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  1. I'm tearing up over her so I can only imagine how you feel Michelle. Just know that you have my deepest respect and I find your personal integrity truly inspiring.
  2. This is disheartening, but the rules are clear: accidentally playing with an illegal list results in a game loss. Playing all 3 games with an illegal list equals a disqualification. I will treat Michelle's games as a concession, giving each of her opponents 8 points with an MoV of 140. It will take me a little time to recalculate the standings and I will notify those involved. For the record, I want to say that Michelle is a true hero for coming forward with this information. I didn't catch this mistake - and it was clearly a mistake on her part and not purposeful in any manner - and neither did anyone else throughout the day. I don't believe I've ever witnessed such an act of true selflessness and sportsmanship in gaming. Michelle, you have my deepest respect. EDIT: The floor rules aren't 100% clear on how to score a DQ loss, so the scoring may change. Doing more research.
  3. I'm going over the floor rules and crunching the numbers now to determine how to proceed. I'll be posting shortly...
  4. Thank you @Irate Pooka, that's much appreciated! It's been a long day so I may wrap up pics and events tomorrow. Whew!
  5. Top table for round 3: Dodonna vs Dodonna playing Fighter Ambush Table 2 for round 3: Garm vs Garm playing Superior Positions Piett ISD/Interdictor vs Sloane Quasar Fire/Gladiator playing Rift Ambush. Piett used Grav Shift Reroute and Admiral Titus to really put Sloane's fleet in a tough spot on turn 1.
  6. Madine vs Sloane playing Abandoned Mining Facility. They ran out of objective tokens for scoring and had to use a destiny token from RitR!
  7. TURN 3 OBJECTIVES Asteroid Tactics Contested Outpost x2 Hyperspace Assault Infested Fields Most Wanted Opening Salvo Rift Ambush Solar Corona Superior Positions x2 Surprise Attack Targeting Beacons
  8. TURN 2 RECAP We had x3 10-1s and x3 9-2s. The Dodonna MC75 Norra bomber swarm leads the pack with 20 points, followed by another Dodonna MC80/Pelta bomber list at 18, and then a pair of Garm bel Iblis lists with 17 points each. The 2 Garm lists are very similar. One has a Liberty, Pelta, Yavaris and CR90A with Jan and Biggs, while the other has an MC-75, Yavaris, Jan, Biggs and Scurrgs. This round was much closer with a total of x5 6-5s, one of which was separated by only 8 points (267-259). For round 3 it's Dodonna vs Dodonna and Garm vs Garm!
  9. Another Salvage Run game, this time between Admiral Screed and General Rieekan. A turn-2 brawl! Demolisher goes down. Admonition makes a run for it but flies off the board! The Rebels win the day, but just barely! It's a 6-5 victory.
  10. We have a pair of SSD Ravager fleets at the tournament today. One is helmed by Jerjerrod, the other Piett. Jerjerood vs Madine Piett vs Dodonna at Table 1
  11. Garm vs Raddus (second player) in a Salvage Run mission: The space junk... Making the run! The Liberty has yet to appear, but Raddus' MC-75 goes to work.
  12. TURN 2 OBJECTIVES Abandoned Mining Facility Asteroid Tactics Contested Outpost x2 Doomed Station x2 Hyperspace Assault Infested Fields Opening Salvo Salvage Run x2 Superior Positions Targeting Beacons Love seeing a pair of Salvage Runs in there!
  13. TURN 1 RECAP We had x4 10-1s with a Dodonna MC75 Norra bomber swarm, Piett SSD Ravager, Garm Liberty/Pelta combo and Piett ISD/VSD fleet taking top honors. Raddus, Piett, Garm and Dodonna round out the top 8. Most of the scores were big wins, with just x4 7-4s and a single 6-5.
  14. He purchased it on Etsy from a vendor called Dangerous Designs.
  15. A few more pics from round 1. Red Castle's play space: @Karneck's mascot: Contemplating a turn-2 Profundity Raddus drop: Tricked-out Triangle!
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