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  1. Tiger vs @Demi_good 118-282 MOV of 164 Lost only the Gozanti and killed one CR90. Leaving Lando on 1 HP. VSD unfortunately flew off the board by the end of round 5 because of unplanned CF dials. Played my HSA.
  2. Onager nuked VSD, Raider flew off and combine firepower of everything took it down. Mutual table with @aztechunter victorious. 420-440 MOV of 20.
  3. I'll definitely play but no idea what list to build yet!
  4. @Dupy vs TigerKommadant I had the bid and took his Doomed Station. By round 6 two VP for Dupy and two for me. ISD hunted kittens while the kittens hunted the support gozantis. Both Gozantis go down but so do Needa and Ozzel. MOV of 191- 90; 7-4 my way. ISD repaired it's only rammed damage card. No discarded cards on either side.
  5. What about Rule 5 with Chimaera? Does it completely break the title when swapping fleet commands?
  6. Don't list to me, I never know what I am saying most times.
  7. @Angry Ewok vs TigerKommandant Angry Ewok chose 2nd and we played his Most Wanted. Objective ships were my ISD II and his GR75. TigerKommandant's Score - 210 Angry Ewok's Score - 0 MOV 210 - 0, 7-3 Game started off slow as our fleets moved in position. My raider got caught between two CR90s but managed to slip out after taking a few scrapes here and there. Black dice on both sides were awful. His black die squadrons were blanking and my Raider External completely blanked out after OE. I was in a bad spot until round 4 just being out of range of his ships before I moved into range of his. By round 4 I had a target of a GR75 and blew it up. ISD now getting damaged on the shields. Warlord got hit but tanked it after engineering and Fleet commands. By round 5 I am able to last first. I moved my ISD into a double arc shot onto Ackbar's AF killing it before running off with 5 hull left on round 6. Warlord tanked the two CR90s close to killing one. Assault Frigates hurt when they roll hot. Started off slow but quickly became a damage race. Overall great game and goodluck to Angry Ewok on his remaining matches!
  8. @Angry Ewok vs TigerKommandant Score was 84 (Angry Ewok) - 185 (TigerKommandant). MOV of 101, 7-4 to me. Angry Ewok had initiative choice with his bid and chose to go 2nd. We played his Most Wanted. Dice were hot on both sides as Angry Ewok blew up my raider and a Gozanti with an Ackbar AF. My ISD chased down the AF killing a CR90 and the MW flotilla but not being able to finish off the AF with 4 hull 0 shields left. Walord cleaned up a few squads and killed another CR90 that was hunting my last Gozanti with vader.
  9. @MandalorianMoose vs TigerKommandant 1st Player: MandalorianMoose Objective: Blockade Run Final scores: 83 - 182 Result: 7-4 Win to TigerKommandant. MOV of 99 I deployed way in the back waiting out pryce slow going it. Needa got bombed but managed to get 2 great shots off before his death. Interdictor without Brunson or TS got a tad too close to Vader and started hurting. Interdictor almost made it out with one hull but IF insured that kill. Couldn't kill the Quasar at round 6.
  10. TigerKommandant vs Large Package. 400 - 335. I was second and the objective was hyperspace assault. Ackbar smacked Warlord and Vader. Vader on 1 hull managed to pull it back my way after eliminating Ackbar with a full powered Dev shot. Needa clutched it out killing the MC30.
  11. TigerKommandant(aka Potato/Nathan) vs Maturin 398-399. I had Initiative and took first. OBJ: Fighter Ambush 400 - 85.
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