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  1. I threw in a few extra prizes to the pool, plus our last place winner will receive the coveted Anakin Skywalker prize 😅
  2. The 2018 Regional Championship at Red Castle Games in Portland is live! I'll be attempting to update this thread as the day goes on (that may prove untenable but here's hoping I can put up a few quick pics at least). First up, we have 24 players here with 4 using their first-round bye from a Store Championship. Second, here's a breakdown of our Commanders: REBELS = 11 Admiral Ackbar Leia Organa Admiral Raddus General Cracken General Rieekan x3 General Dodonna x4 EMPIRE = 13 Admiral Motti Darth Vader x2 Moff Jerjerrod x3 Grand Admiral Thrawn x3 Admiral Sloane x4 A surprisingly balanced compliment of Rebels and Imperials, with a fairly good mix of Commanders. It was great to see Ackbar and especially Leia in the mix as she's a personal favorite of mine, though the lack of Garm made me sad. I was definitely surprised by the low turnout for Raddus and the high number of Sloane fleets.
  3. This event definitely sold out faster than expected! I've had several people inquiring about spots opening up if a player drops out. If someone withdraws before Saturday, December 8th, I will post here and on the PNW FaceBook pages that we have a slot available. The other option is to be at the store on 12/8 during the 10 AM check-in and see if someone decided not to show up at the last minute. Any open spots will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Update: This event is now sold out. Admirals, I look forward to seeing you on December the 8th!
  5. This is true. And we do have some players in the area with a SC bye. My hope is that they'll want to play with their toys rather than sit around for 2 hours and watch other people have fun with dice and spaceships. However, that's out of my hands. What I can guarantee is that if we have an odd number of players for the event based on attendance, there won't be a bye each round.
  6. Update: We now have only 9 spots left open for this event, with 6 taken in just the last few days. If you're planning on attending this Regional I would advise signing up sooner rather than later as it's filling up faster than expected.
  7. I realize you may be joking about the cake compared to a Super Star Destroyer, and I totally get it 😁 — however, it's a bit of a tradition for me to bring a thematically decorated cake to the big events I run. I did that for several Call of Cthulhu LCG Regionals, Doomtown: Reloaded tournaments, the L5R LCG launch and a Halloween Arkham Horror LCG event. I haven't designed an Armada cake before, but I've got a few ideas. We'll see how it turns out!
  8. Update: You are guaranteed to play 3 rounds at this event — there won't be any byes due to having an odd number of players. I've arranged for an experienced Armada player to only participate in the Regional Championship if we don't have an even number of players. I expect this event to sell out, but in case it doesn't rest assured you'll get a full day of battles. There will be no sitting around being bored while other people get to play with their spaceships!
  9. Prize update: We got in some of the promo metal house keys for tomorrow's tournament. They look stunning.
  10. Who will forge their keys and open the Vault?! Find out this Saturday at Red Castle Games. Red Castle is hosting our very first KeyForge Tournament on Saturday, November 17th starting at noon. The entry fee is $15 which includes an Archon deck and guaranteed prizes for every participant. What can you get? We have promo House cards, Power and Stun cards, Chain Trackers and more! While this is a tournament, it's going to be a laid-back, beginner-friendly day. The focus will be on learning how to play KeyForge, meeting new KeyForge fans and laughing at all the crazy deck names we uncover! KEYFORGE LAUNCH TOURNAMENT DETAILS Where? Red Castle Games What Day? Saturday, November 17th What Time? Check-In Starts at 12 PM How Much? $15 Entry Fee (includes 1 Archon deck + prizes) Format? We will play 3-4 games of Swiss depending on the turnout. If you have any questions about upcoming KeyForge events at Red Castle, please email Matt at events@redcastlegames.com. See you this weekend, Archons!
  11. @ChipDingman, thanks for coming out to Red Castle and sharing in the fun — it's not a party if no one shows up to play! For those of you who couldn't make it to our Pre-Launch Party, here are some tidbits: We had 22 players attend on Saturday. We raffled off both an Archon deck and a Starter set. Players earned 1 ticket for every game they played, plus 1 bonus ticket for playing someone new and another bonus ticket for winning a match. All told, I gave out 113 raffle tickets! Man, that's a lot of KeyForge ? The staff at Red Castle are really digging KeyForge and we're committed to building a thriving community of players at the store. If you're in the Portland area and you want to give the game a spin, I'm hosting our very first KeyForge tournament this Saturday at 12 PM. This is a laid-back, beginner-friendly event that's focused on learning the game and meeting other KeyForge players. It's $15 to enter (which includes an Archon deck) and everyone is guaranteed prizes. Going forward, I've got some ideas in the pipeline on how to keep things rolling for both our casual and competitive players so stay tuned!
  12. A prize update on Red Castle's Pre-Launch Party: In addition to lanyards and house pins, the first 10 entries to our Pre-Launch Party will receive 3 metal key tokens and 15 acrylic Æmber tokens. If we have 8 people participate, we will raffle off an Archon deck. If we have 12+ people, we will raffle off a Starter set! You can see the keys and Æmber tokens HERE
  13. So if you're Gandalf, that makes me Bilbo? That's fair — I am short and close to eleventy-one years of age. Hopefully you'll be relieved to hear that I've posted our Regional event on the Armada Admirals of Portland page. I'm currently awaiting authorization to join the Olympia and Vancouver, BC Armada groups. Once I've been approved, I'll hit those sites too. Go, go Facebook! Wait, I'm not biased, because, um... nope, I got nothin'. Congratulations Moff Hasselstein, you've learned my secret: I'm Fulcrum.
  14. @webv, I forwarded this info to a group of Armada players at Red Castle. I believe at least 1 signed up and I have another player interested in attending. I would go but I've got a KeyForge launch that day. Good luck on the event!
