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  1. Ouch, they're not pulling any punches with that selection. Two of your Agenda sets will undoubtedly be Agents of the Empire and For the Right Price, simply for Imperial Informants and High Value Target/Hired Help.
  2. Destro911

    CT's Pin Them Down

    Seems like a lot of CT PTD experiences are limited to the ToL campaign. Will be good to see how he fares in other campaigns as well.
  3. Destro911

    CT's Pin Them Down

    Yeah this card is fundamentally broken in its current state. I mentioned in the CT-1701 XP build thread that I think it's the best XP card in the game, even if it was 4 XP it's still ridiculous. I'm surprised it made its way through playtesting.
  4. Destro911

    Elite non-unique allies in campaign

    This is amazing. I haven't seen Chewie or Han show up as an ally because of their high cost in years.
  5. Destro911

    On deployment decisions - Not a guide.

    This is probably the most important piece of advice because each mission will have a different answer. Get an idea of how you might go about winning the particular mission: wounding them or stalling them so they run out of time. There are definitely rounds where I've skipped deployment despite having zero figures on the board because those figures would be more valuable to me later on when trying to block an objective or fighting with backup. Think of the action movie scenes where the bad guys attack one at a time only to be taken out by the good guy and you're screaming at the TV, "OMG why don't you all just attack him at once." On the other hand sometimes you need to keep the pressure up and deploy whatever you can if a hero is close to being wounded or you're just trying to get them to waste actions. Some of those decisions are also dictated by the Rebels that you're playing against and their gear as well as the groups you have at your disposal. Do you spend 6 threat to put down 3 stormtroopers while playing against Fenn w/ Rebel Elite and Underbarrel? Absolutely not, he could rob you of 6 threat in one action so bank it. Are you playing against a strong single target damage character like Mak that could blow up your Nexu in one action? Do you have Hired Guns? Send them in to get slaughtered and laugh as they wound their attacker.
  6. Destro911

    Just finished my first campaign...

    For my group it's always a big disappointment when the card drawn isn't red. When a Diala player drew the lightsaber as their first side mission I've never seen someone so pumped for a mission. I felt very bad winning that mission as dealing 4 damage with starting weapons was difficult for them. In 3 campaigns where Quickdraw Holster has come up I've never played it because every Rebel reads it and initially says this is awesome! Then I explain it's deplete and not exhaust and all of a sudden they want nothing to do with it.
  7. Destro911

    Just finished my first campaign...

    One thing I've instituted on side mission draws is on the final side mission of the campaign the Rebels can choose any side mission they want that was drawn in the initial set up. Also if they already have an ally and 2 ally side missions are in play they can draw an additional card.
  8. Destro911

    Tress and CT Hero Discussion

    Long time reader, first time poster, and big fan of a1bert's eclipse eating. Is Pin Them Down not the best card in game? It's a guaranteed stun on multiple characters with unlimited range(dependent only on finding a character within line of sight). Murne's Double Agent for 1 more xp is limited to 3 spaces and threat less than the current threat level. But Pin them Down allows you to keep strong melee villains like Vader and RGC effectively locked down, while negating E-webs and the Tank from double attacking. If it was 4xp, only one character and just the Stun instead of Weaken as well I feel as if it would still be good.