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  1. I can see your point regarding the strain recovery. Even the tier 1 talent is quite powerful and every mage should take it. Exhaust your strain casting spells, then turn into a combat monster and recover your strain. The tier 3 version essentially gives mages an easy way to recover full strain at will. Possibly remove the strain recovery and have the tier 1 trigger modified to something like: "The GM can trigger the shapeshift by spending a despair result from any blow that causes at least one wound to the character." If the tier 3 talent also did not recover strain, I would probably drop it to a tier 2 talent. Maybe even have the voluntary shift cost 1 strain. What are your thoughts?
  2. I am not an expert, so I am just going off the Wikipedia entry which has Dinosauria as a clade of Reptilia. Although if we follow the gaming rule of cool, it should definitely be its own group! My intention would be to have players pick one template when picking the talent, and that would be the character's only form for this talent. Although, as an involuntary shift, it might be interesting to have random forms when it is triggered (sort of like an uncontrolled spell). In RoT there is an improved version of this talent (tier3) which allows the character to make a skill roll to trigger or prevent the activation. Removing strain recovery would not work with the talent as it is presented. The characters strain reaching 0 is the trigger that causes the shapeshift. When I first started playing with the talent, I created many more templates with a wider range of ability modifiers (small feline form with Agility +2, small canine with a Brawn & cunning +1). I was even creating different templates for fish, whales, dolphin, etc. I stopped and condensed it down. How often would they actually come into play? If someone wanted to play an ocean themed setting it would be useful, but otherwise unnecessary. I have considered an advanced shapshifter talent (tier 4 or 5) that would provide additional form specific talents, but I have not started working on it.
  3. The tier 1 talent Shapeshifter, as shown in RoT, is a cool template for an involuntary shapeshifter. The only issue I see is that it provides one set of modifiers for all types of forms. I feel that if the shapeshifter were to assume the form of a rat it would be different from a wolf, which should feel different from a frog or a stag. So, I tried to tweek the talent to allow for different variations. Initially, I went overboard, creating new stats and ability combos for every type of animal. After a few hours I realized what I created was a cumbersome mess. So I stripped it down into simple creature groups and one or two changes that create a different feel without breaking the talent. I hope. At its core, the shapeshifter talent has two effects. First it heals all strain, and second it applies an animal ‘template’ to the character. The template consists of • Brawn +1 • Agility +1 • Intellect -1 • Willpower -1 • Claws (Brawl damage +1, crit 3) • Cannot use magic or ranged attacks Now I am looking for some feedback. Here are my Shapeshifter form variations: Feline (mongoose, cats, tigers, hyena) • No change Canine (dingos, skunks, badgers, weasels, raccoons, wolves, coyotes, jackals) • No change Equine (horses, asses, zebras) • Remove Claws • Add Fleet Ruminants (cattle, deer, sheep, goats, bison, antelope) • Remove Claws • Add Bullrush and Swift Pachyderm (hippopotamus, rhinoceros, elephants) • Remove Agility +1, Brawn +1, and Claws • Add Brawn +2 • Add Tough as Nails 3 • Add Silhouette 2 Simians (ape, monkey, primate) • Remove Claws • Add Battle Rage and Challenge! Suina (pigs, hogs, and boars) • Remove Claws • Add Bullrush and Maul Rodents (mice, squirrels, beavers, rabbits, moles and shrews) • Remove Brawn +1 and Claws • Add Cunning +1 • Add Nimble and either Finesse or Precision • Add Silhouette 0 Ursine (bears) • Remove Agility +1 Brawn +1 and Claws • Add Brawn +2 • Add Duelist Aquatic (amphibians, fish, dolphins, squids, octopuses) • Remove Claws • Add Amphibious Arthropods (insects, spiders, crustaceans) • Painful Blow instead of Claws Avians (birds) • Remove Brawn +1 • Add Flyer, Fleet, and Finesse Chiroptera (bats) • Remove Brawn +1 • Add Flyer, Dark Vision, and Finesse Reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards, crocodilians, amphisbaenians, tuatara, and dinosaurs) • drawing a blank here...so no change for now!
  4. I have just purchased Genesys and RoT, and I have a question about magic. To me there seems to be a real balance discrepancy between the item quality Auto-Fire for weapons, and the Additional Target effect for spells. I have read that many people in SW and Genesys consider the auto-fire rules to be OP (I do not), but the additional target effect seems much more effective. Let me explain, and hopefully someone can clarify/correct me. On page 216 of the Genesys Core Rulebook, in the Magic section, the Additional Target effect has varying rules: "The spell affects one additional target within range of the spell. In addition, after casting the spell, you may spend [1x advantage] to affect one additional target within range of the spell (and may trigger this multiple times, spending [1x advantage] each time)." This effect costs +1 difficulty for Barrier and Heal or +2 difficulty for Augment, Curse and Dispel. A similar effect for Conjure has a similar cost as Barrier and Heal, but different description: "The spell summons one additional item, weapon, or creature. In addition, after casting the spell, you may spend [2x advantage] to summon one additional item, weapon, or creature (and may trigger this multiple times, spending [2x advantage] each time)." Finally, all of the effects have a similar purpose as the Auto-Fire quality for weapons. Like with Barrier, Heal and Conjure, this quality increases the difficulty of the attack by +1. However it does not automatically add an additional target" "If the attack hits, the attacker can trigger Auto-fire by spending [2x advantage]. Auto-fire can be triggered multiple times. Each time the attacker triggers Auto-fire, it deals an additional hit to the target...These additional hits can be allocated to the original target, or to other targets within range of the weapon." The intention is probably to create balance between the various effects. However, the magical effects are all superior to the weapon quality. What is everyone's thoughts on this?
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