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  1. More of a question than anything else but... I thought about making cards for techniques (like, fitting all techniques - shuji/kiho/kata/prayers...) into "Magic" cards so my players could have a "deck" for their characters. But maybe someone already did this kind of thing ? Yeah, I'm kinda lazy
  2. So... Not playing as often as I'd like but we manage a 6hrs session yesterday and I come back with more questions 1. Are shugenja somewhow restricted on the number of prayers he can do per day/session/scene ? it might be an old habit from previous editions where this was limited by the PC/NPC ring. I felt it wasn't anymore in 5th, but I just want to be sure. 2. I cannot find anywhere the mechanic about Meditation for losing Strife. Someone mentionned an answer from FFG but... Is it TN1 Meditation (void) and you lose Strife egal to your bonuses successes ? 3. Demeanor for NPC: I understand demeanor impact the way NPC react to your "active ring". i.e. peasants are more encline to an Earth approach (TN-2) and more distant to an Air approach (TN+2). Does that implies that lying to a "standard" peasant would be TN4 ? I mean RAW... Thanks a lot!
  3. Ok, I had not this in mind. Openly dispising shugenja is weird, but it could be because they rely only on pure strengh (and then you can play them likewise, they have a real particularity in the Empire). Concerning Minor clans, they have less people, and lss samurai than the Great ones, so it would not be a surprise that they have less shugenja. If you don't like the "we dispise shugenja" way, you could play it "we had very few shugenja within our clan, so we're not familiar with them"-style. But I know I like my Badger clan the way I like my coffee: without shugenja in it.
  4. But people do not choose to speak to kamis. It's a "gift" very few people have. Half of the Empire's shugenja are born within the Isawa family. There is nothing strange for having only a few shugenja (or even just one or two) within a minor clan: if no one can detect the Gift, how would people know and teach you how to develop it ? For the "old fashion" style, you can describe things like clothings, architecture and expressions that would be out-of-date for a Crane or a Scorpion. A traditionalist Phoenix might like it Mechanic-wise, you might tell (or not) your PCs that Badger are not fond of people using Fire ring, and that Earth or Water might fit the clan a bit more. I really like the mechanic for this kind of thing!
  5. I would wait for a player to ask something like "I'd like to place the blame on someone to avoid dishonor" or "how can we sort this out without shame for Satsume-dono ?" then make them roll Courtesy or Games. -I'll roll Courtesy! Ok, TN is 2 -I'll roll Games, and I'd like to figure whom I can blame for this story to be forgotten soon enough. Ok, this is deduction or logic, so roll Water or Earth, TN is 2.
  6. If no one in your group has Aesthetic, Design or Composition, you're either playing a Scouting party in the Shadowlands or a D&D campaign. Joke aside, I don't think there is a specific setting for min-max. If everyone in your group has Water 3, Fire 3, Earth 1, Air 1, Void 2 (because it's so OP, I read it on some forum, trust me!), then you'll get a hard time when it comes to be subtle (Air) or use logic (Earth). My guess would be "what attitude would you mostly use ?" and then try to max out the according ring. Having a good composure is indeed a good point, but if it forces you to play always on Fire or Water, is it usefull ?
  7. In previous editions, Badger clan had no shugenja but one, trained in another clan. They were very old-fashioned. Badger samurai used to say hello in the following way: "Hi there, samurai-san! You seem pretty frail, don't you ? I bet you cannot lift this rock over 20 feet like I do!" Yep. They made you lift some rock or something to prove you're strong enough. Welcome to the Badger.
  8. I agree with you. But Toturi or even Aramoro are high-ranking, educated people coming from major families. They can totally pretend to the Emarald Champion's post. We are here speaking about 16-yo samurai enforcing the law on behalf of the Emperor. The title is a bit too important (my point of view) to assume for them. I'm thinking about promoting the "best PC"to something like "first yoriki". But Topaz Champion is a title he would be honored to wear.
