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  1. That's why I asked... Hopefully we will find out sooner rather than later.
  2. Do you think they will be any more books released? And if so, which would you like?
  3. Is there any rules governing restraining bolts where PC droids are concerned. please supply page numbers and book titles if applicable.
  4. I went into local game shop and they had none in stock and they FFG are stopping this product... Can any one confirm this.
  5. Is there a specific rule when a pc is shooting from their person at a starship and a starship shooting at a person? With page numbers if relevant... For Age of rebellion or Edge of the empire.
  6. What's the best morality dilemma you have confronted jedi with?
  7. Thanks... That's what I thought... I was just confirming... I thought I might have missed a subtle rule.
  8. If a inquisitor is hunting players and he finally confronts the jedi and a fight ensues... If they defeat the inquisitor and his strain threshold ( because he's a nemesis)... Going by the rules should he then become unconscious? Obviously the players will want to kill him but it would be cheesy and possibly dark side to just to Stand above him stabbing him with lightsabre just to get enough critical to kill him...
  9. I'm toying with getting this game... Is it easy to learn?
  10. Do you ever think they will make a white walker faction?
  11. Have anyone home brewed a NPC specs for this race?
  12. I think I did read in EotE if you shoot at an engaged enemy with a light ranged weapon you increase the difficulty by one. Page 154
  13. Is there specific rules for using guns outside their range? If so can you tell me their page numbers.
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