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  1. Could you please provide some kind of list of brands? I am specially interested in those tundra buildings
  2. Big loss, will be missed. Seemed like a good guy
  3. Not ONLY this... You also got economical resources that I can hardly understand, congrats...
  4. Are you taking about points or dollars??? It would be interesting to talk about their REAL prize... Not sure about you, but One single 10cms vehicle for 60$/€ is WAY difficult to justify... Simply think about it as a toy, a paintless and SMALL toy... Would you buy it??????????
  5. @TauntaunScout I am sorry, I also had battle miniatures armies, and they never were like yours simply because the stromtrooper blister came in threee diferent poses and there were at leasts two of them, so six different soldiers (same as FFG years ago!!). BUT as they didn’t come with pre-made poses, it was easier to exchange a head or a waist. I played for years with WEG miniatures battles, and the game was really better. I quickly left wotc games, though, because it was really absurd. And still bttle miniatures is a better game than legion... althought the shiny of this one makes me love it.
  6. so, your knowledge of the lore is greater than that of content director from Lucasfilm official webpage... ok, boy, I appreciate your efforts. George Lucas didn’t mention the role playing games to Timothy Zahn, the rpg are scrap that George didn’t worry to read, no one should believe its contents, a twi’lek is not a twi’lek, Star wars world isn’t persistent, K.Kenedy has not contacted nobody to make sure that scripts and details fit the fluff,, and you are the only one that can decide what is and what is not star wars enough for you. You got the real truth about every small aspect of star wars in front of you, but Lucasfilm or Disney doesn’t. And HOW that guide contradicts what I say??? the guide was designed by WEG!!! it is a guide that was suposed to help people write BETTER star wars and was written by WEG persons!!! and then you say WEG didn’t give a thing to star wars??? Just final question... if you were Disney and a writer would come to you with a star wars story that begins in Manhattan... would you worry or just think... well, it doesn’t matter Star wars lore always in motion is...?
  7. Again I'll explain, that WEG rpg spourcebook even said that snowtroopers were just COLD ASSAULT STORMTROOPERS, but in page 46, it reads: "In addition to the core stormtrooper forces (which some reports indicate is greater than the number of regular Army and Naval forces combined), a number of elite divisions have been established to move into a specialized environment at a moment's notice. These units are equipped with particularly designed armor, weapons, and gear created for use in specific environments." Hoth troopers are in specialized environment, even in jedha, since you'll remember that the planet lost a HUGE portion of its surface when Death Star fired upon it, thus causing extreme low temperatures and huge storms that devastated the planet. You will not see a canon product that depicts snowtroopers in an environment that is suposedly soft and gentle, such as temperate climates. You will find him in the polar region of temperate planets, or in planets far from the star they orbit. or in planets with acid atmosphere, or whatever... but normally in planets that are not suited for soldiers wearing normal uniform. AND WORST THING is the mouse knows!!!!! because I am still looking for ONE oficial image of this game where I can see snowtroopers alongside stromtroopers... OR A Dewback attacking a tauntaun... But anyway, I am not saying YOU can imagine whatever you want, I am complaining that I can't deploy a legal army with three corps that wouldn't need that effort of inventing to be able to have variation. Of course I can make the effort of inventing things, but I shouldn't be forced to.
