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  1. Yeah. I mean, this on top of the World's debacle, AND European Top 16 Medals still havent been sent out...
  2. Hey, So I've got a large amount of spare Promos, and thought "why not sell them?" So, here they are, and note that some items will have the vast majority of the cost go towards charity! Estimated prices: (in £, excluding postage) R2: 15 Inqu: 30 Han: 15 Kanan: 40 Palp: 7.50 Bossk: 10 Unshakable: 1+plus how ever much u wanna donate Eweb: 30 Dewback: 5 Probe: 5 Hera: 45 Wampa: 5 Two silver terminals: 25 Top 4 sheet: 75 I'm able to contact through the Boardwars.eu Discord channel, or the Zion's Finest slack channel, or on the forums ofc
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