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  1. It's pretty clear you're not interested in actually understanding why this is an issue, but sure, I'll do part of your job for you. Attached is only the most recent example (and it's only copied in part because of the file size restrictions). I've followed him for a while now and he does this all the time when developing his own version of pre-existing designs based on comic art or old rpg books and, to a limited extent, when developing his own original designs. The WIP posts are also part of that--showing how each design develops through his process. Unlike the original artist being called out in this post, he's not literally cutting and pasting anything into his designs and calling it his own, and getting paid for it. He's not stealing someone else's 3D model (or even parts of someone's model) and pasting them into his files, which is exactly what was done in this case.
  2. Advanced Ship [Template] SIL: N/A ARM: N/A HAND: +1 DEF: +(SIL/2) rounded down SPD: N/A HTT: +SIL SST: +SIL ALT: x2 SENS: +1 band CREW: N/A ENC: N/A PASS: N/A WPNS: +1 damage to all +1 boost or automatic +1 Adv. might more narrative? HP: -2 or (SIL/2) rounded up, whichever is higher (can still be applied to ships w/ ≤1HP) COST: x1.5 SPECIAL 1: +8hrs/week Hard Computer/Mechanic check or move one component up on the damage track Limit to Comms/Hyperdrive/Navi/Sensors/Shields/Engines? Prototype Ship [Template] SIL: N/A ARM: N/A HAND: +1 DEF: +(SIL/2) rounded down SPD: +1 HTT: -SIL SST: +SIL ALT: N/A SENS: +1 band CREW: N/A ENC: N/A PASS: N/A HP: -(SIL/2) rounded up COST: x1.5 SPECIAL 1: Randomly choose 1 (or 2) benefit and drawback (can't have benefit and drawback from same category): ARM: +1 / -1 HTT: +Sil / -Sil SST: +Sil / -Sil DEF: +(Sil/2) round down / -(Sil/2) round up SPD: +1 / -1 CREW: -70% / +30% PASS: +50% / -50% ENC: +50% / -50% CRAFT: +25% / -75% Saga Ed. actually lists this as benefit -75% and drawback +25%, but the example included with the template reflects +25% / -75%. WPNS: x2 one weapon type / x.5 one weapon type SPECIAL 2: +8hrs/month Avg. Computer/Mechanic check or lose all +abilities and benefits but not -abilities and drawbacks.
  3. Actually, that's one of my favourites too (along with 'Advanced Ship') and I was fiddling around with both! But, yeah, long story short, given everything that goes into the layered templates it really does end up being a relatively moot point. And starts to get rather complicated and system-breaky/over-powered. However, it does work better, and has more potential, as a 'conversion' option for existing ship profiles. And that is more in line with what the Saga Ed. was doing with the templates anyway. I will maybe try and get a couple examples up over the weekend, if anyone is curious.
  4. Long time lurker, first time 'contributing'... The old 'Saga Ed. Starships of the Galaxy' had an interesting mechanic (that I always thought added some nice/easy narrative options) where you could apply a template to existing/crafted ships to alter its stats, introduce drawbacks/benefits, and get an 'Advanced Ship,' 'Archaic Ship,' or 'Junker' for example. I was wondering if there was any interest/consideration for implementing these as an element? There's a certain amount of this already in place with the revised rule set, but, with some work, might be an easy way to add in as a plug-in?
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