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  1. X-wing= Wings of war reskinned Rebellion=Twilight imperium nerfed Outer rim= Firefly reskinned Imperial Assault= Descent reskinned Legion= Bolt action mixed with other FFG games.
  2. Barcelona, for example. I live here, right now it is about 20·c (70·F) and right now Catalonia is confined, my family is confined, my child can't go to school and of course they can't go to see their grandparents (I don't want my kids to infect them, as they are old and covid could potentially do enough damage to kill them). My wife Works in a residential care facility for kids, so she HAS to be there, since that kids also will not be able to go to school and someone has to be with them. The city seems frozen, no people on the streets. Catalonia is confined. I work in a broadcast television so i need to work more than ever, information is vital. But the inconveniences are for good: we hope everything is going to be ok if we do exactly what we are told to do. I don't know who will be in charge of my own kids this monday, but well, we'll have to improvise. There is no choice other than keep them at home. It is not for their safety, but for everyone's safety. It is not a matter of "cold weather". Unfortunately climate change has made our average temperature raise 3 or 4 grades since 10 years ago, so our winter seems spring... and we're ****** anyway.
  3. And the world is flat, vaccines are useless and men come from Adam and Eve.
  4. And still no imperial army troops or naval troopers. Always looking for obscure units that we have seen once before giving the average imperial soldiers according to the known lore.
  5. Wrong question, this game makes no sense fluffwise. The rules also don't have nothing to do with lore. Good luck trying to justify four men units fluffwise or rebels troops being mobile units without armour in the fluff text and then make them more stationary in game with "defense" rule.
  6. Sadly has happened in the past, it always happens that when a big company belongs to stockists the victims are their customers. I remember (old days XD) when I went to a Games Workshop store looking for a commissar that had a wonderful pose I really liked, but the pose I liked had no sword choice, only power glove. And of course I went to the store thinking I would have a solution. Of course, that kind employee I found asked me which power sword I liked most... the space marine or the Imperial guard version? after choosing my prefered weapon, he took a big sprue from the lower part of his desk, cut the chosen piece, and simply handed it to me. i paid the commissar, nothing more. Seems strange? Games workshop knew THAT was the way to sell minis... before the dark times...
  7. What it really seems incredible to me is tons of customers having issues and still saying "they had a great customer service". Good customer service is when you don't need any replacement. In fact, changing defective items when the costumer has already paid and complaint is as if the costumer is in charge of quality control. I want to be paid a salary.
  8. First and second aren't very similar? And most of the weapons were invented and/or named first by Dice, designers of Battlefront Videogame, and a lot of the rest were from WEG rpg sourcebooks
  9. And some named characters in Imperial Assault were also invented by FFG.
  10. What you say about Bolt Action is real, but nobody I know takes historic characters in a game. They are ornaments, rarities that persons laugh about, not plausible units to use. It is not likely also that persons that play bolt action do mess with historic facts, even the books are designed so that you build the army around an idea, such as "american liberators from south france" and work an army around the idea, looking for real facts that allow you to choose "that" tank and "that" weaponry simply because it was "like that", and not because it will grant me a quick win. Again I don't know anyone that mix Deutsche Afrika Korps units with Winter British units. But at least you CAN do a whole DAK army or a whole winter army and they are not MANDATORY if you want to have more than one kind of troop. In legion, it is mandatory to have a "winter unit" if you want cavalry (tauntaun) but at the other side you will have, also mandatory, a desert unit (dewback) as cavalry. That is exactly my complain, you should first give (before giving "specific climate" units) every possible unit you can for the same temperate climate so that players CAN build a logical army. Players that don't care about minis and only want rules and combos will not even care how the mini are or what represents, they will only look their stats!!! So, instead of doing snowtroopers, make veteran stromtroopers, or Imperial army units, or naval soldiers, or mudtroopers, or invent!! And after you are done with units that fit temperate climate, then propose a Hoth themed army with their own speder bikes, their regular snowtroopers, their own heavy snowtroopers, their own veterans, their own flamers, their own jetpack units... I am having no issues with warlord here in europe, sad to hear they are not that great there.
