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  1. WOW - back from the dead thread! Unfortunately I could not get interest in this idea with potential players and have done very little with it in the last year. That character sheet is very similar (Minus the MUCH BETTER MtA theme!) to my attempts at never used sheets. This is the approach I was favoring. Using the talent tree to increase Arete was the default idea, Yes - you have to figure out the rest, which is why I originally posted the group think article in the FIRST PLACE 😉
  2. We had a local Sci_Fi / Game convention this weekend. Compared to recent years there was more open gaming space. With several openings, I decided to run an RPG game at convention for the first time in many years. Since it was on my mind. I decided to run a DARK SUN game using the Genesys game system. I spent a couple hours at home creating Pre -gens and developing the MINIMUM story concepts to run a game. I felt the game went OK. but one player in particular had the cursed dice syndrome. While it was nice for him to take extra maneuvers and give bonus dice to others, it limited his particular face time. As a GM how do you help mitigate 5 failures in a row for a CONVENTION ONE SHOT? I feel I should institute a convention rule. After 3 failure in a row, spend a story point for a success,,,, Even with these problems, today I saw that one of the players in my game (Not the cursed one) had bought a pair of Genesys dice and was using his character sheet from my game to explain the system to another person. I must have not done things too poorly....
  3. The original Dark Sun came out while I was very busy in college (I am really telegraphing my age here, aren't I? - I pretty much missed playing any of the 2nd edition settings - I had a preference for Runequest and Call of Cthulhu and even GURPS during that time) ANYWAYS, I picked up the 4th edition D&D books recently. I know 4th ed gets a bad wrap - but it is a fun tactical game even with all its flaws. The only time presented in the 4E books is right after Tyr becomes a free city so that is where I will set my game, rather than try and get mote material for other eras. Most likely characters will begin in Tyr, but as I read the city descriptions I am drawn to Nibenay as a interesting city. As I start now I will be running the game as a D&D 4E Heroic Tier game, but am making notes and looking at the fan made conversion and may in the future attempt to run a Genesys version of the game in players are up for it....
  4. If you are giving the impression that characters LIVES are on the line, then those lives need to be able to be lost. If PC death never occurs, the threat of it starts to ring hollow, and the feeling that any scenario is fraught with the ultimate danger passes from game play. That feeling is something that I think should be part of a darker setting. I am a player in a weekly game group, and in the course of several years of gaming only once has a character died, and even that character was able to be returned to life. Our group has no fear of PC death, even while playing 1st level D&D characters. While combats are exciting there is a certain lack of nervousness or fear for my characters. While it works in the setting our GM provides, that is not the feeling I am trying to evoke with my current explorations into the Dark Sun style universe...
  5. GM_Michael

    Dark Sun

    Thanks for putting the effort into such a nice document! I am looking to run a D&D 4E Dark Sun game in the near future, but after running FFG star Star Wars for a year and half I am making notes about how I would do this kind of setting In Genesys.
  6. I have considered this. There are some categories you could leave out and others you could combine. I would consider making the "Bleeding Out" critical a lager range for dramatic effect. I think achieving a certain number of critical wounds resulting in death was part of WFRP 3. I have the game, but never played it. From my Star Ware Experience I have had several PC's with 4 critical wounds being attacked with a vicious weapon and results were never worse than a temporary loss of of an extremity. That was great for Star Wars - but I don't think it would be great for Dark Sun. I don't want to be a total killer GM, but if you are trying for a grim dark setting, PC death should happen every once in a while.
  7. After running FFG Star Wars for a year and half, I was thinking to run something more grim and tactical. I have been looking at the D&D 4E Dark Sun materials and will probably run a 4E heroic tier Dark Sun game - But even as I prep for a D&D game, part of me is thinking abut how I would deal with a Genesys darker fantasy where character death should be a more frequent. I thought I would throw the few ideas I had in my head 1) Critical hits in excess of a character's Brawn or Willpower could be a condition that results in death (Especially after maxing a character's wounds or strain) 2) Total Critical hits on a character exceed the "Impossible" level (6 levels of critical - so 3 Average, 2 Hard, One Daunting+1 Average, etc) 3) Taking a note from D&D characters could enter a death spiral at their wound threshold is reached and must roll a number of successes based on their brawn or willpower before 3 failures are rolled. What ideas do you have to increase character lethality? how would you expound on / improve / or dismiss the ideas I present above? MB
  8. In This Thread I recently voiced some initial thoughts about converting Awakening to Genesys. As my current Star Wars game is reaching a convenient stopping point I have started to think abut other genres that would work with the narrative dice system. The main idea - I am tempted to keep all 9 arcanum as skills based off of an ability that is path dependent (Cunning, Intelligence, Presence . attribute and Then develop talent trees that allow for the combination of arcanum Base difficulties for spells roughly correspond to the "magical proficiency" dots with black dice and upgrades added for a whole HOST of reasons (Time, not having a rote, combining arcanum) I may develop this further if I find players who might be interested... MB
  9. I have been seriously thinking of porting over MAGE to Genesys I started out thinking about "The Ascension", but something keeps drawing me to the orders and paths of Awakening. I suppose my mind thinks in terms of "Druid" and "Warlock" and "Enchanter" and gravitates to that, even though I like the idea of fighting the technocracy as a general game idea. I am digressing, so let me write my following "First Principles" for this idea.... WHY PORT MAGE? Both Ascension and Awakening place emphasis on the unintended results of using powers. I think the 2 axis system of Genesys has the potential to bring this to the forefront in interesting ways. I think the dice mechanic could add an extra dimension of awesomeness. Since I keep going back to AWAKENING I will be referencing it mostly, but much of this could apply to Ascension.... While it may seem counter-intuitive, I see PATHS as determining what attribute you use to cast spells, and your ORDER will determine your starting attributes. I see a PATH as HOW one uses magic and is therefore more like a class in Star Wars Force and Destiny The 1-5 scale on attribute and skills seem like a perfect fit between the 2 systems. Both of them combine 2 scales of 5 in different ways. Nothing need be done I will miss the idea of 9 main attributes - 2 active and 1 passive for each of Physical/Mental/Social That is my favorite part of the Storyteller system. But I can let that go... Questions I have been pondering... Do I keep all 9 arcanum? Are they individual skills or something else?. I am tempted to keep all 9 as skills and have various paths use Presence or Intelligence or Cunning as the primary attribute for their spell casting. MAGE Spells in GENESYS would only have difficulty, not a requirement. Perhaps if you are casting a spell of a difficulty higher than your skill level it gets upgraded. and vulgar magic is always upgraded. The ability to combine spells could be a talent, depending on how hard one wishes to make it the talent could be stringent (You can only combine spells of arcanum x and y together) or broad (You can combine arcanum x with any other arcanum for spell casting). Even though part of me hates it, I see paradox as a third derived stat akin to wounds and strain. Casting vulgar magic requires paradox as well as strain and allows threats to be used to accrue paradox. A despair on a covert magic may make it vulgar. Once enough Paradox is accrued you get some serious backlash and problems. Skilled magicians might be able to minimize the problems of vulgar spells. Enough triumph on a vulgar magic might allow a mage to reduce paradox to the point where it becomes a covert spell. You see where I am going with this. I really could go on, but these are my initial thoughts. and I have only gone a little bit further down the rabbit hole. I just see the mechanics of Genesys as a great fit for a MAGE campaign....
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