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  1. Recently started a campaign and another player and I brainstormed an idea of master/blaster. I went with a gadgeteer chadra-fan was able to start with 4s in agi and int I wanted to focus on mechanics while being an off DPS, i had starting points in both ranged heavy and ranged light. The other player went Wookie Marauder with a vibro sword (to start) and a shield. We keep his encumbrance in mind, and he always assigns me a limit of what I can carry on me, and he can carry on him. The idea works pretty well for a bit, as we are farther away I can use my blaster rifle for great damage on them, he runs up to engaged, and I have swap to a pistol for close encounters. There have been two times that I have gone into combat without the batpack, and well I get targeted fairly quickly do being able to a fair bit of damage and havent had luck getting much in terms of armor. So the question we ran into a little money, and I am going to be getting a few things reflect body glove for my armor... For close combat weapons, i am leaning towards but cant decide which I wanna choose Cryoban rifle 2 enc, 6 damage, range: medium, ensnare 1, pierce 5, stun damage, when making a melee attack against a target struck by the weapon during the round they gain two blue. Multi-goo gun 2 enc, 2 damage, range: short, disorient 1, ensnare 4, knockdown Acid Projector 4 enc, 6 damage, range: short, blast 6, burn 3, vicious 1 (CAN BURN MY FRIENDLY) 8Gauge scatter gun 3 Enc, 7 damage, range: short blast 3, knockdown The max I can carry is 4 enc.
  2. So i accidentally got my group killed but one of us created a bit of a back story for his character. Former entertainer bot MIS-E (Multifunctioning Intelligent Service Entertainer) Drunk slicers thought it would be funny to modify the bots programming, and give it a gnack for slicing and hacking things. As well as making it a male, they turned the desire to entertain to the desire to hack things. Got a dataport well he would wanna hack that. When hacking systems he would leave a calling card of sorts, that he referred to as slicer tracking designation, this would prove that he was there and help him to become the best there ever was. He also felt that he was an organic, common greeting was hello fellow organics, and the one time not everyone had a breathmask in hazardous air conditions he kept one himself as he needed it more than the other PC who was an organic and totally needing to breath It got worse as he began to refer to his slicing tool as the Dock-tor, Everytime he jacked Into something "the doctor is in." myself I am not very creative so I have basic characters. Have you guys ever had any creative stories?
  3. I am new to the game starting a character off and was wanting to add an underbarrel flamer to my weapon which adds cumbersome +1, the weapon itself has an encumbrance of 3. So would that make it a 4 encumbrance? Or 3 enc +1 cumb?
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