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  1. @bulldoguk do you have the link for the Jawas, I cant seem to find them anywhere? Would love some for my Tattoine board.
  2. There is a card game about Milhais which I have actually. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/192203/millions-last-soldier.
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wildlead-Animal-Skeleton-Halloween-Decoration/dp/B07H7F5QCN/ref=sr_1_18?crid=2FJM56EFWYIXP&keywords=lizard+skeleton&qid=1557840609&s=gateway&sprefix=lizard+skel%2Caps%2C132&sr=8-18
  4. Great work. I'm definitely plan to magnetise mine and am very tempted to paint my rodian as Greedo so I can also sit him on a custom base (cantina chair?) and give him a second use as a home brew bounty hunter. Anyone else had this idea?
  5. Just got myself a desert skiff to go with my Sarlacc. Once its finished I will have myself a nice little Sarlacc fight diarama, though I need a second Luke with a ROTJ paint scheme to be film accurate.
  6. Not necessarily. It's all a matter of money. The Republic pumped a lot of money into the Clone Wars and so had fairly top range stuff. Afterwards when the Empire rose they co-opted what they could but needed to expand to gather new resources and tax the Empire to finance the replacements. Whilst they slowly got better as research money was spent (Tarkin Initiative etc), a lot of this was pumped into the Death Star and Star Destroyers which was their vision of the future. As a result, troops and their weapons (Stormtrooper guns and the accuracy/quality debate) and Tie fighters (lack of shields etc) were more disposable. In real life dips in miltary power/quality can happen too, for a long after the Roman Empire nothing warefare wise was technically better and if anything regressed.
  7. Woohoo Dewbacks and Shoretroopers, just what I wanted.
  8. Yes I have done this a few times to learn new rules so I can explain to friends. It works pretty well as you say.
  9. A super fine brush which you only use for eyes so it doesn't lose its point. I was really worries about the eyes but my first few attempts have come out nicely. It is a little hard to avoid slight cross eyes though.
  10. To be fair using that method severely limits you to small size photos.
  11. Yup got it first time.
  12. The Crooked Dice terrain bits are pretty good value looking at the stuff on offer.
  13. How much did you pay for that lot?
  14. In the process of painting up my Sarlacc. Will post pic as soon as finished. Below is the unpainted version. Basically a 'Hero scale' version with slightly chunky head and tentacles (latex glove fingers, stuffed with tissue). Also been thinking about rules for the neutral unit. Was thinking activation at end of round only. Whilst it in throry can one shot a hero it is highly unlikely as a few shots on target will always allow escape. It should make a nice centre piece that is a minor neutral tactical distraction.
  15. I had Han take down Vader in melee before. Pure luck I must add, but it was themactically just after Vader cleaved Chewie in half. Used my recalled 'Sorry about the mess' to punch rather than shoot first (Vader engaged Han in melee round before, but Han survived on one health) and got very lucky with the dice. Won me the game in the end.
  16. Collecting Jyn and the pathfinders after work today. My store always seems to get them out a day before official release. Don't think there is anything left to spoil though.
  17. I also stand partially corrected. Always confusing when EU and new canon overlap.
  18. Rukh didn't defect he died. You are confusing him with Kallus?
  19. Crew for the transport is Ryder, so first indication that more Star Wars Rebels content might be on its way.
  20. I am thinking of doing a Sarlacc pit for my Tatooine theme, has anyone tried/thought about doing something similar? So far I have a suitable scaled piece for the head, will dig out or build up some terrain and add teeth for the pit. Unsure of how to do the tentacles yet. So far all my terrain is build from recycled odds and ends found in a science lab. I was also playing with the idea of a rule that it can wound models touching it (single red dice at the end of round for any model or unit touching?). Has anyone else played around with wounding terrain? I know some people have discussed the idea of neutral beasts such as rancors. I think it would be fun to have Luke and Boba battle it our deja vu style.
  21. I think 'reconfigure' takes up an action to switch between weapons. Jyn can be either melee or ranged and pathfinders can be either close or long range with different damage potentials.
  22. I also plan to do similar with my Snow Troopers. For a desert mat I just found a sand coloured textured table cloth for cheap on Amazon. Does the trick has a second function if left around on the table afterwards. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00V5PAW4S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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