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  1. So, I run the Keyforge events at one of my LGS's and we recently scheduled an event to be the Sealed Auction format. I was pretty excited and had received good feedback from our regulars about the interest in doing this. Here is what we found: We looked at the official rules for how to run this kind of event: "Auction Compatible Format(s): Sealed Description: Like with a normal Sealed event, each player buys and opens a deck before the start of the event. Unlike a normal Sealed event, after all players have opened and registered their decks, each deck is placed on a table. Players are arranged in a random order around the table. The event organizer then randomly selects and calls out a deck. That deck’s owner must start by bidding 0 chains. Then, in clockwise order, other players may bid higher than the current bid, or pass on bidding further for that deck. When all players have passed, the highest bidder wins that deck to use for the duration of the tournament and passes bidding on all other decks. Repeat the process for each deck. If a deck is randomly selected and its owner has already won the bid for another deck, the next player in clockwise order must place the initial bid of 0 chains for that deck. Players start each game in that tournament with chains equal to their highest bid for the deck they are using. At the end of the event, each deck returns to the person who originally purchased and opened it." "Philosophy: The Sealed format is less appealing to some players because they have little control over the houses or cards they play with. The Auction variant allows players to still have some control over what they use for the tournament. Similar to the Adaptive variant, the bid chains also serve as a balancing mechanic to bring decks in line with each other." Now, let me tell you how this went. First we only ended up with 4 players (not our best turnout and I was a bit surprised but non the less we wanted to try it out). So Immediately we all had a very good idea which deck was going to be the worst and the other 3 were fairly comparable but 1 or 2 of them might have been picked as "the best". So, we randomly chose one of the decks to begin bidding (it was a deck that was 3rd best in my book) and we began. The owner bid 0, next person bid 1, then the third person bid 2 and then no other bids so it went for two chains. So, then we moved on and randomly chose the next deck to bid on. Well, the next one up was the poor deck! The person who owned this "poor deck" was the person who won the last deck at two chains. Normally the person who owns the deck auto bids 0 chains on it to start the bidding but since he had a deck already, the auto bid of 0 chains went to me (as I was next at the table). So I was forced to begin the bid at 0 chains. Well, surprise surprise, no one wanted it so I got stuck with it at 0 chains.... That isn't the part that is upsetting just wait. So then we move on and we select another random deck of the 2 decks left (which are the best ones in my opinion, and most there agreed). So the owner of the deck bids 0 and the other person without a deck yet passes, so the deck went to it's owner for 0 chains. Then the last deck goes to the last person without a deck for 0 chains....Does anyone else see anything wrong here? In essence, I was forced to bid on the worst deck at 0 chains and the two best decks get picked up for 0 chains also and the only deck with any chains (2 in this case) was the only one even bid on really. I realize that 4 people isn't a great number to begin with for a format like this but honestly I don't see more people adding much more depth because there will always be a really poor deck out of the group (maybe 2) and someone is going to get stuck with that one while the other decks could easily also get 0 chain bids! If the point of this format is to apply chains to decks that are just better in a sealed format, why is it I feel like someone will always get shafted with a terrible deck and other good decks can get swooped up with 0-2 chains. As it is, The tournament went exactly as I predicted for the decks. The 1st and 2nd place was the two decks (other than the crappy one I was stuck with) that had 0 chains, and 3rd place was the deck with 2 chains and I of course came in dead last, lol. As a conclusion, I feel like this format is not a good one (in case I didn't make that obvious, lol). I have played in many events, both locally and in a vault tour and this was by far my worst experience playing the game. I would not suggest this format unless you can come up with a better way to auction the decks than what is proposed by FFG at this point. Would love to hear other people's experiences with this format for those who have tried it and any ideas from anyone who thinks they might know hoe to improve it. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, it is true that there is a chance things may not be fully adjusted in terms of SaS, but that being said, I don't know all of the aspects SaS rating uses, I'm only basing this off of what it says currently. I agree that it will take a bit of time to ensure this is an accurate assessment but my personal intuition was that AoA was weaker overall so after looking at these metrics I think it is likely the case that AoA falls far behind CotA in terms of power. As we continue to see AoA decks added to the database we may see a positive uplift to the metrics but overall I still think this is close to where things will be. It would take some massive changes to revert these metrics for AoA.
  3. So I don't know if I am the only person who feels like so far AoA feels completely underwhelming but after playing in a couple of sealed events now I definitely feel that way. That feeling lead me to wonder about the SaS ratios between the two sets. Of course it is still early and a more definitive comparison will be able to be made down the road but so far....all I can say is, sheeeesh! Check it out: Metrics for CotA (as of 6/1/19): Decks scanned - 861,741 Decks scanned that have 80 SaS or higher - 125,617 (14.57%) Decks scanned that have 90 SaS or higher - 4,640 (.538%) Less than 1% (this shocked me a bit as it was lower than I had expected) Now lets compare: Metrics for AoA (as of 6/1/19): Decks scanned - 41,079 (a little less than 5% of the decks scanned for CotA) Decks scanned that have 80 SaS or higher - 251 (.61%) Less than 1% (just slightly more than the ratio found in CotA for decks with 90 SaS or higher!!!) Decks scanned that have 90 SaS or higher - 12 (.029%) This is abysmal! To sum it up, so far it seems that my instincts about the "power level" of AoA compared to CotA is likely right. I realize that the sample of AoA deck scanned is smaller so there is some leeway for that, but I can't imagine it gets too much better. This means that the ratio of decks that are powerful (by the metrics we can measure) in AoA are far inferior to the ratio of decks that are powerful in CotA. I know there was a genuine concern from the community that this game may suffer from the "power creep" seen in other games (MTG etc.) but it seems like FFG has gone off the deep end to avoid that and actually managed to do the opposite, so instead of a small power creep, we have what seems like a "weaker creep". What do you all think? PS - My idea here isn't to bash or be toxic in any way, I just wanted to back up my opinion with the metrics I found but I am open to other opinions.