  15. xanderf, I find your lack of faith... disturbing ?? I kid, I kid. Hmm, I see this thread has taken a rather unexpected turn toward the Dark Side. Emperor Palpatine must be scheming again from the shadows. Curse you, Darth Sidious (that is until I get to use you as my Commander in a game, then I take it all back). Okay, let me shine some Light Side wisdom on things and lay all this speculation to rest: 1. I love Armada. You love Armada. We all love Armada. Why? Because it's a fantastic, challenging game set in an amazing universe. I see my job as helping people play with their toys and have fun doing it. In this case, that happens to be pushing around plastic spaceships and rolling colored dice to simulate pew-pew lasers. Man, I really like my job! 2. Red Castle Games is absolutely hosting an officially sponsored Armada Regional Championship at our store on December, 8th. I put the event up on our calendar and set up a pay link on Square. We've already had 5 people pay and sign up. Frankly, it doesn't get more real than that. Have I announced it on Facebook yet? No, not yet. Does that make it less real? I truly hope not or the Galactic Empire has already won! 3. While I absolutely want to grow Red Castle's Armada community, it would be a mistake to assume there isn't a thriving Armada group in Portland already. Mikael Hasselstein and Admiral Theia have been managing this community for years and have done and admiral job (sorry, I couldn't resist). In fact, I'll share a fun fact with you: according to my contact at FFG, Red Castle placed the largest pre-order for Super Star Destroyers of any brick-and-more FLGS in the galaxy (12 SSDs in total). I'd say that's making a pretty strong commitment to this game. 4. I'm just wrapping up my first week on the job. This is not a full-time position for me so I'm not always in the store or checking this thread. I also have other events to manage, such as a big KeyForge launch this month. I'm doing my best to get the word out to the Armada community at large, but please be patient. In the meantime, feel free to share our Square preregistration link and my posts here. While I appreciate the sentiment, you don't need to teach me "to fish" — I've been building communities and running events for years. For example, I built the biggest Call of Cthulhu LCG community in the world from the ground up and I've been interviewed by FFG and quoted on their front page on how to develop gaming communities. In other words, there's no need to train me, but if you love Armada like I do and want to see more people attend both the Portland and Vancouver Regionals this year, then by all means spread the word! It takes a Jedi Council, right? And just to allay any fears, I absolutely plan to target both the Portland and Seattle Facebook groups, as well as post info about the event on Red Castle's FB and Instagram page. Gentlemen, this now concludes our mission briefing. If you'll excuse me, I've got to get my strike team ready... P.S. xanderf, I'm sorry I let you down and made you frustrated by not posting on the Armada Admirals of Portland FB page right away. Obviously that was an oversight on my part. I thought I could host an Armada Regionals as well as Yoda, but I'm more FFG Forums and Square now than Facebook, twisted and... pretty silly. You didn't think I was gonna say evil did you?! I'll get something up this weekend when I'm back at Red Castle. Will that work?
  16. Preregistration for the Portland Regional Championship at Red Castle Games on 12/8 is now live. Here's a link to everything you need to know about the event: Red Castle 2018 Armada Regional Details Here's a link to the: Online Preregistration Space is currently limited to 24 participants so don't wait to sign up. And to commemorate our very first Armada Regional, we're raffling off a Super Star Destroyer at the end of the day!
  17. Red Castle Games is proud to announce our first Armada Regional Championship! Here's everything you need to know: 2018 RED CASTLE ARMADA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Where? Red Castle Games What Day? Saturday, December 8th What Time? Check-in starts promptly at 10 AM. The tournament begins at 10:30 AM. How Much? The entry fee is $25 How Many Players? Space is limited to 24 participants so don't wait to preregister. PREREGISTRATION You can preregister at the store or use this link to pay online: Online Preregistration WHAT TO BRING Please bring an FFG 3x3 Star Wars playmat if you have one. Please also bring 2 copies of your fleet list. TOURNAMENT FORMAT 400-point fleets. We will likely play 3 rounds of Swiss. LUNCH and DESSERT Pizza and cake will be provided to all participants. We will break for lunch after the first round. PRIZES Every participant is guaranteed a prize. We will also have a special "Anakin" prize for the player who comes in last place. SUPER STAR DESTROYER RAFFLE To mark this special occasion, we are raffling off a Super Star Destroyer at this event. Your entry into the tournament is your ticket to win. That means you have a 1/24 chance to walk away with the biggest, baddest ship in Armada. I know, I know... don't tell you the odds. Note: We will raffle off the SSD at the end of the tournament. You must be present to win. If the SSD hasn't been released by 12/8/18 we will have it for the winner upon release, shipping it to your location if necessary.
  18. KeyForge is coming to Portland, Oregon! Red Castle Games is hosting a KeyForge Pre-Launch Party on Saturday, November 10th starting at noon. The entry fee is $15 which includes an Archon deck and guaranteed prizes. This is a beginner friendly event. We will run a demo of the game to get you up to speed and then play a short Swiss-style tournament. KEYFORGE PRE-LAUNCH PARTY DETAILS Where? Red Castle Games What Day? Saturday, November 10th What Time? Check-In Starts at 12 PM How Much? $15 Entry Fee (includes 1 Archon deck + prizes) Who am I? My name is Matt Lippay and I'm the new Events Coordinator at Red Castle Games. Like a lot of Portlanders, I love board, card and minis games of all types. I'm pumped to throw down some KeyForge in November and help build a community of players here through monthly OP-supported events at Red Castle. If you have any questions about upcoming KeyForge events at Red Castle, or would like to host an event of your own at our store, please email me at events@redcastlegames.com.
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