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  1. - Any plans for future campaigns that use encounter cards from older box sets, other than those from the core set? - Have you ever considered releasing a whole scenario pack line at once? I thought it could work better than in Legend of the 5 Rings, because of the cooperative nature and story focus. - Any chance to see shorter or longer campaigns in the future? - Which player count do you balance for at first? Do you think this is the player count most people do play at?
  2. We are playing a 2 player game - Gimli and Beravor - and the balance feels quite good. A bit on the easy side for my taste, but with a different team/more players it could be different. Maybe i'll choose hard mode next. We are right before chapter 14 and won all the chapters until this point. Only chapter 13 was quite close because of the time limit. There were a lot of spread out objectives for 2 players and we also had to help the bear guy
  3. At first, the backs of the cards should help you to divide them.
  4. That should make the game a lot easier for you I'm still confused that in some cases your decisions don't cost an arrow action.
  5. Hmm.. You are always allowed to check a token in the app for no cost. So just clicking on a token without the arrow action should cost nothing.
  6. I'm pretty sure that all of those kind of cards with one passive and one or more active abilities are possible to combine.
  7. We played the first 6 chapters and won all of them with Beravor and Gimli They are a great team. In my team Beravor is using her staff and it's a great weapon. Especially the "stun" modification helps you dealing with some enemies/lets you exaust them without needing help from Gimli if you are split up. Like Elfik said, the Trailblazer card is especially important - don't discard it and also try to ready up each sprint card (when you are not on a battle map). Gimli received the boot trinket so he was also able to easily pass agility checks from that point on. He's quite a strong fighter (we chose the battle axe and I like it more than the sword) but you shouldn't ignore his guardian cards. Especially in later chapters he can help to keep the group alive with the guard cards. And after you had around 2 last stands as a character you also want him to ready some cards that help with passing last stands. One side note.. in one chapter, Gimli had the Coordinated Strike card (hunter) prepared and by choosing the "deadly" modification he was able to kill a 27 health monster in one attack :D. That was crazy. We changed roles quite often, depending on the upcoming chapter and my guess what the focus of that chapter would be. The first time we received some damage (and beravor had to take 2 last stands but passed both of them) was in chapter 6, because we received unavoidable damage from skill checks.
  8. Yesterday i played chapter 6 and I had 2 interactions with person tokens. Each time those interactions had 2 decisions but without any "action arrows". After my decision I still had to do a skill check but the reward was more like "you are allowed to move 2 spaces". So that basically means that some token interactions don't have an action cost? It came by surprise and it makes it even more important to look at some tokens in the app in advance.
  9. You shouldn't be frustrated by that, it just makes a second playthrough way more fun. And it also makes your decisions way more important. I mean your team can still win the whole campaign and it would feel that much better if you'd have such a comeback. And you still get 3XP for loosing so it's not that bad. I'm sure you got some lore, titles or trinkets instead. Those are sometimes worth more than a win. Surprisingly we (2 player campaign) have won all our 6 chapters until now, but it often was quite close. Beravor has many cards with sprint so she can reduce the thread of unexplored tiles way faster, but you need a damage dealer in your team as well. I find it also quite important to change your roles quite often to adapt to the next scenario. So when i knew there was a battle map coming i switched to the hunter role for one chapter as example. Without hopefully spoiling too much, I'm surprised that after chapter 6 the campaign is even deviding into 2 seperate paths. That came by surprise but it makes the replay value even better.
  10. Not a bug, just a suggestion - would it be possible to add an undo button, maybe just to reverse one mistake you made when interacting with the app? It already happened to me, that I mixed up 2 enemy group icons and in such situations it would be nice to undo your mistake. I don't think that people would abuse it.
  11. It would also be great if you could fix the narration. When you select a language other than English, there is no voice over/narration. Please allow to hear the English narration with text in another language. It would improve the atmosphere a lot.
  12. I came across a bug while playing chapter 4. We picked the wrong person (hobbit) but we should have picked the dwarf. We got the new objective (fire) and the app told us to remove all person tokens. But the dwarf token remained in the app (bug) and we still would have been able to ask him questions or grab him.
  13. It is great fun and I would already consider it one of my top 5 board games. We are playing it 2 player - beravor and gimli - and it works so much better than Mansions of Madness in comparison. Scales seemingly well with all player counts and even with only 2 players I get the feeling that we can really cooperate and help each other with our heroes cards. I also enjoy the diceless system, because you can really prepare for some tests and sometimes you just know that you shouldn't even try something. The campaign style also helps a lot to negate the frustration we often felt after playing a coop game for a long time and loose. Even if you loose a chapter you'll earn XP/lore and you maybe spend too much time on a side quest but earned a trinket or title instead. The game is also quite easy to teach on the fly and the difficulty seems to be nicely balanced but maybe I'm just relieved to play something a bit more relaxing after Arkham Horror LCG all the time
  14. I got Desert and Bayou. Don't know how well they connect storywise but i like the different mood. Bright desert und those spooky bayou tiles. I would still like to visit mountain or island terrain.. maybe another copy some day :) How about your craftable items?
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