  8. It is not a self imposed limitation, I MUST deploy terrain dependent units (snowtroopers or shoretroopers) if i don't want to repeat corps, while there's at least two units not dependent (navy and naval troopers) to choose from the films, and that's odd. By the way, you are confused, TauntaunScout is the one that wanted to make a Hoth army, not me XDDDD And regarding weapons, you got exactly the same limitation with every other star wars unit, let's face it, the expanded universe is something that is needed, and they know it perfectly, or they wouldn't have placed a rebel fit old clone wars AT-RT in the starter set! The problem with snowtrooper not having special weapons has been perfectly solved in Battlefront videogames... they also consider, as the WEG RPG CANONICAL book says, that an snowtrooper is just a stormtrooper with a different uniform, so every weapon or special weapon given to a normal stormtrooper is also available for a snowtrooper. The problem with snowtroopers begins when you try to convince everyone that they are a separate corp with diferent characteristics from that of the stormtrooper simply because their uniform is different... it is false: a snowtrooper is an stormtrooper dressed for success in harsh environment (Jedha, Hoth, Mygeeto...) and that's all. When you transform a specific gear used for a soldier into an excuse to consider him a separate corp, you are facing problems because you are stretching the known lore. It doesn't make any sense, diferent equipment is not a diferent unit. Following the bolt action example, would you name the USA G.I.'s with normal robes "american soldiers" and USA soldiers with long jacket for winter "winter american soldiers" and would you give them diferent stats because they got a different jacket?????? And if you do, that would mean that winter unit is highly specialized in winter combat, so it wouldn't make any sense to place them with their short jacket comrades. Come on, it is a COSMETIC difference that they have turned into a special unit. It is an excuse to make a diferent unit while they had lots to choose (even just using the films as source!) First, if you consider them stormtroopers with winter gear, of course they could use a speeder bike. Considering "a diferent unit from stormtroopers that don't have the same weapons and have access to flamethrowers and have diferent stats", we don't know... Second: And this book is canon... and it is mentioned on wookieepedia as canon: there's five speeder bikes in every AT-AT, and there's also snowtroopers, so...
  9. I love the way you adapt, but to fit the fluff to the game is NOT how it should work, isn't it? Specially a lore so well created, stablished and known as Star wars, isn't it? What would happen if in Journeys of middle earth game the designers of the game would have included a giant spider as a hero character? would be strange... you can imagine that it is a charmed elf or... yes you can imagine a lot of things... but, wouldn't it be better to include a ranger or an elf or a dwarf? (as they have done??) In my opinion, following the lore, and simply including the CANONICAL expanded universe, the most common option would have been to do, after the stromtroopers: - Imperial Army troopers - Imperial naval troopers And after a year or so... then you can do snowtroopers, another snowtroopers as veterans (alt sculpts, alt weapons?) a speeder bike with an snowtrooper... and then you give the players also rebel soldiers form hoth, and Veterans from Hoth, and tauntauns... then you call it the HOTH UNLEASHES EXPANSION or whatever stupid thing you want and even make a ruleset, and a snowy mat, dedicated terrain...this is how every other miniature game does things.
  10. That's why you failed to theme your army... because you didn't believe it... XDDD That plastic toys are almost TWICE expensive simply because they "follow" that star wars brand... so the fluff is also expensive...
  11. Look, I read about "obi-wan kenobi throwing Darth Vader into a molten lava pit" in weg role playing game in 1990, WAY BEFORE George Lucas himself wrote Episode III script. Here: https://davescorneroftheuniverse.wordpress.com/2018/05/07/how-the-west-end-games-rpg-changed-the-star-wars-expanded-universe/ You can read that Lucas himself recommended Timothy Zahn to read West End Games material to enrich its knowledge of the expanded universe, it reads: "In what many see as an uncharacteristic move, Lucas pretty much let the game makers run with his creation, and name and detail the many cameo races and characters. He did on occasion over rule them, such as with the back story of Boba Fett and the history of the Mon Calamari, but in most cases, he was happy to let the game designers build in his sand box. The RPG got a big shot of legitimacy when the man entrusted with the growth of the EU novel’s Timothy Zahn, was given a set of rules to help him with his ground-breaking novels the Grand Admiral Thawn series. These stories brought