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  1. Gripe about Focus all you want, but the real downfall of X-Wing was the 2 Bank Left maneuver. 2 Bank Right was powerful enough as it was, but pairing it with a Left took things too far. Now every dial in the game has to have it just to be competitive. Ridiculous!
  2. Rebel Falcons are really good, and if Rey's point cost is any indication, they'll probably get a points reduction. I'd say Rebels are pretty good when compared with Scum and Empire - but First Order and Resistance are looking pretty well ahead of the other factions.
  3. I wasn't trying to imply that Wedge was/is bad or was/is good, just wondering what caused the shift from "Probably don't bring Wedge" to "If you're playing Rebels, you should probably bring Wedge (but don't play Rebels)". So I didn't know if he just has the most number of cut appearances of any Rebel ship, or if his cut rate increased, or some other factor.
  4. So how did the data on Wedge go from bad to good? Was it just the results of this past weekend?
  5. PorgLeader

    Dash Is Back

    I'm so glad they killed Ghost-Fenn. Wait... 😯
  6. I've flown a variant Thug Lyfe. VTG Y-Wings are a little unimpressive at the moment because the turrets are kind of junk, but if there were a 3-die turret that was allowed to actually deal damage I could see them being pretty good.
  7. Corran needs some support, but I've really enjoyed flying him (and E-Wings in general).
  8. Scum and Empire players: "No. That's not true. That's impossible!!!!!"
  9. Until I see Lando and ARC Norra everywhere instead of Wedge and Thane, I'm not necessarily convinced that Empire and Scum are definitively better than Rebels. I honestly don't think people have played either of those ships long enough to realize how stupid they can truly be - mostly because Boba and Redline/Whisper are much more obvious.
  10. Two pilots I haven't even put on the table yet (though I want to). Just goes to show there are a wealth of pilots in Rebels (and every faction, for that matter) that I don't see why anyone would want to stop playing an entire faction just to wait for a points drop. I mean, sure don't try to lock into a single squad, but experimenting with pilots and finding functional synergies is part of the fun of X-Wing, and given how the developers can adjust the point costs, versatility is going to become a much bigger facet of X-Wing.
  11. ARC Norra. Fat, skinny, either way is very good. U-Wings are very good. Lando is great, Han is good, and Chewie is the best. Jake is fun. Braylen and Ten are interesting. Esege can be stupid. AP-5. The HWKs. Corran. And of course, Biggs. I've been having a lot of fun experimenting with Rebels (well, every faction). Right now, I'm just trying to get as many different ships and ship counts on the table as possible to find a good feel for them, so whichever way the points go in January, I'm ready.
  12. 3 Rogue Squadron E-Wings with R3 mechs seems pretty good for Rebels.
  13. Do you guys have a similar data set for lists that went 4-2? While I doubt it would be terribly different from the cut data, but it would be interesting to see what all is knocking on the door but coming up short due to the various reasons one falls short of a cut (sub-optimal list building, meeting an unexpected hard counter, losing slightly more MOV than someone else, outlier dice/crit variance, etc.). If it's too much work, don't worry about it, but I just thought it would be interesting to see.
  14. Will do, @AllWingsStandyingBy, will do.
  15. An I6 big base with Boost and passively fully modded shots isn't going to get full value out of 110 (55 1st edition) points? History says otherwise.
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