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  1. I think I did read in EotE if you shoot at an engaged enemy with a light ranged weapon you increase the difficulty by one. Page 154
  2. Is there specific rules for using guns outside their range? If so can you tell me their page numbers.
  3. A rule of thumb I had in the old west end game star wars was whenever they used the force to inflict pain they gained a dark side point.... now move forward years to this system... can this rule still apply? for example if someone uses move to throw someone do they gain morality? and if so... what about the talent tree in Ultimate power ( I think... I don`t have the book with me I left if at my sons house ) the talent allows a character to summon a weapon using the force and can inflict pain with it...it doesn`t state they gain morality using the weapon... whereas some talent trees do state like heal/harm....
  4. When using this... What's to stop the player from spamming it? Is there s limit to how many players can roll the force dice? Page numbers from F&D
  5. My players have made enemies with some imperial officers... I have two jedi's in the party and he's going to lay a trap for them. He wants to level the playing field.
  6. Is their a item or drug in any of the books that suppress or prohibit the force users?
  7. I would delete this post but I don't know how
  8. I am toying with my players entering a Sith tomb but I need inspiration or st the very least interesting scenes that might occur there
  9. As a new GM ( my first game is tomorrow ) i have a question... in the allies and adversaries book when using enemy stats when you for example shoor and it tells you the skill do you manually had the attribute dice? im use to D&D were the monster manual already has it worked out for you. im not fully familar with the character sheet yet to know where some skills fall underwhich attribute.
  10. Can someone direct me to the page in edge that tells you what the + number means in melee damage.
  11. Apart from attribute increases at character creation.... Is there anyway to increase your encumbrance level?
  12. What talent would do this? Would Parry be sufficient?
  13. Do any of the sourcebook give any details about the ranks of the imperials and the ISB?
  14. The base force power Move allows you to move silhouette 0....whats to stop a player pulling a sabre from a siths hands? How would you rule this?
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