  4. Agreed. I do think Alpha could be a good option but I was willing to even go for an added text to the card that simply says "if this is the second time you have played LA, purge it". I think that would have been the best option because it still allows for a great turn while likely keeping a deck from forging 3 keys. This also would have enabled non-OTK (one turn kill) decks to get some good and fun use out of LA. I also feel bad for people who spent a bunch of money on their OTK decks after this update to the rules. Agreed, they said from the beginning that ALL decks would be playable and the chain system would be there in lieu of banning or restricting things, what is the difference between banning/restricting vs nerfing so hard that the decks are basically useless now at the same level of competition? I would also point out that nerfing LA alone isn't going to solve the problem of OTK decks, it will simply mean that there will be fewer now. What I mean is, and this is where I start to predict meta, now we will simply see people gathering decks that have another way to pull off OTK. Anyone? .... how about Key Abduction, Nipenthe Seed?!?! With a decent creature count and/or some archiving, you can easily forge for free and use Nipenthe Seed to get another, add in a Total Recall and either Chota Hazri or Key Charge and you are forging 3 keys easily without LA. I would have thought that an additional nerf to Nipenthe Seed stating something like "you can't target a card that was played this turn" would have happened too but instead they just went ALL OUT on LA ignoring other problems. Overall, I think a nerf to LA and B&S is a good thing and would definitely improve the game, but I think they were too severe and left out other issues (Nipenthe Seed, Key Abduction etc.).
  5. I didn't think you came off that way at all. I think there are better OTK decks out there for sure, but in the end, if it is an OTK deck, all you need is Seed and Access to really make it work. In this version, since there are fewer than ideal actions in the Logos house and more creatures than ideal, you need to do shenanigans like play "cowards end" at the right time in order to have your creatures fill back into your deck. I think that like any OTK deck, the other stuff in the deck is also very important and this is a solid deck even without the OTK combo.
  6. So I have only played this casually. Since I run the events at my local store I don't want to play the OTK decks because I fear that it will make others not want to show up. Casually though I have not lost. I think I have played like 8-10 games and of those I can only remember once where I didn't pull off the OTK combo (my Nipinthe seed was on the bottom of the deck).
  7. I am getting rid of my OTK deck if anyone is interested. The link below: https://www.ebay.com/itm/123751721162 Let me know what you guys think of this one, deck below: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/e7a427a2-5d80-4d65-b8d2-9dc8df42b6d6 Also, curious what people actually think OTK decks are worth and specifically this one?
  8. I am surprised and a bit disappointed that we still have no official release date for AoA. I realize it could be any day now but I am super excited and thought for sure with the last FFG stream we would get an official release day but all they gave us was some teases about new OP kits and some rules clarifications about Gabos Longarms. Have I missed anywhere that they have announced this? When do you think AoA will be releasing?
  9. I agree, the first ruling was correct as assault is definitely triggered before the actual fight damage. I would also think that the "tendrils of pain" damage is all one instance of damage so this may have resolved differently but I do see why people would think that those are two separate damage occurrences (though I don't see it that way).
  10. Yes, that is how Key Abduction works. You may forge a key for current cost (presumably 6) +9, -1 for every card in your hand. Yes, many people have forged this way. It isn't too difficult if you have Library Access or a bunch of creatures on the board. If you also have a Total Recall in the deck, it can make it quite easy.
  11. Curious what everyone is thinking will happen in regards to special cards in Age of Ascension? My personal opinion is that we will not see Horsemen, Masters or Help From Future Self in Ascension. I think we will see 2 more "special cards" and I believe we have seen one set of accompanying cards to a special card. I think that the Grumpus cards may very well end up being together with a "special" card similar to Horsemen. It is also possible that the cards, Richard Garfield mentioned in the cast, that buff all the creatures in your battle line to the left and to the right (two different cards in Untaimed) could be a "special card" set as well. Any thoughts or other ideas about special cards? Also, does anyone think it will be possible to get previous set special cards in Ascension as "legacy special cards"?!!!! That would be super cool! Would love some open discussion about everyone's thoughts.
  12. Um, Which of the Wilds is not a new card to Age of Ascension... but it is found on this list, lol. However, if they are just listing out the entire set of Acsention then it belongs there, just not a new card.
  13. Good luck getting every maverick card, lol (that would technically be a different card from the set). I don't think many people with try to do this as it will destroy 20+ decks just to have the few cards from it you need to put in the binder.
  14. You can always just use it in "Reversal" format if you think it is difficult to win with...
  15. Just thought I would post this as it seemed many didn't know the answer. Brad got back to me and stated that if Greking successfully takes a creature, it will be exhausted as it enters play exhausted regardless of how it enters play.
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