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  1. This is what should have been from the beginning.
  2. Then they could use some ruleset like Knight Models Batman miniatures games. It is a skirmish game, but you can have a trio of cops fighting alongside batman and against Joker and 4 generic gangsters, and it works like a charm.
  3. I wanted and hoped Star Wars miniatures battles from West End Games, combined with 40k multipart minis and armies... just a dream I've had for decades (I have always though, wouldn't it be nice if Gw had permission to make a star wars game like when they did Lord of the rings??) And it seemed to come true when I first heard of Legion, and that simply has not become true. So I hope AMG changes things. It doesn't have nothing to do with actual persons that designed the game, of course they did what FFG asked for, I am sure that they were not free to do as they would have liked, because production, requirements, sales and marketing department and Lucas-Disney sure have been messing everything... but that's exactly what I miss compared to 30 years old games such as WEG products... there was passion, effort, imagination and a lot of great ideas that came FIRST and profit, product economy and sales came SECOND.
  4. I am sorry, I don't agree with most people around here saying they hope that the game don't change and even wanting the same developers still working on it. I may be on the minority side, but I find that the game they have designed is a failed attempt on what could have been a great star wars WARgame. It is a boardgame with beautiful tokens, not a miniature wargame. They have not been able to translate the miniature battle genre to their cards, tokens, 2d vision, 2d rules... I feel they simply have tried to include some nice mechanics from another wargames, bit their game was, without even notice, a boardgame. Still feels as if it was not designed with true line of sight in mind, or with rules for hills, buildings, templates, area effects, terrain... everything feels like a 2d boardgame (and they even sold 2d products such as the horrible matts), complete with cards, dices, even the rulers and templates seems different from what we, miniature gamers, are used to. So I really get the news with hope, but hope in the other direction. Hope someone finally makes a good game with star wars miniatures. And another complaint (sorry, I am happy with changes) I though this was going to be a LEGION sized game, a game of tons of infantry units fighting against more infantry, with spec units, elite, a few vehicles, and of course VERY FEW heroes, considering that the heroes squirmishing slot was taken by imperial assault. But no, justo no. They designed a thing in between imperial assault and 40k, but there was not the grandeur and epic feeling of a 40k or bolt action army. And having Palpatine around the table bursting electric rays was the icing in the cake. Not for me. So I hope it changes, a lot. And I think switching to a MINIATURE games company is directing the game the way it should have been since the beginning
  5. As if x-wing 2.0 didn't invalidate x-wing 1.0...
  6. Yes, and after years saying FFG shouldn't be making miniature games because they tend to do 2d boardgames with minis instead of proper minis games, someone FINALLY has understood. Don't underestimate the complainers, most times we have legitimate complaints and sometimes time proves us right.
  7. Yes, but they are talking about BIG boxes, not expansion size, and that means not expansion price, but BIG BOX PRICE... Big boxes that require other big boxes... seems too much money...
  8. And so the second and third boxes will be standalone games or will they need first box material to play them? Seems strange to buy a 175€ expansion... XD But on the other hand, if you don't use first box minis and tiles in 2nd and 3rd "chapters" people will allegedly complain... they will have a lot of minis and tiles that will become useless and it will be a pity not to use them anymore... But if you need first box minis and tiles to use the content of the 2nd or 3rd box, people will complain that you want to milk players forcing them to buy 1st part to play 2nd and 1st and 2nd to be able to play 3rd part... Bad move FFG, that idea of "chapters" will make people complain no matter what you do...
  9. Good idea when you got iconic individual minis, but when you got 4 x mini#1 and 4 x mini#2 you quickly get bored and tired of the same stupid pose over that stupid column. Heroes and great villains need to be unique and their base should be according to it. Minions need to be smooth, unnoticed, elegant, specially when they are exact copies... So, that four wolves, showing their 4 asses over 4 stones are 4 x ridiculous
  10. I also don't think get rid of the overlord is a bad idea, I use to be the overlord and sometimes I'd like to play with them and not against them... BUT it is not mandatory to have an app for coop games. There's a ton of coop games that uses cards to simulate IA, or even bots to play solo just using cards and charts. Scythe, for example, allows the use of bots even when you play with two persons just in case you want to add another player. Gloomhaven is also competitive... STRONGLY competitive (you must guess what other players are doing when choosing your actions) and still doesn't need an app.
  11. I bought Gloomhaven a couple of months ago, and when I saw the descent news I though... oh, no! I'm going to regret having bought the wrong game... I really don't need two dungeon crawlers!! Now I really thank FFG because I really feel like I chose the winner horse.
  12. And "normal" Gloomhaven more than 90 scenarios for 120$
  13. AND the minis are multipart plastic kits... no two soldiers are the same... don't compare to that plastic-repetitive-exactly-the-same-mini that proposes FFG, the terrain is REAL 3d plastic terrain with a total of SEVENTEEN sprues, not glorified cardboard... and the compatibility... you can use plastic sprues from Necromunda and miniatures from necromunda in a 40k game, they are compatible, contrary to legends, whose minis can't be used in Descent... And, it doesn't matter how many times I have said it, some people still insists there are some boards somewhere in the legends box... The great boards where you place the great terrain is in Necromunda, not in legends. And "flat" is exactly what comes to mind seeing legends tiles, not the rich detailed double sided board from Necromunda. And no, it is not twice the minis, in fact the (repetitive) minis from legends are 40 and in Necromunda you got 26 multipart plastic miniatures. Not exactly twice. And also you can't seriously compare the quality and variety... none are the same, while producing the exact same mini 4 times and that another exact same mini 5 times has no design value... it is just 2 cms of plastic that you can do a million times on a chinese factory. But I understand that if you say "twice the minis" and "3d cardstock terrain" and add the inexistent "boards" and of course an "etc" (perhaps it refers to the cardboard tokens? the cards? the rulebook? necromunda rulebook is 125 pages long...) then it seems 175 is reasonable.
  14. Every 2d tile allows you to do exactly the same. Or perhaps you think they will implement rules for real line of sight on elevated tiles? No, they will do an abstract ruling IF they ever do some distinction between different levels. Exactly the same as other board games that have abstract rules for different levels. In Imperial Assault there were ladders, stairs, balconies, etc. They were drawn, yep, but they were there and there were rules for them. I mean... of course I like miniatures and terrain and 3d environments, but if it means 175€ instead of 100€ and wasting ten minutes each time I discover a new room you can keep your ridiculous (and flat colored) tiles. Give me good designed 2d tiles, that will make a beautiful board game wit a great art. It is way more immersive if it has got a great lightning and wonderful shadows than if it is one inch over the rest of tiles. How many times will you use exactly THE SAME 3d stair and exactly THE SAME 3d tree? I prefer variety... Look at Mansions of madness tiles, or Imperial Assault ones, or Gloomhaven... or Conan battle maps, or how beautiful and immersive is Scythe board, or even Brass: Birmingham board... they are BEAUTIFUL, and still you can do a mechanic that allow you to move "up and down" exactly the same as the leveled tiles. For example the vehicles in the parade in Mansions of Madness, or the stairs in the manors... you still could go upstairs and downstairs to that mysterious loft or that mysterious basement... still felt like going down/up there, and there was no need to place the tile one inch over the others to represent it. In fact, I wonder what would have meant to have to place the tile over some cardboard pieces to place it over the others while in the middle of an immersive story...
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