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  1. Hi! FFG rebooted the timeline, and the game is set in 1123, but no SCC and many, many changes compared to the timeline we knew. For the better, I have to say. @KakitaKaori compiled all (most of?) the novels to establish current timeline in here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEhIccleYFIsL_C0zKAV3gk4U7XIcjNXokEsuMBbBZM/edit#gid=0 This is a gold mine.
  2. I don't see them as progress as they (in previous edition, at last) finally just wanted to replace the samurai/buke class by their own affiliates. But yes, they're not feudal, I give you that.
  3. As my group will soon begin the "In the Palace of the emerald Champion", I'm wondering about the knowledge of the Kolat available to the Empire and the Magistrates. It used to be a very, very secret plot in previous editions, a "if you know anything you're dead" and it now seems that is a known organisation. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by the reckless approach the Kolat has in this scenario. Used to be masterminds plots, now they seems just to wreck havoc. And as Satsume seemed to have such heretic speech, I can't find a logic reason for "why would they kill him" ? Were they unable to completly turn him and so they decided the next EC would be far more simple to bend ? Any advice would be great.
  4. You're right, and this totally justifies the Emerald Magistrates being where they are. But PCs surrounded by Scorpion NPCs plotting against each others might be something that might lead to severe paranoia. And I like it
  5. I might see things in a more rigid way than you do (Any samurai, but it is only my humble interpretation, should be usefull for his lord. And I don't see the Crab or the Crane "hiding" its samurai in Scorpion territory), but that's just me. The patterns of every character could be translated to some Scorpion counterpart: a Yogo wardmaster should do the trick as "Shadowland expert"... but again, a Kuni witch hunter can indeed roam the Empire and could be an "honored guest" in here. And some of them could have defect from their clan! Very detailed and interesting sides stories, great work, once again!
  6. I love it. Might use it soon, but I'd need to settle my PC into this town. Just one question: why so many clans in such a small town ? The Kuni, especially, would have been taken away by the daimyo for a long time, no ?
  7. I have mine since Wednesday but had no time to make a feedback since. Lots of "foreign" schools in this supplement.
  8. More of a question than anything else but... I thought about making cards for techniques (like, fitting all techniques - shuji/kiho/kata/prayers...) into "Magic" cards so my players could have a "deck" for their characters. But maybe someone already did this kind of thing ? Yeah, I'm kinda lazy
  9. So... Not playing as often as I'd like but we manage a 6hrs session yesterday and I come back with more questions 1. Are shugenja somewhow restricted on the number of prayers he can do per day/session/scene ? it might be an old habit from previous editions where this was limited by the PC/NPC ring. I felt it wasn't anymore in 5th, but I just want to be sure. 2. I cannot find anywhere the mechanic about Meditation for losing Strife. Someone mentionned an answer from FFG but... Is it TN1 Meditation (void) and you lose Strife egal to your bonuses successes ? 3. Demeanor for NPC: I understand demeanor impact the way NPC react to your "active ring". i.e. peasants are more encline to an Earth approach (TN-2) and more distant to an Air approach (TN+2). Does that implies that lying to a "standard" peasant would be TN4 ? I mean RAW... Thanks a lot!
  10. Ok, I had not this in mind. Openly dispising shugenja is weird, but it could be because they rely only on pure strengh (and then you can play them likewise, they have a real particularity in the Empire). Concerning Minor clans, they have less people, and lss samurai than the Great ones, so it would not be a surprise that they have less shugenja. If you don't like the "we dispise shugenja" way, you could play it "we had very few shugenja within our clan, so we're not familiar with them"-style. But I know I like my Badger clan the way I like my coffee: without shugenja in it.
  11. But people do not choose to speak to kamis. It's a "gift" very few people have. Half of the Empire's shugenja are born within the Isawa family. There is nothing strange for having only a few shugenja (or even just one or two) within a minor clan: if no one can detect the Gift, how would people know and teach you how to develop it ? For the "old fashion" style, you can describe things like clothings, architecture and expressions that would be out-of-date for a Crane or a Scorpion. A traditionalist Phoenix might like it Mechanic-wise, you might tell (or not) your PCs that Badger are not fond of people using Fire ring, and that Earth or Water might fit the clan a bit more. I really like the mechanic for this kind of thing!
  12. I would wait for a player to ask something like "I'd like to place the blame on someone to avoid dishonor" or "how can we sort this out without shame for Satsume-dono ?" then make them roll Courtesy or Games. -I'll roll Courtesy! Ok, TN is 2 -I'll roll Games, and I'd like to figure whom I can blame for this story to be forgotten soon enough. Ok, this is deduction or logic, so roll Water or Earth, TN is 2.
  13. If no one in your group has Aesthetic, Design or Composition, you're either playing a Scouting party in the Shadowlands or a D&D campaign. Joke aside, I don't think there is a specific setting for min-max. If everyone in your group has Water 3, Fire 3, Earth 1, Air 1, Void 2 (because it's so OP, I read it on some forum, trust me!), then you'll get a hard time when it comes to be subtle (Air) or use logic (Earth). My guess would be "what attitude would you mostly use ?" and then try to max out the according ring. Having a good composure is indeed a good point, but if it forces you to play always on Fire or Water, is it usefull ?
  14. In previous editions, Badger clan had no shugenja but one, trained in another clan. They were very old-fashioned. Badger samurai used to say hello in the following way: "Hi there, samurai-san! You seem pretty frail, don't you ? I bet you cannot lift this rock over 20 feet like I do!" Yep. They made you lift some rock or something to prove you're strong enough. Welcome to the Badger.
  15. I agree with you. But Toturi or even Aramoro are high-ranking, educated people coming from major families. They can totally pretend to the Emarald Champion's post. We are here speaking about 16-yo samurai enforcing the law on behalf of the Emperor. The title is a bit too important (my point of view) to assume for them. I'm thinking about promoting the "best PC"to something like "first yoriki". But Topaz Champion is a title he would be honored to wear.
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