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  1. In older editions IIRC trying to prove that the other lord was unworthy of governing the land by failing to defend it could also be a thing
  2. Maybe a bit Maho But my personal house rule is that during Iaijutsu duels you only get 1 Attack Action, after which the score its tallied up and whoever has the highest score wins. So the Iaijutsu techniques have a bunch of bonuses behind them, as they make it easier to hit first, which is worth a bunch of points, as well as inflicting a bunch of extra fatigue. An alternative house rule I have is that any excess damage above an individuals Endurance counts as a Critical hit, with a severity of the excess. I have found that this works quite well
  3. Likely they are gonna make the supplements per Clan. More books to be made that way with special careers, Vassal Families, techniques and such, and then possibly do something based on each Ring like in 4e.
  4. Hmm... air stance + Guard + Crescent Moon Style sounds like it could be pretty good Air Stance increases your TN by 1-2. And Guard increases it by 1 +1 per 2 bonus successes. Crescent Moon Style then gives you a free attack against anyone attacking you once per turn
  5. Also, it's pretty easy for a Kakita (at least) to start with 8 Composure and 8 Endurance, by getting a 3-2-2-2-1 Statline
  6. You... Can't have 4-1 unless your Void is 3. Why would you have bought it up like that?
  7. And most people only have 1 Void at start. 2 at most, except for one single school. So you are very likely to just gain the Opp and progress momentum more slower than the Doji. And the Doji themselves can also have guys assisting (and are likely to have it, since well, they start with an attendant) and use Sieze the moment. That's a universal thing
  8. I dunno if something that is only 2 sessions away is a hindrance. Especially with my house rule that you can stack the initial skill points from your School in a single skill (up to the cap of 3)
  9. I guess Air Stancers always have at least TN 3 (and later TN 4) to be hit. And raising Composure to 8 is just 2 sessions away for a Kakita, since they start with + to Earth, and assuming the standard 4 exp per session. Two sessions later they can Raise Earth to 3 and have some surplus exp
  10. Was going to argue that on page 260 is specifies that you start on Range 2, but then I read that you should assume you are always in range for any effects. Darn
  11. Issue with Punch and bit. Why would you ever willingly step into Range 0 with an opponent?
  12. Hmm... I guess I could get the same Aesthetic with Fire Main, Water Secondary
  13. Well, you need to get your rings up anyway. Since IIRC you can't increase a ring greater than your lowest + Void Also, how's Breath of Wind style bad? It inflicts Fatigue Damage, which ignores damage reduction, and Disoriented by using Opp, so it's in addition to the normal attack
  14. Alas, Air Main (with Fire and Water sharing Secondary) Kakita Bushi is what appeals the most to me ?
  15. Mmh, I guess I can hope for Errata and/or supplements to give Air more stuff EDIT: Also, how are Kakita Bad Duelists?
  16. Hmm... Shame. Air is the one that appeals to me the most aesthetically
  17. As title. I keep seeing that the Air Ring is considered trash, but why exactly is that? The stance makes you harder to hit (plus you can spend opportunity to become extra hard to hit by ranged attacks) in both combat and scheming by increasing the TN by 1, and at school rank 4 by 2, it got a neat AoE Melee attack, some nice Shuji and Invocations. And it boosts your Focus and Vigilance. So what's the big issue with it?
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