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  1. do all of you think perhaps a co op andriod lcg would be cool? basically you would play a runner and depending on the scenario you would be chasing down contacts in the story or trying to hack into the corporations databases etc? i know that it will never be netrunner but people also love the andriod universe and i think it could be really cool and really fun.
  2. speaking of team covenant, they actually brought up a cool idea. keeping the distribution model the same, they suggested perhaps adding full art or foil cards in each pack, each of which would be random. so if we both buy a star wars lcg pack maybe i pull a foil art obi wan and you pull a full art path of the dark side for example. i really like this idea and think its a cool way to give the buyer a complete collection, but also cards to chase if you want certain looking cards for your collection but doesn't make it necessary.
  3. they maybe a able to come out with different game modes....like 1 vs many and co op out of the box? or even do some character expansions that allow for you to play dark side users or villains in the place of heroes? i agree i think this would be amazing for a lot of people and i definitely would buy into it.
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