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  1. There's also a web app available (http://laurihuovila.fi/fo/) that can handle the cards for you. Hasn't been updated for NC yet, but I might put some effort into that soon...
  2. While I'd enjoy seeing a final "tie it all together" expansion–perhaps something like 2 more scenarios, a smattering of cards to add to the piles, and perhaps an official "story, competitive, and co-op" rule book for all scenarios–I'd be very surprised if it happened. Bethesda isn't really giving Fallout a ton of attention right now and FF has lots of new (and quite good) products out that they're likely all hands on deck for. It'd be nice to see, but I'm not going to hold my breath any time soon.
  3. First trip to the forums in quite a while for me. Can you clarify on which card you're finding the instruction confusing?
  4. Would you mind sharing your measurements? I'd love to make something like that for my box.
  5. I've put in a request at my local game shop. They said they're going to be carrying it, but still didn't have a release date. I assume that FFG will be sending their shipments out now and it should filter into game shops in the coming couple weeks? EDIT: For clarification, FFG posted that it was now available about 2 hours after I talked to my game shop, so perhaps things have changed. Either way, the shop said they'd give me a call when it came it, so I'll just keep enjoying the base game while I wait :-).
  6. It would be nice. Even a basic one that allows players to track which quests they completed (record of your story) along with keeping track of influence. Some of the people I play with find keeping track of influence a bit cumbersome as faction powers shift through the game.
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