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  1. Great job on making all the different layouts work!
  2. Did a test on Filthy Bucketheads on my E-Web crew before I do the whole box of snowboys.
  3. Ya for what it is, it's very good. There are a few wonky spots... like the armor plates on the sides of the head. And there are definitely some design restrictions around keeping it cheap and the basics of the molding.
  4. Thanks everyone! I didn't look at other kits prior, I knew I could get my hands on a popcorn bucket for $10, so that made the decision for me. Looking at the Revell kit now.... - The proportions look better - The drive train is much more accurate - The poseability looks nice, especially the ankles. - The detail is garbage, I hate in model kits where they extrude panel lines instead of recess them. - The assembled standing height of the kit is a bit over 12", the popcorn bucket is basically the same. So, if the proportions on the kit are better than the bucket, the details and limbs and head will all be smaller on the kit than on the bucket.... - I, for my own collection, would seek out another bucket before I spent this much cash on a kit of this quality.
  5. The extra bits are mostly styrene, plus some random old model kit bits for a few of the greebles on the top back. I didn't do any 3d printing, but I thought about it to replace the guns. Mine aren't affixed in any way other than friction so I still might swap em out at some point. The rubberized plastic reacted really strange to my rattlecan primer and its a little tacky in those spots. The LED is a woodland scenics stick on red LED. Picked it up along with a 9 volt battery adapter and a switch at the model train shop where the staff are super helpful. No soldering, just strip, twist, tape. I hate doing electronics too and it was relatively easy. The cockpit "glass" is actually theatrical light gel from a sample pack.
  6. I got my Shiny Commander in today, I'll post pics once she's primed.
  7. Probably not super practical for my Mimban armies, what with all the mud, but the Imps could park this at a base for intimidation. After I saw the popcorn bucket I knew I wanted to clean one up and turn it into a nice terrain/objective model. I've been working on it on and off for a while. Added lots of styrene details and replaced the chin guns and ankle pistons which are normally wonky rubberized plastic with brass rod. Also put a light in the cockpit (it's more red IRL.... it's a red LED behind red scrim gel but it blows out on my phone's camera). And I built up some big details on the rear to make it more accurate. Feedback welcome!
  8. I love the LED! Great work, I'm really regretting not going for it on mine...
  9. I was not imagining pearlescent from your thread title! It's definitely cool and unique.
  10. Got the first Swamp Boy painted. @Wes Janson Yes, they've all been updated.
  11. Took a quick photo of some of my Rebel troops I converted into Swamp Boys. Photo blew out a bit but you get the idea. I'll add field grass to the armor after they're painted, I didn't want to make that part of the model, it just bulks everything up ($) and looks like a bunch of wet noodles.
  12. I was not excited about the FO until I got stuck in.... now I'm waiting on a batch to come in lol.
  13. I'd add one more highlight to the grey, not everywhere, just to help separate things a bit. Looks good!
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