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  1. I like some of the ideas being presented. Since I was planing this for a few months away I have some time to think. I may change up my campaign idea entirely but in the end it was good to see some ideas.
  2. I used stuff like this in the later areas of the mask of the pirate queen adventure. It works well enough and its what I've been thinking of doing as it is simple, quick, and if done right: super tense. I didn't do it right lol. But it good to keep in mind.
  3. I've seen these rules before and I even used the snap and roll action rules a bit. We didn't really end up using them that much as the party wanted to focus as much as they could on trying to wrap their heads around the core rules. Though, I may take another look at them for the new game.
  4. Wraith Squadron had a huge amount of infiltration missions and a lot less space battles compared to the Rogue Squadron Trilogy. I don't mean to get rid of ALL space combat but I definitely don't want it to be the main focus. My problem is that it isn't clear on a few things. The overall problem though is players not understand the rules and claiming its too complicated. The First Space battle I ran the players really didn't understand the rules and just started flying their ships into the hangar bays and bridges. That last example was partially my fault and doesn't apply to this to much. While running several adventures the players just ignored a lot of the enemies because they couldn't be bothered. Ultimately I don't love the rules for their lack of clarity(compared to ground combat) and players I have played with don't read the book in detail enough to bother focusing on it.
  5. Hello! I plan on running a SW RPG game in the near future and I have a bit of a question. My plan is to run a game with the feel and tone of the old X-Wing novels. The problem I face is that I had some bad experiences with the space combat rules in the past. A majority of the games I have run with this system all handled space combat really badly. Since I really don't wish to focus on space combat and more of action thriller stuff like the Wraith Squadron trilogy is there any rules that you guys can recommend? In know there are a few fan rules out there but I don't care for them to much. My main thought is just to ignore the space combat and have it in the background during key moments.
  6. Just my thoughts here: After Gming this system quite a bit I developed a certain system for XP. This system wasn't universally loved and I had a player who hated the fact I didn't give out tons of XP like some of his other GMs. I never liked players being to strong to the point they could breeze through combat. Anyways here was my system. For published adventures I would use the recommended XP for completing tasks given by the module. If the players take their time and only complete some of the tasks then i would give them XP based on what they completed with a minimum of 10 XP. If they got a lot done then I would reward them the complete amount then we would move on. If we had someone miss a session I didn't give them XP. If I did it was reduced. If they missed 2 sessions and didn't tell me I would kick them so It didn't matter. My philosophy is that XP is earned through the growth of a character and not just because a number of hours passed or a session ended. Due to this when doing non Published adventures I would have a base of 10 XP per session with the option to gain more XP through RP and competing tasks. So a fantastic session could have 15-20 XP and a standard would have 10 -15. I got tired of certain players bringing up XP every five seconds in rpg systems like this; so I moved onto systems that didn't use Xp as much such as Call of Cthulhu, the Doctor Who RPG, and most recently OVA. My main concern for going back to this system, as well as D&D,is culture around XP and having to be unbelievably strong compared to every NPC. I am starting to see that with OVA as well but considering the fact I was the only one with experience with how the system worked at the start I'll give it a pass. Thus I think the main point of the problem arrives with PCs wanting to get tons of XP not matter what( even if they don't show up) and the GM's ability to keep things somewhat balanced.
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