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  1. well i would simply use the holy damage = warp instability rules. or give it proven (3) vs daemons or something like that maybe this helps
  2. Missionary Konrad Kurze von Mordheim. Famously known for the Execution of the "Blasphemously inept™"* and the "incompetent on the level of treason™"*, overpowering the Life supports air filtering capabilities for an entire day, due to Ashes in the air. Legend has it that for an entire weak the stench of sweat from the lower decks was in fact overcome by the sweet purifiying smell of ashes. * yes, this has become a running gag in my group, once i justified my actions with this very sentence^^
  3. Well to be honest i dont want to set my players up against eldar voidships. first of all: the smallest eldar ships still have their cloaking ability. this grants -30 to any rolls to detect them, or hit them. now to how combat works: by rolling a good scan, you can get a +5 to hit for every degree of success. with a scan resistance of -30, that isnt going to be much. on average, you loose about 3 sucess levels, which results in a bonus of +15 to hit, that is actually never given, only because you are shooting at eldar. now when you shoot, you get -30 due to the cloak, and miss out on another -15 as established before. thats a total of -45, you loose out on, because you shoot an eldar ship. additionally, the defensive manneuvering bouns the eldar ships receive makes that -60 if the eldar captain is flying defensively. that is on average a -6 solid hits, which you loose out on if you fight eldar ships. by comparison: scanning an imperial enemy vessel, you can easily give those +15 as bonus to a gunner. the void ships at frigate level have 1 void shield- maybe 2 if light cruiser or good frigate. the maneuverability is lackluster too, most ships granting about 10 bonus for defensive maneuvering. so you get +1 sucess to hit by scanning, -2 due to 2 void shields and -1 due to maneuvering. thats an average of -2 successes, and another due to the higher armor. so defence wise, imperial frigates get -3 hits when attacked by enemies compared to the minus 6 hits for eldar ships. That is friggin HUGE! eldar ships are actually double strength in defence when comparing equally proficient crews. now .... eldar crews are better too on average, which honestly doesnt even need to be factored in any more. i think you get what i am talking about here. if anything, eldar ships are to strong in the defence. in this i am comparing base stats of course. if you tweak in additional components like armor of movement boosts, thats where a balancing happens. without those mods however, it is realy hard to defeat eldar.
  4. that is a good question. i sometimes mingle the systems myself. i am not sure if it was in a Dark Heresy expansion.... might take a while to find it again
  5. okay, i am GM-ing RT for years now. same group, even same chars. about 30k XP. I "only" gave them about 80 PF, a grand cruiser and a Battlecruiser + some friggs and transports. (a total of 25 ships) Due to good decisions, some awesome RP-ing and generally good fun we have, i wanted to provide them with something truely awesome, namely a Battlseship. Characters are taking care and defending 7 systems by now, and have often chosen to drop some profit to increase loyalty, and living conditions of their subjects. i like that. it is a good group and they have been hit hard often. so now it is time to give them something realy good. question is: anybody got some stats or do i have to make this up myself?
  6. first claim: the systems are all the same, and that is bad. counter: no, it is good. you can create a character from one setting, and integrate it into another setting without difficulty. a rogue trader as a minion to an inqusitor? no problem. vice versa? no problem. that aint bad, thats awesome. sprinkle a little "one man assault team"-space marine on it, and you have a crazy group going. second claim: no innovation counter: The entirety of the Rogue Trader as playable, or even part of the imperium, hasnt realy been around in any 40k forum before FFG made the games. there was this one ancient time the game was named rogue trader, but thats about it. now no 40k forum board without RT content is realy taken serious any more. sry mate, but you didnt recognize "innovation" when it hit you in the face with a 6 kilometer long spaceship..... third claim: combat is somewhat clumsy i agree on that one, though i know worse. i am willing to roll with this system, but i accept your claim, because i understand it. i think your analysis of the fluff and far right wing ideology is spot on. it is this ridiculous, and fun IF in a hypothetical game. and only there. even though i agree on this, i think you are leaning to the SJW side of the argument. it is after all a game. i see the setting as criticism of the current political situation. i see the imperium as an evil organisation, as much as the chaos side of the conflict. your argument about "toy soldiers" is simply an ad hominem argument though. only designed to disregard counter erguments. all in all: i dont like your review. it smacks of self righteousness. hope this helps cheers
  7. i too think that the navigator is the least playable of the classes. yet there is still a lot of stuff that can be played out. all of what was said above is true. you want to leave the ship? you do it. demand a bodyguard from your RT. some slaves as pleasure company? "get me some!" a navigator can be loads of fun. combatwise, depending on the "stares" you choose, you can be highly effective to completely useless though in the group i play in only the navigator comes remotely close to the destructive power of my missionary. on navis primer there are pretty usefull support abilities for navigators in ship combat. the most important information i got though, is that you picked a class in which you dont understand what is expected from you. maybe if you talk to your gm about feeling out of place, and unable to support the group appropriately, maybe he can help.
  8. point 1) if you piss off my astropath, i will not relay your call for help. deal with the encroaching "enemy of the week" yourself. i might get hurt myself? well, you put me through so much misery, its worth it. point 2) well this one is not actually anything new. and that counter spell exists. it is warp-sorcery, and considered grounds for treason for any inquisitor. so be careful with that. point 3) they exist. and remember: once the players defeat the enemy, they will be able to loot the items. watch out for this. point 4) scratch a fate point away for clearly violating the faith. wait how he reacts. another good way, is to drop 1d5 of Corruption and/or insanity on the mindswapper. reasoning is the unfamiliar madness of the mind he encounters. point 5) i think this is self explanatory. most important to me, has become the rigorous application of the perils of the warp table. i call them "**** happens" and "big **** happens" for a reason. first game, first psyker action double 00'S. groupp dead, and any psyker using his powers unnecessarily was handled by the group / players, not me. a big thing about the fear of psykers is that they ARE dangerous to their allies. dont expect players to be cautious about psykers, if you dont put them in a position to be afraid of it. in short: i think the existing mechanics for dealing with psykers are good enough and need no tweaking, if they are applied correctly.
  9. Yes! those..... i must haveb een blind to scroll over them Oo.... thx a lot
  10. Hey fellow gamers, still loyal to the one and only GOOD RPG Version of 40k. I have been looking around the forums and google, and i am searching for the errata that were given for the Ork PC's. i cant find them any more. anybody have a link to a version still available? thank you all
  11. is there any standard, besides the ones given in books, for RT ship fittings? like a combat fit for dauntless or sword classes?
  12. You know you are GM-ing or Playing Rogue Trader, when: - you read through 25 pages of ARCHIVED material and either think a) we did that or b) i want to do that..... Skulls, not hats or belt buckles though :)
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