  11. Yes, I think you are right, but I think that it is due to the way Star Wars relys on "real world" elements that make me think this way. If you analize Star Wars, you can see that in fact it is a matter of western in space... it has bounty hunters, has got aliens (chewbacca is "the good alien" in the same way that western heroes had mexican or indian friends), has an outer rim, smugglers... it has a strong tie to things that really exist. When you take a look at old Star Wars West End Games Role Playing Games, you notice that a lot of the success of the game (apart from the great D6 System) was that they gave every possible explanation and detail to every single small thing that you had seen in the film (like every rpg, in fact), and so they gave us exact detail about troop types, weaponry, tactics, rank insignia at platoon level, organisation, camouflage... and so they gave to fanboys like me a realm of great detail filled with information that we still remember, just as if it was completely real... that's why I compare that lore with WW2 lore, they are somewhat equivalent. This is exactly what I mean when i talk about suspension of disbelief: if you want any fiction to really WORK and make it believable, you got to give plenty of details so the "alternative reality" seems completely real. You can't write about Star wars and say that jedi can breathe in space. It is fantasy, but you can't break rules. That was a thing Tolkien and Lucas knew perfectly. If you know that Chewbacca is a wookie, that wookies are from kashyyyk, that they speak Shiriiwook, that male wookies feel wanderlust in some moment of their lives that pushes them to space, that their homeworld has been used as hunting reserve by Trandoshan... then you really feel as if they were real. And then, when you see that Bossk is in front of Chewie in a board game, you build a story... then you stop seeing a (grey) plastic mini, you are seeing chewie fight Bossk... but, perhaps, due to a stupid abstract rule, Bossk will be in charge of a moisture vaporator and chewie will be heading towards a group of wookies to allow them to have an additional 1,24% possibilities to hit with "that" bonus that allows "that" unit to throw another white dice so "that" card can take effect, instead of attacking the trandoshan. I feel like the rich lore is being placed in second or third place in this Star wars game... people don't care if they are having a wookie or Han Solo, they only care about the number of crits "that" mini can do or the relative hit ratio of "that" plastic unit if it is placed near "that one", no matter what it is or how it's been sculpted or even if it makes any sense to have Palpatine at Tatooine alongside Bossk fighting Sabine Wren (IF you ever thing in wich planet you are suposed to fight). if someone cares only about statistics and rules you could play poker or chess, I can't understand that you choose a game with sculpted minis and don't care about them or their meaning or their lore. It is hard to believe, but there is a lot more suspension of disbelief and immersion in Star Wars: Outer Rim, with its cardboard characters and its tokens and cards, than in Legion.
  12. For example, Warlord Games. They have worked with the best rules designer in the industry (Alessio cavatore, Andy Chambers, Rick priestley...) a lot of the BIG names from wargaming that were in Games Workshop and even created Warhammer or other great companies are there. They got WAY better multipart plastic kits than FFG, they are used to make wargames, they got resources for great terrain, great companies working with them (some known to produce great ww2 kits such as Sarissa precision, renedra -that makes Mantic Games plastics- or Italieri), they are good at service, they got a great community... Meanwhile FFG has lost Corey Konieczka and Andrew Navaro... But it doesn't matter, two years ago no one would have said that FFG had the resources to make a wargame... and you would be right. That's why they have made a board game with minis and cards, not a miniature wargame. FFG is not Warlord Games, or Games Workshop, or Knight Models, or Mantic, or Gale Force Nine... these are miniature wargaming companies, NOT board game companies that make minis... that's why FFG product differs so much from what I expected.
  13. And I can whine as much as I want, but you should try not to call anybody dense. I got an opinion, you got another, and we can't talk as much as we want, that's what forums are for.
  14. It is not a matter of quantity, but the possibility to make a thematic army that doesn't seem my son's Star wars action figures collection. And it is not true that they are not allowed to make diferent units, FFG has expanded other game branches with invented characters and invented units... they don't try to invent simply because they are not brave enough, thinking that the units that appear in the films will be more appealing... it has no sense. Just look at selling rankings at amazon and you will se that non character units are WAY more sold. See above, they don't sell as well as infantry units. Simply becasue you don't need six heroes, and you can buy six troops. And they are not mandatory, but they have designed the game so that the only variation you find in tactics is just change your boss so that you got another set of cards... I will not tell you that the game isn't appealing, but all that is good in it (unit activation System that don't let you know who is going to activate that you love so much) is taken from Bolt Action, designed by Alessio cavatore, same designer as Lord of the rings strategy battle game, another scalable gem. And the pin System when a unit is hit, is also from Bolt action. And the way morale is managed, it is also taken from there. BUT those are VERY immersive games, you really feel like Fielding a second world war two army or a middle-earth army when playing... it is not a matter of bad ruling or having to add rules, it is the way they reflect the things that happen in-game. In bolt action, when you choose four paratrooper units that land in a village in france, you don't get Montgomery to go with them and capture personally the well at the center of the town, and of course the Montgomery mini would not allow the paratrooper units to move twice because they get that "power" from a bubble surrounding monty miniature. or allow that, entering from the border, you got the enola gay with an a-bomb (that will let you throw a lot of dices to a unit on the other side of the table) and then "unlock" a "queen's guard" unit for free, that consists in four mounted guards in red outfit that get double shooting when are close to Queen Elizabeth (that also has a miniature and is a mirror unit to Adolf Hitler mini, another playable miniature). This non-sense is what I see in a game of legion, perhaps is that I like Star wars too much. And, by the way, you got plenty of spare space on the table for scenery and units since you just use one paper sheet with a chart instead of 20 cards per side.
  15. And If I come here to talk about my impressions of the game, do I make you unhappy? Why are you all so agressive against criticism? Go play Legion.
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