  9. Hi guys, I thought it would be nice to write this topic over here as I am planning a campaign for my players. Everyone is welcome to give feedback, ideas or critics. This topic will include many, many spoilers about the universe, and is something I build according to my very personnal point of view about many things in L5R universe. We played L5R for a long time, we had many characters on the table, and always played around the SCC period (didn’t like the background after the 2nd day of the Thunders). For this campaign, I wanted to get the players on high stakes, explore some deep secrets and be confronted to something big. If you think about the Kolat, you might be wrong as I really dislike the Kolat as a very big, untouchable organisation. I like their ideas, but for me they are just a bunch of people with an ideal, keeping low profile and waiting for « their » moment, with each faction trying to overcome the others. So not really the killing machine they are usually depicted as. They might be the origin of some adventures, but I intend to confront the PC to something way more dangerous. Right now, I’ve read the Topaz Championship, Palace of the Emerald Champion, Dark Tides and Kyotei Castle scenarios. All present a solid base for nice adventures so the players can get into their characters, meet a few NPCs and roll some dices. Talking about players, here is my table : - - A Togashi Monk (I tried to say no, player insisted, let’s see where it goes). Pretty usefull for me to have this character, we’ll see what he’ll become once the campaign really start and he discovers the true nature of his daimyo. - - An Asahina shugenja, really peacefull, player printed a list of all kami and fortunes, so we’ll get into religious small-talk and stuff. I might link him to Asahina Yajinden and make a few scenarios around the Bloodswords (would be nice). And add a really grim side to the character. - - A Bayushi courtier who enjoy gossips. He serves the Empire, so I really want to know what he’ll do when the SCC comes by. The PCs should be into so much trouble by then that they will surely spare him as they’ll need him. Also, I might want to give him some Shosuro blood to make things a bit more scary. Maybe. - - A Moto bushi, who wants to ride across all Rokugan. Its player is no a big fan of courtesy and and all ceremonial, but he’s willing to give it a try. - - A Shiba bushi. I still have to find things to do to him but I’m confident. Right now, we are running the Topaz Championship. They met Satsume’s ghost, get the hint about Hitoshi being the son of someone (but they still don’t know if it’s Satsume or Toshimoko) and they think one of the competitors (an honest Akodo bushi) tries to sabotage their gempukku. Right now I find Hitoshi’s story quite good, but I feel I can launch the campaign with him. How so ? Well. Basically, the players are here to assure he lives because he might be the next Crane Thunder (I insist on might). I really wonder whar FFG is gonna do with the storyline, but right now I feel I have elements to make a good one. So here’s the plot : the SCC will occur as Bayushi Shoju is sure it’s the only way to ensure the safety of the Empire (as he knows Fu Leng will return and possess the last Hantei Emperor). But Fu Leng is not the real threat here. The real « bad guy » in my campaign would be the Lying Darkness. The fragment of Nothing that subsists from the early days of the world. The one that helped Shosuro getting back from the Shadowlands and consumed her. What does it want ? It wants the world (aka the Empire here) to get back no the Great Nothing. For centuries, it has watched the humanity, afraid and curious. Now, it seems the Empire is on the verge of chaos. Fu Leng will return thanks to these feeble humans, and this is the perfect way for the Nothing ro reach the the gate between the mortal realms and Heaven : Otosan Uchi. Once there, it will be able to absorb the Heavens. Ok, that is an awesome plan, but how can I involve my players ? They are not able to defeat Nothing out of the blue, right ? Of course. They won’t. Even when they reach rank 6, they won’t. Because we’re speaking about deities. But they can fight Nothing’s minions. They can assure Fu Leng is defeated by the Thunder. How so ? Well, the « second » Thunder are the reincarnation of the souls of the first. If a « thunder » dies, then the soul would reincarnate in another body. But what if the soul is stuck somewhere ? Right now, as my players will get their gempukku, a few thunder souls are in trouble : - - Shosuro (Bayushi) Kachiko is called day after day by this little voice… Shosuro has been consumed by the Nothing, and her (his ?) offspring is an easy target for the Lying Darkness. - - Doji Hotaru is in danger, as her lover will slowly spread the Darkness into her too. Hotaru seems a nice character, lots of trouble, the need to prove herself… so an easy target but potentially a great Thunder. If she was to die, Hitoshi would be a good Thunder too. - - Hida Atarasi : the Thunder from the Crab fell to Jigoku and became an Akutenshi, a lieutenant of Fu Leng. He is still fighting his father in the Shadowlands (Crab legends are true !) but when the Dark Scrolls will be opened, he will finally be able to kill Hida-kami and launch a terrible attack on the Empire. Worst, the Crab will have to face the son of its founder. Troubles are coming. On the other hand, many people are likely to help the PC. The most powerfull one would certainly be Togashi « Yokuni ». Not directly helping, but sending the PC where needed. He knows a lot about everything (the Nothing, the Kolat, the Scorpion), but as « our time has come and now should mankind prevail » he will mostly watch over the PC while they try to save the Empire. So my PC will be « on their own » trying to unmask an enemy without any form for a « quest » no one would truly believe. Yummy ! Right now, they have no clue I’m preparing this, and they (well, some of them) already want to solve Satsume’s death. I plan to run the scenario almost as it is written, except Bayushi Sugai would certainly not « run to be caught » but be a bit more subtle in his approach to ruin the Championship and they might get their hands on the ronin he recruited. But then, who would trust a ronin when an honest samurai said he didn’t do it ? They will have to be convincing ! Or Sugai could become a recurrent sworn enemy. Or we could test the rules for duel. Every option is fine by me ! Also, I don’t like the idea of all PC becoming Emerald magistrates. This is a high-status fonction with a lot of responsabilities and power. So they might get an offer to become yoriki (assistants to a magistrate) for some time, in order to train for a couple years (and not getting a 3 days-training in some castle). Said Magistrate would send them to work anyway, and is a perfect reason to travel across the Empire on various cases. To be continued.
