (Void) check? Or is it Fitness (Air)? Or does the guard make a Theology (Void) check to detect the magic? What if she wants to kill one of those guards with a dagger? Is there any benefit for attacking a foe who is unaware? Are there unable to 'defend' (i.e., the attack automatically is a crit)? Do you roll and keep an extra die? What if she taunts the guard and the guard wants to attack her while she's invisible? He hears her voice, so we assume he can target her, but does he count as blind, which makes him reroll two dice showing success? Or is she in Obscuring terrain, which increases the TN by 1? What if after turning invisible she goes into water stance, runs up and attacks a guy, then uses the extra action from water to move out of the foe's reach? He's aware there's an invisible foe, but can't see to defend, so does the illusionist get a bonus? How can the victim find her to attack back? I've looked through things in the book including: Soshi illusionist (pg 80) Blindness disadvantage (pg 118) Theology (pg 159), Fitness (pg 162), and Skulduggery (pg 168) skills Cloak of Night (pg 192) Skulk ninjutsu (pg 226) Obscuring terrain (pg 267)
  7. I feel like often Keeper won't matter during a game, so it *might* be worthwhile to get an extra 5 influence (18 instead of 13 for elemental Keepers).
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