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  1. 1 hour ago, Wandalf the Gizzard said:

    Congratulations on your first win! This game is a hard one, even the first quest for new players is a challenge; but stick with it.

    You seem to have a pretty solid handle on strategy for this game, so good job! I'll warn you, though, for the next quest you'll want to take much less of an aggressive stance, preferably starting below thirty threat. I only noticed two mistakes (besides the Eyes of the Forest mistake you caught), which is a small for a game this complex.

    This made it sound like you defended with Gimli, then played Feint before assigning damage to him. Once you declare and exhaust a defender, the attack must go through (although you can cancel the shadow effect, or damage from the attack with some cards). You would need to play Feint earlier in the combat phase, which would prevent the Spawn from attacking at all.

    With the heroes you were using, you cannot play Thicket of Spears. It must be payed for by three different heroes and Gimli is your only hero that can pay for cards from the Tactics sphere.

    Other than that, well done. Stay with this game. It's a gem and you're in for a treat.

    Thanks for your comment, they are very appreciated!

    I bought the game for the challenge, and I got one!

    I totally misread the Thicket of Spears card, thanks. Too bad, I really liked it! ?

  2. 1 hour ago, Stewart777 said:

    Below is the first in an excellent series of videos (go to Youtube for the rest) that take you through all the steps on how to play.

    The more you play and the more you understand the easier it gets. It does help to watch someone else play to get a feel for their decisions and why they make them.


    Deck building is also key, for that this website is great https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/deck-building-101/

    Get to know the game and you will soon love it! Enjoy!

    Edit: And make sure you read the rules from beginning to end it makes life a lot easier.

    Thanks, I will check them out.

    Earlier today I found out about optional engagement and that I don't need to travel to a location from watching a video. I think need to reread the rulebook and watch more videos.

    I will check that site for deck building. So far deck building seems to me like an Esoteric Black Art, I have lot to learn about it.

  3. Hi!

    I am new to Lord of the Rings LCG, and card games in general. I am more into miniature boardgames, so started playing a card game was a new experience to me. First time I played the tutorial scenario I thought: “Help, if this one is this hard, and it is only a level 1, how hard will the next one be?”. As I suppose you figured out, I didn’t understand anything of the game, but now after having played the first two scenarios six times and watch one video I feel I start to understand the game.

    So, what I will do is start from scenario 1 again and see if I have learned anything. I have documented it if anyone is interested. All pictures are from the Quest phase. If you see me doing anything stupid, wrong or missed some rules don’t hesitate to tell me. The card names that are being played are capitalized (for example the first quest card is named Flies and Spiders and you will find that name in Round 1).


    Passage Through Mirkwood

    Round 1 – Threat level 32

    In the early morning our three Heroes, Gimli, Aragon and Eowyn, set out from King Thranduil’s palace. They were travelling to Lorien to deliver Queen Galadriel an important message. To get there they followed the Old Forest Road toward the Anduin.

    Eowyn and Aragon were focused on making progress along the road, while Gimli was looking around for any dangerous animals or other foes. He could hear Hummerhorns nearby, but the only thing he saw was Flies And Spiders. Then suddenly a Forest Spider attacked the party and it gave Gimli a wound! Aragon was ready and came to his rescue, almost killing it.


    Round 2 – Threat level 33

    After the first attack, in Round 1, Gimli mobilized Unexpected Courage. Eowyn and Aragon continued ahead of the dwarf on their quest to find the path to the Anduin. They continued slowly forward, cautious for the Eyes In The Forest (oops, mistake here. I discarded one event card, not all). Gimli was still fighting the spider, first he blocked an attack from it and then his new courage made it possible to also kill it.


    Round 3 – Threat level 34

    The party continued forward along the road. Suddenly they meet an old friend to Gimli, a Veteran Axehand.

    The killing of the minor spider earlier hadn’t gone unnoticed, it had awakened something much more dangerous, Ungoliant’s Spawn! The spider attacked Gimli, who survived the attack by using a Feint.

    This can’t end well! Gimli doesn’t have unlimited number of Feints, not more than three! Will our heroes be rescued by something much more old and powerful than this spawn?


    Round 4 – Threat level 35

    Lo and behold, it is Gandalf! A friend in need is a friend indeed, as the old song says! Gandalf had noticed that there were heroes in the neighbourhood that needed to be rescued and came to save them. He jumped into the fry and gave the vile spider a wooping. Gandalf doesn’t do discreet, all the noise attracted a Dol Guldur Beastmaster, who immediately attacked our Heroes.

    The Beastmaster attacked Gimli, who defended himself successfully, which was no problem since he felt he was a Blade Master. The spider attacked the Veteran Axehand, who died horrible. Everyone is a Hero in his/her own story, but this was not the Veteran Axehand’s story, so he had to share the same fate as all other supporting acts, death. Gimli killed the spider, while Aragon and Gandalf together killed the Beastmaster.

    After melee died down, Gandalf left for other businesses, maybe to visit his old friend Radagast?


    Round 5 – Threat level 36

    The party continued deeper into Mirkwood. Spiders were crawling everywhere in the trees. The party killed another one. Suddenly the party came up to A Fork In The Road. Which way should they chose? Both roads looked equally bad, so they chose one by random.


    Round 6 – Threat level 37

    Both Aragon and Eowyn felt weakened by The Necromancer’s Reach, they were after all close to his domains. The road they were following was getting more and more scary. “Don’t Leave The Path” they warned each other. “There seems to be another Ungoliant’s Spawn around here”, Aragon told the others. “We are safe behind the Thicket Of Spears” Eowyn said confidently.


    Round 7 – Threat level 38

    Then they heard there was someone further along the road. “Maybe it is our good old friend Gandalf coming back to help us?” Gimli shouted. But no, it wasn’t him, instead they found a Gondorian Spearman and a Snowbourn Scout locked in mortal combat with the Spawn. Before they could reach the lost soldiers the Gondorian was killed and eaten by the spider. Everyone ganged up and hacked the spider to small pieces!

    “We made it! We won!” said Gimli.

    “No, we have just finished the first leg of three of our travel to Lorien. I wonder what challenges the next leg of our journey has in mind for us?” said Aragon gloomy.

    “I shouldn’t worry, what could be worse than Ungoliant’s Spawn?” Eowyn asked rhetorically.








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