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  1. It's official https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10163232127480080&id=243343800079&ref=page_internal
  2. Good question! 1: Adepticon was just officially cancelled due to the Corona virus. The IACP team is looking at alternate ways of running the event, perhaps at a different venue, perhaps over Vassal, so stay tuned for that! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10163232127480080&id=243343800079&ref=page_internal 2: The actual reason however was that we wanted to give players an opportunity to use the Season 3 cards. While these may not be perfectly fine-tuned yet (Although the majority of playtesting suggests that it's almost complete), we heard a lot of requests for Adepticon to run the new S3 cards such as Royal Guards, Dengar, Yoda and many more.
  3. With the IACP Adepticon Tournament coming up soon, the Committee (Filled with fresh faces) decided in accordance to recurring feedback to implement some changes to the Season 3 content in its current playtesting stage. We hope you all enjoy these changes! https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/03/10/change-in-plans-official-changes-v3-1-now-available/
  4. Greetings everyone! Us here on the IACP Steering Committee have been working to create kits for some very distinct purposes: Regional kits (to get even more events in this awesome awesome season), and Community Kits (To help build your local community through Learn to Play events). These kits are now available, but please note that any Regional kits who wish to add a Glass Trophy to hand out to the winner of the event will need to be applied for before the 11th Oct 2019! Please have a read through these articles for some more context: https://ia-continuityproject.com/2019/09/23/let-the-games-begin/ https://ia-continuityproject.com/2019/09/21/strength-in-numbers/
  5. Announcing a brand new podcast! Built on Hope is a podcast dedicated to Competitive Imperial Assault and also IACP, hosted by Isaac Cajo, Jessica Gao and David Gao. Hoping to provide the Imperial Assault community with not only more content, but new content too, the Built on Hope cast have several topics and themes they wish to explore, from Isaac’s Match-up Analysis (and the occasional teases and leaks from future seasons), to Jessica’s Academy for new members of the community, to David’s Gameplay Psychology segments. With a variety of playstyles from ranging from Sniper, to Imperial-body-spam, to Loth Cats, Built on Hope strives to produce a podcast which appeals to all players, regardless of how long they’ve been playing or what playstyle they prefer. Built on Hope aims to keep the best gaming community in the World strong through promoting the game, hosting tournaments, and above all, connecting with the community, and we are now releasing our very first episode! Episode 0 is a shorter episode than most will be. It aims to provide an insight into the purpose and goal of the podcast, dive into what the different segments we may record will entail, while also introducing the three hosts! Be sure to check out new releases at https://builtonhopeia.podbean.com, and connect with us on Social Media at https://www.instagram.com/built_on_hope_ia. See you on the Skirmish mat!
  6. Yeah. I mean, this on top of the World's debacle, AND European Top 16 Medals still havent been sent out...
  7. Hey, So I've got a large amount of spare Promos, and thought "why not sell them?" So, here they are, and note that some items will have the vast majority of the cost go towards charity! Estimated prices: (in £, excluding postage) R2: 15 Inqu: 30 Han: 15 Kanan: 40 Palp: 7.50 Bossk: 10 Unshakable: 1+plus how ever much u wanna donate Eweb: 30 Dewback: 5 Probe: 5 Hera: 45 Wampa: 5 Two silver terminals: 25 Top 4 sheet: 75 I'm able to contact through the Boardwars.eu Discord channel, or the Zion's Finest slack channel, or on the forums ofc
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