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  1. What do you have to do to get the additional xp option?
  2. Arcane Research is a much more no-thought, this-is-obvious-to-play card. It's incredibly helpful for Mystics to upgrade from their starting spells to the better versions. Rite of Seeking (2) is strictly better than Rite of Seeking. And Rite of Seeking (4) is nearly so with the additional resource being trivial. And Sanity is their strongest stat with a number of ways to heal it and soak it. The only question on a Mystic build is to whether to take 1 Arcane Research or live a little dangerously and select 2.
  3. The opportunity cost is if it's beneficial enough to warrant spending 3xp. If it was 0xp you'd be right that it's strictly beneficial. But it's not. 3xp isn't something to consider lightly. 5xp cards are game-breaking. There's some very good 1xp cards. Every single Survivor card costs 3xp or less. Alter Fate can do away with any crippling card on the table: in front of you, in front of a teammate, as part of the Agenda, anywhere. A Will to Survive gives you a turn, regardless of how many actions you pile into it, without having to draw a token. 2xp gets Rogues 2 Tarots. Which, if drawn into the opening hand, can give them +1 Agility forever and on any test they choose without costing any other, regular slot. There is a trade-off. And that trade-off will force people to consider whether or not this card is worth it in their deck. And perhaps that answer changes depending on what other strategic or tactical decisions they've made with the rest of their deck and/or personal preferences. Obviously I'm not impressed with it. It would be a fringe card for me to buy with that xp. You think that it's wildly overpowered and worth double of the xp cost. I'd say that's a pretty decent design.
  4. Agreed. Trading an xp for a resource seems like the weakest way to spend it. It is a very minor benefit towards actually winning the game and an always available option. Sure, it's nice that it's in the beginning. And sure, it helps Rogues get into their sometimes expensive setup. And sure, you're guaranteed to get it. But still. It's 2 resources. It's not crazy game breaking. Lockpicks help you win the game. Lola Santiago helps you win the game. Skeleton Key helps you win the game. Pocketwatch helps you win the game. Ace in the Hole helps you win the game. Sure Gamble helps you win the game. Charisma helps you win the game. And there's good utility in Pickpocketing, High Roller, Lucky Dice, etc. And Seekers have so many places to drop xp. So many. Studious has value later in the game once you've upgraded your deck with powerful cards that'll make a big impact. But it's in the last places I'd spend xp, not the first. If there's any Seeker cards which warrants an xp adjustment it's Pathfinder imo.
  5. Yup. Dunwich has the best player cards hand down.
  6. If anyone has a use for Calling in Favors it would be Leo. Allowing you to dig for Mitch Brown is a pretty good thing. Although would depend somewhat on how many Allies you have in your deck now, obviously.
  7. FWIW the character cards are the easiest in the game to create your own proxies of. The Investigator card stays in front of you. So you just need to proxy their special and their weakness, which most of times are just 1 of each. Just print them off of arkhamdb. It's what I did to use Marie before she was widely available.
  8. One could say that Dunwich is unavailable and unseen.
  9. Dunwich is the best place to start. If you can't find it available, though, I'd start with The Circle Undone. It's still being rolled out, sure. But it's over halfway complete and it has some great player cards you can use as a foundation to build your decks.
  10. As he said. People who had played all of the cycles, had all of the cards from the previous cycles, who really enjoyed the game, found TFA difficult and often really frustrating. I wouldn't start there.
  11. I'm confused what you're saying. The Meat Cleaver does say what you inserted. It was just a copy/paste images thing on my part. And the relevant bit is the second sentence anyways. As an additional cost to initiate this ability, you may take 1 horror to have this attack deal +1 damage. which is worded exactly the same as the Enchanted Blade As an additional cost to initiate this ability, you may spend 1 charge to empower the blade. If you do, you get +1 [COMBAT] and deal +1 damage for this attack. I agree that it isn't consistent with how they've done it in the past. E.g., Fire Axe: [Fast Action] During an attack using Fire Axe, spend 1 resource: You get +2 for this skill test. (Limit three times per attack.) M1918: Action: Spend 1-5 ammo: Fight. You get +X [Combat] for this attack. Instead of its standard damage, this attack deals X damage. X is the amount of ammo spent as part of this ability's cost. But the Cleaver and the Enchanted Blade from TCU are certainly consistent with each other.
  12. I can see the argument. But it's basically the same as Meat Cleaver. Fight. You get +1 for this attack (+2 instead if you have 3 or fewer remaining sanity). If this attack defeats an enemy, you may heal 1 horror. As an additional cost to initiate this ability, you may take 1 horror to have this attack deal +1 damage.
  13. Or say I'm swinging a weapon at a group of rats and I'm at +6 Fight. Ping Drawing Thin and take the test at +4 instead. Same chance of success. Free money or card. Basically I think of it as there's some cases where you're hopelessly (or close enough) that you're going to fail. And some tests that you're inevitable (or close enough) that you're going to succeed. All it takes is one of those for Drawing Thin to earn back its cost. And given that basically the whole game is taking tests it's not that rare to find one where +2 difficulty doesn't make a difference. And even better, Drawing Thin doesn't take a slot of any type.
  14. There's kinda often Encounter cards where I just look at and say, "Yeah. I'm not passing that one." So it's just tap Drawing Thin and getting a free 2 resources or 1 card.
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