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  1. Well, IG's upgrade doesn't get exhausted ever/there is no effects on IG if it does, and Vader's upgrade is exhausted end of round, so those wouldn't be affected by Saska's upgrade
  2. or if you have him in an imperial list, you can put even more auto damage through with emperor and eofficers ordering him to shoot. I had a fun auto damage combo in one of my games: emperor temp, then force lightning, then emperor vinto to attack another figure and boltslinger into the target.
  3. How would BT with heavy fire do in general? When you use missile salvo, you can just have him be a ping machine. Not an efficient use of points, but an interesting concept
  4. I played ig and jkl in a list once, and I'm figuring out if this could be better. I feel like strength bt and hondo could be a lot better than regular ig. BT is nice as he isn't a focus hog, and has potentially more suitability vs non pierce heavy lists. Onar is meant to hit like a truck, but BT can potentially put out more damage, especially from a range, while being able to ping that last damage off of an enemy without wasting an attack.
  5. How does this list work? Luke teaming up with Bt-1 and Hondo to get a lot of good damage in. Lots of support, with a good bit of interesting plays that can be made with it.
  6. what about replacing palp with Sorin? Access to self focus can be huge.
  7. The tokens are at least. Are tokens tournament legal?
  8. From Lothal expansion, death troopers, thrawn, and hondo are all great units. Loth cats could be pretty interesting. Combine that with the fact that it is cheaper than a lot of the other boxes, it might be worth it.
  9. For me, it is more fun to lose with a janky but fun list, than to win with SC. I've pretty much refused to play SC at tournaments.
  10. To break it perhaps use the combo of new orders, to the limit, then field tactician. A lowly officer can give vader 1 1/2 moves essentially.
  11. I talked to my local store, and they said that they were probably going to buy the new kit. So I think they are able to buy it. I don't believe that FFG informed them of the new tournament kit, as they were not aware of it until I asked if they were buying it.
  12. The death troopers will oftentimes have a surge token on them, so against a specter cell white die unit, even they have a 64% chance of getting 3 damage in. I also added in field tactician to help with the movement. That way I could potentially even have the officer go last and give terro 7 movement points to get in a good ferrocity/call the vangard if I have it. Also with the call the vangard wording, does that mean that you can choose what order the move and attack are? I know you can't do move attack move with it.
  13. That video is great! That does help with a lot of the questions I had. How do you think my somewhat off meta list will go? Should I try to get another activation in there to better deal with the current meta lists as most of them have 8 activations? I figure that Terro's squishyness proplem is at least partly solved by blaise being able to hide him. I also stuck feral swipes in there so that terro can do a 3 red dice melee attack if anyone gets too close.
  14. I changed the list some with your suggestions. I haven't really tried Blaise out much, but I am testing out how well he works with this army tonight, so I should get some good feedback/experience from it. Dropping the regular death trooper down to an officer is a great idea. It fills a whole in the army, and I don't care for how the regular death trooper can only hand out 1 token the whole game. The updated list is below. http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/8d0fad07a3a31a5c807000000000004694987ad67757581e352be6801c04 edit: I'm not sure if I should keep motivation, or if I should change it to survivalist, feeding frenzy, doubt, or extra armor
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