  10. Sorry to ask, but... why would anyone take these 2 together ? "Because he can ?" You need a bit of common sense when building a character. I've been playing L5R since 2nd edition. I found the game mechanic of this edition very refreshing, and it achieve to find balance bewteen rings and skills, something no previous edition clearly made. Katas are finally interesting, skills are general enough to avoid getting 27 skills on your character sheet. I LOVE the fact that you can play on every ring according to your approach of the task. And my players are pretty fond of the system. It needs work, of course. The game is not perfect but you can have a real blast.
  11. I'm coming after the battle but nontheless... I've been GM on this game (not system, tho) for about 15 years, since 2nd ed. We played a lot, with many characters. In 15 years I had countless Hida and Mirumoto Bushi, Togashi monks, Akodo bushi...almost every shugenja I had at my table was a Kuni (and one Isawa!) and I had ONE Doji courtier. But which campaign gace my PC the most thrill ? The one they played social Crabs. The pitch was: ok, everyone sees the Crab as ignorant brutes, but Hida Yakamo wants some fresh and educated retrainers in order to play a bit of politics. So I had a Hida bushi, a Hiruma scout, 2 Yasuki traders, a Kuni witch hunter, a Kuni shugenja and even a Ratling. And they went to courts, managed to make deals, trades, peace treaty or war threats. They played on the fact everyone assumed they would be easy to fool and had no manners. But they had a few skills, and we had a blast. Game mechanic-wise (and lore-wise), (and I'm still exploring the rules on this version) your Kuni shugenja might be a though choice to make a great courtier. The family is not famous for small-talk, and school has no access to shuji. You might wanna look into Titles in order to get your hands on some shujis. Status helps also a lot when it comes to social: no one would argue with high-status characters.
  12. Well, a samurai travelling outside his lord's estate would probably give a few bu to refill his quiver. But his lord would lose face if wasn't able to provide armor and weapons for his men. So samurai DO NOT ALWAYS pay for stuff. But I agree price is missing.
  13. I've read it all, yes, to see how much they changed the background and I have to say I loved it. But still, I have no idea what happened before or during the Championship. Might be a bit different feelings between Crane and Lion PC/nPC if Arasou is dead or not.
  14. Without buffing anyone (I want my players to have their grasp on the game mechanic), I planned to change a bit the last part of the scenario, making ronin trying to escape the scene (and get caught) instead of "the bad guy" (my players would fint it way too obvious, as I do) so the PC would then have to prove B.S. is guilty, working as real yoriki.
  15. Here we are. After weeks of postponing our RPG session, we're finally playing this weekend. The players created their characters last time we had the chance to meet, and 2 of them will have characters I created according to the description they gave me. So basically, PC have rings from 1 to 3 with various combinations. I'm planning to run the Topaz Championship in order to regroup the PC, as they come from various clans, and they might work as yoriki for an emerald magistrate after that, or go for a one-year musha shugyo across the Empire, depending on their choices. But right now, I'm looking for feedback on the beginner's box scenario: did you play it with the core rules or with the beginner's box characters ? Because I feel that rolling 2 ring dices + 1 skill dice won't often get you 2 successes. L5R has always been hard with beginning characters (try rolling a 15 with 2K1 d10...) Did your PCs managed to win any test ? Also, I bought EE recently, and I tried to found any precise chronology in it to present the actual situation of the Empire (it would be important to me to know if the Lion champion has been killed already) but I only found a vague "century by century" timeline. Has anyone any clue where I could find these intels ?
