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  1. Sorry, I meant availability. Its like everything is “Not Available” from FFG.
  2. Related but slightly different question. Played Assault at a friends. Liked it over Legion. Is it difficult to get the Assault core set and all the expansions at this point?
  3. First to get it out of the way. I didn’t particularly like TLJ but not because of Luke. I didnt like it because the Canto / hacker plan was very Independence Day and because both the chase and end battle seemed like a colossal tactical failure on the part of the FO and very Deus Ex Machina for the Resistance. But anyway, moving on - about Luke’s despondency. Contrary to what I assume is popular opinion, I actually felt that it was fitting and inevitable. Even if they actually skipped portraying Luke’s transition between ROTJ and the new movies. I see it much like Kreia saw it in KOTOR 2. The Jedi build, they establish their codes, then the Sith show up, because the Force always balances and as many turn to the light, there will be as many that turn to the dark. They always end up fighting, and the rest of the galaxy burns. The cycle repeats during the Mandalorian Wars, KOTOR 1/2, and all 3 trilogies. Masters and Apprentices and Masters and Apprentices. What do the Jedi and what does the Force really contribute to anyway? It might be better to let them all die off. And yet the Force won’t let itself be extinguished. Which is really the oppressive thing about it. It really wants to be fed more lives. Its like the old super villains exist because of super heroes and vice versa trope. That, I think, is what Luke is struggling with.
  4. Ok cool. Thanks all. I have some tokens that look like a thermal detonator, I can’t even remember what they were in 1st but they’re the same shape as the protons.
  5. I thought acrylic bomb tokens weren’t legal? My info might be dated though
  6. Are the first edition’s bomb tokens that are the same size and shape as the Proton Bomb token, but with different image (not Siesmic nor Bomblet) still usable as a Proton Bomb token in second edition tournaments? I seem to have an inadequate number of the actual Proton Bomb token. Thanks
  7. Just tried playing Upsilon, the model is so huge wingspan-wise lol.
  8. Hey it’s a Dark Angels Defender!
  9. I also just read from wookiepedia that Enfys gave the loot to Saw. The Rebels don’t exist at this point I suppose. They start with Enfys, Saw, the Ghost crew?
  10. Sorry digression - Maul in Solo dovetails into Maul in Rebels?
  11. Ok thanks, that makes sense. I was thinking of something different. Possibly related question, can Kylo perform an Action from Tav’s Coordinate if Kylo is Stressed? I’m assuming yes if Boost / Roll with Primed (assuming he hadn’t already performed the same Action this turn) but not something like Focus?
  12. Can you give me an example sequence of moves of when you might use Primed Thrusters with Kylo over say Pattern Analyzer?
  13. Just curious. Which deleted scenes? I didn’t realize there were deleted scenes. Checking them on YouTube now.
  14. Oh I read the Bomb detonation wrong in my initial post. This is interesting. Would definitely be great against unshielded like a Tie Swarm. Not sure about something like a Boba list.
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