many movie fans in to the fold of the Star Wars book geeks and resulted in the juggernaut that was the pre-Disney Expanded Universe. He used the games back stories as a jumping off point for his novels which was in turn passed on to other writers of the novels." If this doesn't mean that lucas himself approved that expanded universe created by WEG... But you got also that figure that you mention, Pablo Hidalgo... he is perhaps the person that knows more perfectly than any one in the world the Star wars canon, he served as Internet Content Manager for Lucas Online, the division of Lucasfilm responsible for maintaining StarWars.com, and even J. J. Abrams admitted that "during the production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens he often e-mailed Hidalgo up to three times a day asking him questions about details about the franchise's universe." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablo_Hidalgo Do you know how it all began? In 1987 he became a fan of WEG RPG "the only official source of Star Wars content in the late 1980s and took it upon himself to become knowledgeable of the universe to create better stories for the group of friends he was playing it with." This is were that "style guide" comes from. THAT guide was also in my WEG rpg... I learnt how to master games 30 years ago with that book and that recommendations... https://www.geek.com/geek-cetera/original-star-wars-script-and-90s-style-guide-tweet-their-way-online-1648866/ words like: Star wars has got elevators, not lifts, has got blasters, not pistols, has got droids, not robots... were from WEG RPG back in the late 80's Or sentences like: Star Wars is not big, is huge... one civilization would need a millennia to obtain the energy needed to make ONE single hyperspace jump for a star destroyer... are from WEG RPG... And right now Kathleen kennedy accepts Hidalgo as a consultant when Disney needs advice. Some call them the "Yoda from Lucasfilm", due to his knowledge... and read here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3739-How-a-RPG-Changed-the-Star-Wars-Universe How a rpg (WEG) changed the star wars universe. Names like twi'lek, Inquisitor, ISB, Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, Sienar Fleet Systems... ALL are WEG creations, and Lucas gave them complete freedom to write and create and he read all the material to make corrections when needed, simply because star wars was dead by 1987, and thanks to WEG and Lucasarts, George Lucas managed to survive untill prequels were a reality. From the link up here: " Of particular import is the possibility of transmedia spinoffs, which was not as common in the 80s as it is today. The importance of a game bible would be a turning point for Star Wars when Timothy Zahn wrote Heir to the Empire, which picked up where Return of the Jedi left off: Zahn was actually given the RPG sourcebook material to use as reference when he wrote his novel. “The way I heard it, Zahn was insulted by this at first,” says Slavicsek. “But then he figured that it was better to use our material as a resource rather than have to create a bunch off stuff from scratch.” Zahn later said in an interview, as quoted in Designers & Dragons - the 80s: “The Star Wars movies themselves are always my basic source of ‘real’ knowledge. Supplementing that is a tremendous body of background material put together by West End Games over the years for their Star Wars role playing game. The WEG source books saved me from having to reinvent the wheel many times in writing Heir [to the Empire].” Things progressed from there: Lucasfilm was emboldened by Zahn’s success. The computer game wing, LucasArts, was gaining a reputation for making quality games in the early 90’s and finally turned its attention to Star Wars with the classics X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Several of the ships in this game series, like the Assault Shuttle, first appeared in the pages of the Star Wars RPG. A close scan of the credits for TIE Fighter even shows a thank you to West End for supplying materials. West End took a page from LucasArts and offered an opportunity to play Imperial characters in its Heroes and Rogues supplement. The impact of West End Games' work reverberates even in other role-playing games: The influence of the RPG was felt even after the game moved from West End to Wizards of the Coast. One of the most popular Star Wars comics during this time was Knights of the Old Republic. Wizards of the Coast got the author of the comic, John Jackson Miller, to work on the sourcebook for the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. Saga Edition detailed many of the different eras of the Star Wars Expanded Universe since the first series of Zahn novels, even offering a starship sourcebook that authors used to describe the interiors of favorite ships like the Imperial shuttle. And now FFG arrives and we have to change the lore just because they don't want to give us the units we need...