  16. Page amount has little impact on the printing lenght It's more about the printer's own planning, the deadline FFG asked for (mostly) and (the Kami forbid) eventual incidents that could delay production. Where the heck can I find the Emeral tournament description ? ****, I'm confused about the timeline right now.
  17. Well, storyline may have past the Coup date, but certainly not the Coup itself. But with Toturi married to Kaede and willing to become the next Emerald Champion, the storyline might change a lot. Scorpion characters will have a chance to live.
  18. Yep, the fact that OPP can come with Strife on the dice is the key about the formulation! I like the "no floating result" formula Another explanation is needed here on another "rule": one of my player's character is using kiho, and the player selected Flame Fist. And we were wondering: -Activation is TN 1 Martial (Fire), ok, and is an Attack and Support action. Is the Attack tag there because of the Burst effect ? Because it requires a line of sight As the activation is an Attack, does it mean that is actually IS an attack and should be resolved as such with the kiho effect (and damage the target) ? Or, is it only to activate the effect, cause damage to target if you roll 2+ Successes with the Burst effect ? In this case, do Bonus Successes add to the damage as usual ? If the player rolls 5 Successes, does he inflict Fire Ring + 3 physical damage ? Is it "normal" that the Burst effect deals physical damage when the "purpose" of this kiho is to switch the damage to Supernatural ?
  19. Well, attack is sometimes the best defense... but yes, I agree. Thanks for your answer!
  20. Sorry to come back on this (realy useful) topic but I thought that only bonus successes did more damage. Following quoted example, I'd say Sugi does 5 base + 1 bonus success (according TN to hit the goblin was 2). Am I wrong ?
  21. So, for you, the range would be the biggest problem in here ?
  22. You misunderstood my point. My question was: from a rules point of view, is allowing characters to have their weapons ready would unbalance the duel mechanic ? as you said it: I won't forbid any weapon, my players just don't "feel" very honorable to bring a tetsubo to a duel.
  23. In my point of view (and "my" Rokugan, kiho would be little seen in duels. Because duels (formal ones, I mean) are between samurai, and samurai fight with weapons. Of course people with access to kiho might sometimes use them. As for @Magnus Grendel: yeah, I have my own version of the things, and I see 2 types of duel: formal ones, without armor, and "encounters" where players have no time to take it off if they are wearing some. But few samurai are wearing armour outside their lord's lands... These are the main types, then fighters decide if it's first strike, first blood, etc. Again, it's "my" Rokugan
  24. Hi people! Long-time L5R player and GM (since 1st ed, eh), I lately found the dueling mechanic quite restrictive (I know, this is part of the lore, iaijutsu all the way) compared to the multiple fighting styles that exist in Rokugan. Basically, in a fluff way, you can be a master duellist if you are a Kakita or Mirumoto (or a Lion kensai in 2nd ed). And always with your iaijutsu skill. But there are so many stories, historical or in fictions, depicting samourai duelling with yari, zanbatsu (sasaki kojiro!) or even chain weapons (maybe not the most honorable ones, I confess), that I felt a bit disapointed having to tell my players "sorry no, duels are iai-only". So I'm thinking about letting duels be duels. Weapon is ready in hand, or both hands, depending the stance/spirit/school. Most samurai would fight with their katana, but the yari is also a noble weapon. A Matsu samourai would have his katana hold aboe his head, a Kakita would still use iai, a Dragon would have both weapons in hand, directed to the ground in a "no stance" stance. A Mantis could have his kama in hand. A daidoji his spear. Of course, some weapons would be highly disregarded by the audiance, and no one would bring his ono into a formal duel at Otosan Uchi. But my goal is to allow people to duel even. So, ok, I can treat that as a skirmish, yeah. But duel is also about judging your opponent, waiting for him to move, and try to take him out pretty briefly. So the Stredown contest is pretty nice in this way. So basically, the only thing I need to change (other than allowing other weapons into these duels) would be to allow the duelists to have their weapons ready. Do you think it would be completly unbalance the mechanic ?
  25. Ok, I get it now. Thank you all
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