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  1. Unfortunately not. It would have been way too overpowered.
  2. This fills in some of the gaps. Definitely references the end of the TCW episode (not sure exactly how long after it is set) and links up to Rebels nicely. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ahsoka_(novel)
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    Royal Guard

    Yes that was misleading. Edited.
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    Royal Guard

    The Emporer counts as a trooper unit as does any character with the Trooper key word in the top right of their character card under the picture. This keyword is also key for issuing orders as many command cards refer to Trooper units which means typically any Corp, SF, Operatives and Commanders or other who are classed as Troopers can receive an order.
  5. With Jyn, Cassian, K2 and 1 Pathfinders unit you can easily infiltrate 400pts worth of your army to one of your opponents weaker flanks which could be quite a threat turn 1-2 with all the short range configs and K2's Guardian/Sacrifice. You would want to wait to deploy them last but the threat of this would force your opponent to deply units together, meaning you may instead have the option to just deploy for objectives instead in the space gifted. Equally this list would easily mop up on recover the supplies.
  6. Given the rules it would give you an unfair advantage. You should be able to use third party (e.g. clear acrylic) bases as long at they are the same dimensions.
  7. In an official event you would not be allowed to use these.
  8. Sorry read in a rush. That would be overpowered as I said.
  9. Covert Ops can allow you to effectively have no Commander and appoint a new one (great for Cassian and Operative Luke). Incognito is likely to apply to K2, essentially stealth if you do neutral actions only. Long Shot: Spend aims to increase range (new keyword) Marksman as expected Small applies to Idens Droid, ignored for line of site of only one on show.
  10. This goes active the day before the European Championships. Lots of people with relay Shore lists are gonna be pissed.
  11. For my debut championship I am thinking a variant on the Imperial Gunline which is a bit more flexible defending against a range of lists I expect to see. I don't buy lots of multiples of the same unit so don't have multiple shores or snipers but I feel this list can still hit quite hard with a focus on getting aims at key moments. The novelty is definitely the inclusion on the IRGs. My thinking is these provide insurance either protecting my gunline against charges from lightsabers or Tauns but equally can guardian to keep my heavy hitters (Shores and Deaths) alive (along with my medic) in a gunline vs gunline battle where they are likely to get shredded if they attempt to charge. 7 range 4+ units and a variety of upgrades to deal with different threats including armour. Cards and balance should allow for reasonable activation control. Aiming for fun rather than expecting to win big. Thoughts welcome. Krennic Crit Fishing Director Orson Krennic (90 + 10 = 100) --Strict Orders (5), Commanding Presence (5) Bossk (115 + 10 = 125) --Hunter (6), Targeting Scopes (4) Stormtroopers (44 + 43 = 87) --DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24), FX-9 Medical Droid (19) Shoretroopers (52 + 56 = 108) --T-21B Trooper (32), Imperial Comms Technician (10), Offensive Push (4), HQ Uplink (10) DF-90 Mortar Trooper (36 + 0 = 36) Stormtroopers (44 + 26 = 70) --RT-97C Stormtrooper (26) Imperial Death Troopers (76 + 46 = 122) --DLT-19D Trooper (34), Offensive Push (4), E-11D Focused Fire Config (8) Imperial Royal Guards (75 + 29 = 104) --Electrostaff Guard (25), Tenacity (4) Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48) --DLT-19x Sniper (28) Commands: Voracious Ambition (1), Merciless Munitions (1), Deploy the Garrison (2), Reptilian Rampage (2), Lying in Wait (3), Coordinated Fire (3), Standing Orders (4) Deployments: Major Offensive, Battle Lines, The Long March, Advanced Positions Objectives: Recover the Supplies, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Key Positions, Intercept the Transmissions Conditions: Rapid Reinforcements, Hostile Environment, Clear Conditions, Minefield
  12. In an 800pt list I would 100% include Force reflexes, I was just thinking with less units to shoot at him in Skirmish and my choice of cards he can get dodges or free moves to get behind cover or into melee fairly easily and so avoid being shot at. I do take your point on I am a Jedi vs ROTJ, I wanted the free dodge and and the added benefit of cards that don't just activate Luke is at 500pts I have pretty strong activation control across the board which wouldnt be the case in a 800pt game. The other option is to drop Leia's 3 pip but then she becomes redundant and I like the idea of going Leia/Luke back to back in the final round or when really needed. Similarly there is a trade off for My Ally is the force and Full of Suprises. The latter makes Luke super defensive for a round but I like the fact the former can give Veterans 2 dodges in one round when people may target them.
  13. Having just got operative Luke and from how effective he was in his first 800pt game (7b1r from tenacity is brutal, poor Dewbacks) I was keen to see if I could work him into a Skirmish list. Whilst I can only squeeze in 5 activations this list is very self supporting with orders handing out lots of free dodges, activation control and free moves to get Luke and co in the action quickly and prevent my limited corps wilting too fast. It is an ignore Luke at your peril list and once he's in the action the short range support should have a bit of breathing space to pull out from cover. Thoughts? Leia Organa (90 + 0 = 90) Luke Skywalker (Operative) (200 + 9 = 209) --Jedi Mind Trick (5), Tenacity (4) Rebel Veterans (48 + 26 = 74) --CM-O93 Trooper (26) Rebel Troopers (40 + 20 = 60) --SX-21 Trooper (20) Fleet Troopers (44 + 23 = 67) --Scatter Gun Trooper (23) Commands: You Serve Your Master Well (1), Son of Skywalker (1), No Time for Sorrows (2), My Ally Is the Force (2), Return of the Jedi (3), Somebody Has to Save Our Skins (3), Standing Orders (4)
  14. Bossk is definitely more commonly used in the meta in a Krennic Shoreline list flcusing on supporession, but both are strong options especially as they give you the option of an additonal score with Bounty. Bossk has more range and suppression potential but I would say Boba is better against hero's and on his day (when you role well) he can be very hard to kill. The problem with running both is you need a generic commander (other options expensive) who offers little and relying just on their command cards gives you almost no control over unit activation as they are all Character only. They are fun together though in a casual game and as you say are some of the most fun Imperial models to paint (yay colour).
  15. I have been building a similar list, glad to hear someone else think it's not a crazy idea.
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