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    Horpi reacted to Talon of Anathrax in You know you're playing Only War when   
    When you show each other your new Dark Heresy PCs, and the one with the best people skills is the Untouchable. Yeah, I think this is gonna feel like an OW campaign...
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    Horpi reacted to Senshuken in You know you're playing Black Crusade, when...   
    This is a very recent game that has started and it's only a session or so in... but already it is proving to be highly interesting. Just keep in mind that all the players are human (no Chaos space marines).
    The Khornite former guardsmen manages to get his mates together (the other players who are members of his squad) and tells them what he wants to do in order to earn the attention of the Chaos Gods. "I want to create a weapon... and have it blessed by Khorne personally."... as in in person. He plans to somehow travel into the warp realm of the Blood God himself, borrow one of the demon forges that are there long enough to create a weapon, then make the pilgrimage to the Skull Throne itself and ask the Blood God in person to bless it with his power; His logic being that if they can somehow survive the journey and make it that far, Khorne would be impressed by the sheer size of their balls and the amount of blood that they would have had to spill to get that far. 
    While at first the other members of the party are... skeptical of this plan, the main Khornite starts to win them around to it with the promise that 'We could burn a thousand worlds and offer up untold trillions of souls to the Chaos Gods and they won't bat an eye because countless other **** have already done it before us but I can promise you that the gods themselves will have to acknowledge us if we can stand before the Skull Throne itself and look Mighty Khorne in the eye...  and they will remember us because no one has ever done it before and possibly never will again.'
    So the party is currently making plans to gather a Black Crusade together. Not to invade the Imperium, but to launch an invasion of Khorne's personal realm in order to earn his blessing in person at the most holy of sites to a Khornite. They aren't even planning to try and hog the blessing for themselves; As far as they are concerned, if anyone survives to make it to the Skull Throne itself after fighting through the Blood God's realm, they earned their place there and any reward that Khorne deems fit to give them. Worst case and they fail... well, they figure they might still get Khorne's favor for trying if they fight hard enough. After all, no one has ever launched a Black Crusade into his realm before...
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    Horpi reacted to Snerded in You Know You're Playing Deathwatch When...   
    -When a horde of cultists runs up to the Kill Team and begs for the Emperor's Mercy so the devastator opens fire with his heavy bolter at point blank range
    -When you kill a cultist and send his son to the Schola Progenium
    -When the easiest way to destroy a Necron Tomb Citadel is to disable the force field protecting it from water pressure equivalent to the bottom of the Marianas Trench
    -When you one shot genestealers but can't climb a wall
    -When you're more worried about falling damage than you are about explosive damage inside an elevator at the top of a fortress
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    Horpi got a reaction from Sergeant Unclepear in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    You know you are GM-ing or Playing Rogue Trader, when:
    - you read through 25 pages of ARCHIVED material and either think a) we did that or b) i want to do that.....

    Skulls, not hats or belt buckles though :)
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