  12. Perhaps you have not understood or you don't want to, I'll explain better: 1- You are right about Luke Skywalker choking, but this was simply an example, let's use another one: you wouldn't give Chewbacca force powers and allow him to make a force choke, isn't it? That would be against fluff, and as such, I consider inventing things for snowtroopers. That's what I meant, you sure knew it, but hey, I will not get tired of explain myself till I make myself clear. 2- In the battle of Coruscant we didn't have an emperor throwing lightning bolts at enemies, during that battle, he just stayed kidnapped and only took part in a rescue mission... and he was the hostage. Again you sure knew what I meant and it is a pity that I have to explain it twice. 3- Again, hate to repeat, but do you consider what happened at bespin a battle? I could concede you it is a squirmish... but without normal or average rebel troops... where's the battle? This is exactly the problem with legion: Bespin should be a combat scaled for Imperial Assault, not for Legion, but of course, they said it was going to be a battle scaled game and then began to give us commanders and operatives... so you could plan on doing Bespin as a battle... what? Look, the only thing I consider a battle in Star Wars films are: battle for Naboo, Geonosis, the battles we see during order 66, Hoth, Endor, Scariff, Yavin (only space battle)... and that's all, I think. What happens for example in ANH in Death Star involves Leia, Luke, Chewie, Kenobi, Han, Vader, Tarkin... and lots of stormtroopers, and there's a lot of blaster fire, but definitely is not a battle. Again I would say that you already knew what I am talking about. 4- Got a lot of imagination, but as I said before, according to secondary beliefs in persistent worlds (that theory that Mr. JRR Tolkien had about how a CONSISTENT world gives realism to the story) the details have to stay the same so that you believe accordingly that the world presented is real. Read my post about it up there. You can imagine lots of things, but as I said, I PREFER to have a thematic army... the rest of the way I play (the mission, the background, the objectives...) can be as imaginative as you want (in fact you don't know how do i work that aspects of a gameplay, whenever I play with friends I even send them by mail a map (photoshop) of the battle zone (with real photographs of my terrain and scenery) and a short story explaining the mission and WHY and WHO and WHAT are they doing. I can only ONCE imagine the snowtroopers are there for some obscure random event... the rest of the times it will be stupid to see them in Endor. I would do a lot of things, I can even make a thematic Hoth army, painted red, and say they are a special harsh environment group that has fallen from a stolen spaceship, or that they are aliens from the planet that once stole imperial material from a lost Imperial ship, or that the are space pirates or whatever, but... I CAN'T make a NORMAL THEMED army without repeating at least three times the same stormtrooper miniatures, and I wouldn't mind to do it if at least they were multipose, so that my army is customized, but build the same miniatures again with the same poses is BORING.
  13. In fact, snowtroopers were simply called: Imperial Stormtroopers (Hoth Battle Gear) So the only difference between them and normal stormtroopers was the gear, that's all. Then West end games role playing game (canonical source aproved by Lucas himself) said that the stormtroopers that fought in Hoth were "snowtroopers" from blizzard force, an elite unit that used to deploy alongside AT-AT vehicles and trained for extreme cold weather. Then the AT's in Star Wars CCG were called Blizzard 1, Blizzard 2... according to this naming. So the result is a special unit that acted on Hoth with battle gear designed for cold environment, and highly trained for cold weather... you can conclude that ANY stormtrooper unit that is in need of special gear would take that robes and fight with them, not just the blizzard force, so the armour is NOT what males the unit diferent, but the training. So seeing a unit wearing robes specially adapted for cold or extreme condicions in an environment that is not specially harsh... is strange, rare, ugly... Or simply against the lore. If we look at actual real war, there's been plenty of times when a unit with summer gear finally fights in winter environment, and so if you choose a DAK desert unit in a ww2 game and use it in Berlín, you could happily... But it should be an OPTION and something that appears later in the game, not something for the FIRST expansion and mandatory OR use the same unit six times...
  14. I am sorry I have not understood your sarcastic humour, next time, as this is written language, try to make clear it was a joke and I'll try to laugh.
  15. They were the ones that began to give units of diferent environments instead to sticking to ONE. Every miniature game gives you enough units for an A army, and then enough units for army B, then perhaps a variation for Snow of army A and perhaps then army B with desert gear... Legion has given us some units from A, B in winter gear and C in desert gear BEFORE having at least three corps for A, B or C. They decided to stick to the films and stretching the lore to make units from one film their needed corp, then from another movie and environment to stretch it to their needed special forces, then look in rogue one and take from there another corp that we need... so you got a hodgepodge of diferent batttles and planets... ugly army
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